“Monstrous” and “Work Later, Drink Now” invited to Cannes International Series Festival!

Two TVING dramas are invited to the Korea Focus session of the 2022 Cannes International Series Festival.

On March 9th TVING announced that “Monstrous” and “Work Later, Drink Now” were officially invited to the festival. They also stated that it is the first official invitation of the Cannes International Series Festival among all the original contents of OTT in Korea. 

The Cannes International Series Festival is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year. The event will be held in Cannes, France from April 1 to April 9. “Monstrous” will be screened at 9 AM on April 6 (France local time) and “Work Later, Drink Now” will be at 11 AM on the same day.

AN official from TVING shared, “We will do our best and focus more on further enhancing the status of K-content and creating more original content that can be loved and recognized globally.”

“Work Later, Drink Now” premiered in October last year. The series was well-loved by local viewers and made history in TVING for the increase of paid subscribers by 178 percent. Because of this, a variety program was made featuring the three main leads, the drama was re-aired on tvN, and a new season is already in the works. 

The chemistry of Lee Sun Bin, Secret’s Han Sun Hwa, APINK’s Jung Eun Ji, and the Super Junior’s Choi Si Won, made the drama more realistic and relatable that boosting the popularity of the series. Many also relate to the stories of each character. 

Meanwhile, “Monstrous” is set to premiere this coming April. The series will be led by Koo Kyo Hwan, Shin Hyun Bin, Kwak Dong Yeon, Nam Da Reum, Park Ho San, and Kim Ji Young. The series is a supernatural thriller that will showcase the strange incident that happened in a village with a cursed Buddha statue. The series is directed by Jang Kun Jae and written by Yeon Sang Ho (“Peninsula” and “Train to Busan”) and Ryu Yong Jae (“Peninsula”).


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