My Likes and Dislikes in Chinese Dramas

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We all watch dramas either for entertainment or to escape temporarily from reality or to gain knowledge of various cultures. In my opinion, dramas are one of the very powerful visual media. Many of us are emotionally connected to dramas. Through this article, I want to share some of my likes and dislikes about some tropes/things shown in Chinese dramas which I have a very deep impression of.

I am specifying Chinese dramas because I watch only them.
This article is from my point of view, if you do not agree with any point, let’s talk over it in a polite manner. 

I will start with dislikes.

DISLIKES ¯_(ツ)_/¯ 

Food Wastage

 I believe in this:

ANNAM PARABRAHMA SWAROOPAM” – Food is a form of the Supreme being himself.

The amount of food wasted in dramas really hurts me. The scenario may actually be different after they shoot the scene. But plates full of food left on the table hurt me. Whether it is at their home or in the restaurant, the plate is full of food and one actor asks “Did you finish eating?” The other one just nods their head, and they leave the place! Imagine how good it would be seeing the actors finish eating the food actually, and then leave.

Love Triangles and Second Leads 

Most of the time, both of them are connected, right?

I know, love is a feeling/an emotion – something totally out of one’s control. But it is very annoying to see someone clinging with the same dialogue “I will not give up on him/her” even after seeing that the other person is very happy in his/her current relationship with the other lead. It gets even more annoying when they try to harm the Main Lead or frame them into a crime.

Now my question is, why do the writers put such characters in the story!? Is it to increase the screen time of second leads?! If so, they can portray them in a better manner. Only a few dramas make viewers experience Second Lead Syndrome. That too, most of the time, the Second Male Lead is less evil and looks like he only cares about the Female Lead’s happiness and is fine to give up. On the other hand, the Second Female Lead is most of the time cunning, scheming, plotting to make the relationship between the Main Leads worse. I strongly feel that this is misogyny.

Of all the dramas I watched I can never forget the love triangles in The Destiny of White Snake, All I Want for Love is You, Sweet First Love, Once We Get Married, Rebirth For You  (I dropped this drama, because of love triangles).

In my opinion, the evil Second Female Lead is equal to the villain. I don’t know the context of this ↓ Pinterest post, but I just loved it and it fits the description of Second Female Leads. 

Apart from those above, I also dislike these tropes:

  • School / College romance dramas where the Male Lead is a walking encyclopedia and ice-cold, whereas the Female Lead is a foolish girl who always fails in studies and follows him foolishly.
  • Contract marriages solely for benefit in business of Party A, and no other choice left for the other Party B (mostly the Female Lead).
  •  Break up: Doesn’t it look silly when one of the Leads says, “I am doing this for his/her own good” by breaking up the relationship in the name of saving them from some danger? In my opinion, it can be solved if they sit and talk. I appreciate Qing Luo in this aspect; the leads solve such matters very quickly and get back together.
  • I am fed up with the Rich Man / Poor Woman trope.
  • I don’t like when they try to exaggerate the Male Lead’s charm or handsomeness by showing girls stealthily taking a photo of him or queuing up to click a selfie with him.
  • I dislike Male Leads who do not take consent before they act intimate.
  • Getting drunk and having a One-Night Stand – I am very uncomfortable with this trope. 

LIKES (。●́‿●̀。)

Healthy Family Relationships

It’s really appealing to watch a sweet family having loving and understanding parents and siblings. These are my favorite:

  • Female Lead’s family in Le Coup de Foudre. The Female Lead isn’t much expressive. But, her father Tian Wei Min (Yang Chao Ran ) is very understanding; he cared about her career and relationship. The best is her brother Zhao Guan Chao (Zhao Zhi Wei).
  • Tang Son Yun’s father Li Hai Chao (Tu Song Yan) in Go Ahead – very loveable character. One line to describe his character – He has the heart of a Mother.
  •  Li Zi Feng  (Main Lead and brother) in Miss Gu Who is Silent.



I don’t think much description is needed for this. This is the trope I fancy the most. I enjoy watching the friendship shown in dramas. Almost all dramas show a very beautiful friendship trope, and especially the relationship between the Female Lead and her bestie looks super cute for me. I will remember the friendship trope in these dramas forever.

The Imperial Coroner, Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard, My Mr. Mermaid, Le Coup de Foudre, About is Love, Falling Into Your Smile.

Some more about  My Mr. Mermaid. Tang Yi Bai (Male Lead), Qi Rui Feng and Ou Yang Heng were best buddies in the past (all are swimmers). Tang Yi Bai was accused of doping and is banned for 4 years. While Ou Yang Heng believes in the accusation, Qi Rui Feng  (Huang Sheng Chi) trusts him and supports him wholeheartedly till the end. Though Qi Rui Feng has some shortcomings in terms of a romantic relationship, his attitude towards friendship is very great. This is the best drama with this trope and Qi Rui Feng is the best friend I ever saw.

Strong and Smart Female Leads

I appreciate the Writers and Directors who portray strong Female Leads in their dramas. I love watching Female Leads who are strong, either physically or mentally. Come on! This is 21st century, women are second to none in any field, and if they still always show the Female Lead as a damsel in distress, it is very annoying!

My favorite Female Lead characters are in the dramas: Under the Power, The Imperial Coroner, Qing Luo, Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard, Maiden Holmes and Love Designer.

Some more:

  • Nice Male Leads: It gives relief to watch Male Leads who are understanding, and not the domineering type. Some of my favorite nice Male Leads are in Love O2O, Intense Love, The Love Equations,  Sweet Teeth, Begin Again, and so on…
  • Character Development of the Leads like A Little Thing Called First Love, You are My Destiny.

If you have come till here, I appreciate your patience. I am waiting to know your likes and dislikes as well (only Chinese dramas please).


Acknowledgments and Credits:
1. I thank editors in advance for editing this article and I thank MDL for giving me a platform to share my thoughts.
2. All images are from the web and are linked to their corresponding sources.  I thank the rightful owners. Sources of strong and smart female leads collaged photos (from left to right): Maiden Holmes, Love is Sweet, Love Designer, Under the Power. 
3. Source of feature image.

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