MDL Articles Revisited: From Fans with Love

So you, my dear readers, are Sheriff Woody, and I, the writer, am Buzz Lightyear. Like in the meme, I will show you that there are “stars… stars everywhere” in this article.

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Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Last year, I wrote an MDL Articles Revisited article compiling love-themed articles here. This year, I’m back with another Valentine article, compiling a different type of love-themed article in the form of Ultra Fan Guides, formerly Stalker’s Guides. 

What is an Ultra Fan Guide article?

According to MDL Article Guide 2021, an Ultra Fan Guide (furthermore referred to as UFG) article discusses the overall career of an actor or actress and recommends some of their works. It is possible for an actor/actress to have more than one UFG article written about them over the years, as you will see in some examples on the article list. This is because the predecessing article was written years ago and there is a lot more updated information about the actor/actress. Another reason is if you want to add a different perspective to exploring the life and works of the actor/actress. 

How do I know if there is a UFG article about my favorite actor/actress?

Let’s say, you just watched a drama/movie, you’re totally falling for a certain actor/actress, and you want to find more info on them. Or, you’re a fan of an actor/actress and you want the MDL community to know about them. You want to look for a UFG article on them. Since at this moment you’re reading this article, you can easily find them by checking on the list I compiled below. But I will show you a tip for future searches when more and more UFG articles are written after this list. I will give you an example with one of the top Japanese actors on MDL, Yamazaki Kento, who is also my favorite. See these pictures below. If you go to his page, you will see the “Related Articles” (left picture: red arrow) next to the “Details”. When you click on it, you will only see the result of 15 articles. Unfortunately, none of them is a UFG article and some are not even related to the actor! The more popular the person, show, genre, or country, the more likely you will not find a UFG article on them using that method! So you need to use the Advanced Search feature (right picture). Choose “Articles” (1), type in his name (2), then click on “Editorials” (3). Voila… there is one UFG article on the actor!

About the article list and disclaimer

The list contains UFG articles published from 2012 to December 31, 2021. It’s divided by nationality, actor and actress groups, alphabetical, then chronological. As of December 31, 2021, there are about 102 main writers who wrote around 230 UFG articles on 209 actors. This article doesn’t cover non-actors (for example: directors, OST singers), non-editorials, actor compilations, actor spotlights, and only used the search words “Ultra Fan Guide” or “Stalker Guide”. Therefore, I apologize if there is any UFG article missing. I contacted every writer for consent and missing images/links. However, some writers are inactive or semi-active and therefore, did not replace them. I am not responsible for the content of each article, as I trust the editing/screening process by the MDL team before each article was published. 

Before you go stargazing, let’s play a little game first!

Below are 8 actors/actresses who are super famous in their country’s origins. Some have played in top dramas/movies, and some are also very popular on MDL. Which ones of them have UFG articles? If you don’t know, just guess. No need to cheat, this is just for fun! After you make a guess, you can try to look them up in the super long list below. I put the game answer after the list. Enjoy!

From top left to right:
Jo Jung Suk (South Korea)
Dilraba Dilmurat (China)
Daniel Padilla (Philippines)
Kim Yoo Jung (South Korea)

From bottom left to right:
Tsuchiya Tao (Japan)
Xiao Zhan (China)
Ko Chia Yen /Alice Ke (Taiwan)
James Jirayu Tangsrisuk (Thailand)




Bi Wen Jun    |    Article

Hu Ge      |    Article
Liu Yu Ning    |    Article
Lu Han    |     Article
Ren Jia Lun    |    Article
Wang Kai    |    Article

Wang Yi Bo    |    Article

Zhu Yi Long    |    Article


Angelababy    |     Article
Bai Lu    |    Article

Zhang Yu Xi    |     Article

    Hong Kong    


Bruce Lee   |    Article
Jackie Chan         Article
Tony Leung    |    Article
William Chan    |     Article



Aiba Masaki    |    Article

Beat Takeshi   |    Article

Eguchi Yosuke   |   Article

Fujii Ryusei        Article

Fukushi Sota    |    Article

Hayashi Kento   |    Article

Hirano Sho     |     Article

Ikuta Toma   |   Article (2013) & Article (2018)

Ito Kentaro       Article

Iura Arata    |   Article

Kamenashi Kazuya        Article (2012) & 
Article (2017)

Kamiki Ryunosuke   |    Article (2016) &   Article (2018)

Kaneshiro Takeshi     |      Article

Kimura Takuya     |     Article (2012) & Article (2018)

Kubota Masataka     |     Article

Kubozuka Yosuke     |    Article

Mackenyu    |    Article

Mamiya Shotaro     |    Article

Matsuda Shota    |    Article (2012) & Article (2017)

Matsumoto Jun    |    Article (2012) & Article (2017)

Matsuzaka Tori     |    Article

Mifune Toshiro    |    Article

Miura Haruma     |    Article (2013) & Article (2020)

Mizushima Hiro     |     Article

Mukai Osamu    |     Article

Nakagawa Taishi    |    Article

Nagase Tomoya   |   Article

Nagayama Eita    |   Article

Narimiya Hiroki     |    Article

Nishikido Ryo    |    Article

Ninomiya Kazunari   |    Article (2013) &  
Article (2017)

Nomura Shuhei     |      Article

Odagiri Joe      |    Article

Ohno Satoshi        Article (2013) & 
Article (2017)
Oguri Shun   |    Article (2014) &
Article (2017)

Sakurai Sho   |    Article

Satoh Takeru    |   Article (2013) & Article (2018)

Sonny Chiba   |   Article 

Suda Masaki      |     Article

Takenouchi Yutaka  |   Article

Takeuchi Ryoma        Article

Tsumabuki Satoshi         Article

Yamada Ryosuke    |    Article

Yamada Takayuki   |    Article (2016) &
Article (2018)

Yamashita Tomohisa     |    Article (2012) &  Article (2017)

Yamazaki Kento    |    Article

Yoshizawa Ryo    |    Article


Araki Yuko    |     Article

Hamabe Minami     |      Article

Horikita Maki     |     Article

Inoue Mao    |    Article

Kagawa Kyoko   |     Article

Karina    |    Article

Nakama Yukie     |      Article

Nishiuchi Mariya          Article

Toda Erika    |     Article



Michelle Yeoh     |      Article



Alden Richards           Article


Maine Mendoza          Article



Jet Li           Article

    South Korea    


Ahn Jae Wook        Article

Ahn Nae Sang     Article

Byun Yo Han   |    Article

Cha Eun Woo    |    Article

Cha Seung Won    |     Article

Chae Jong Hyeop    |     Article

Chen      Article

Choi Min Ho     |      Article

Choi Si Won    |    Article

Choi Soo Jong    |    Article

Choi Woo Shik   |    Article

Do Kyung Soo    |    Article (2018) & Article (2018)

Dong Ha    |    Article

Ha Jung Woo     |     Article

Hwang Jung Min   |    Article

Hyun Bin   |    Article

Im Si Wan    |     Article

Jang Dong Yoon    |    Article

Jang Geun Suk         Article

Jang Hyuk          Article

Ji Chang Wook       Article (2014) & Article (2017)

Ji Hyun Woo    |    Article

Ji Il Joo       Article

Jo Dong Hyuk    |    Article

Jung Hae In    |    Article

Jung Il Woo         Article

Jung Jae Young   |   Article

Kang Dong Won     |     Article

Kang Ha Neul    |    Article

Kang In    |      Article

Kang Ji Hwan       Article

Kim Dong Hee   |    Article

Kim Hyun Joong     |     Article

Kim Jae Joong     |      Article

Kim Jae Won   |    Article

Kim Jae Wook    |    Article

Kim Ji Soo   |   Article

Kim Ji Suk   |    Article

Kim Nam Gil   |   Article

Kim Rae Won   |   Article

Kim Seon Ho   |    Article

Kim Soo Hyun   |     Article

Kim Tae Hoon    |   Article

Kim Woo Bin     |     Article

Kim Young Dae    |    Article

Kim Young Kwang    |    Article

Kwon Soo Hyun    |    Article

Lee Bum Soo   |     Article

Lee Dong Wook   |   Article

Lee Hong Ki    |    Article

Lee Hyun Woo    |    Article

Lee Je Hoon    |    Article (2017) & Article (2021)

Lee Jong Suk    |     Article

Lee Joon Gi       |     Article

Lee Min Ho    |     Article

Lee Min Ki     |    Article

Lee Sang Woo       Article

Lee Sang Yeob    |    Article

Lee Sang Yoon    |   Article

Lee Seung Gi    |     Article

Lee Soo Hyuk   |    Article

Lee Tae Min    |    Article

Lee Wan   |    Article

Namkoong Min   |    Article

Noh Min Woo    |     Article

Noh Young Hak   |   Article

Ok Taec Yeon   |   Article

Park Bo Gum    |    Article

Park Gun Woo   |   Article

Park Hae Jin    |    Article

Park Hyung Sik    |     Article

Park Ki Woong    |     Article

Park Seo Joon   |    Article (2017) &  Article (2020)

Park Yoo Chun    |     Article

Rain    |      Article

Rowoon   |    Article

Ryu Joon Yeol       Article

Seo Ji Hoon    |    Article

Seo Joon Young   |   Article

Seo Young Joo   |    Article

Shin Ha Kyun    |     Article

So Ji Sub    |    Article

Song Il Gook     |    Article

Song Joong Ki     |      Article

Song Kang    |     Article

Song Seung Heon    Article

Sung Hoon   |   Article

Sung Joon     |    Article

T.O.P   |    Article

Won Bin       |      Article

Woo Do Hwan    |    Article

Yeo Jin Goo   |    Article

Yoo Ah In     |      Article

Yoo Ji Tae   |   Article

Yoo Seung Ho   |     Article (2013) & Article (2017) & Article (2021)

Yook Sung Jae     |      Article

Yoon Kye Sang      |    Article

Xiu Min    |     Article


Bae Doo Na    |    Article

Eugene         Article

Han Ji Hye   |     Article

Han Ye Seul     |     Article

Im Soo Hyang    |     Article

IU    |    Article (2018) & Article (2021)

Kang So Ra        Article

Kim Da Mi       Article

Kim Go Eun    |    Article

Kim Ji Won       Article

Kim Mi Kyung     Article

Kim So Hyun      |     Article

Kim Sun Ah          Article

Lee Da Hae    |   Article

Lee Tae Ran   |    Article

Moon Chae Won     |     Article

Moon Geun Young     |     Article

Park Min Young   |    Article (2017) & Article (2021)

Park Shin Hye     |    Article

Seo Ji Hye    |    Article

Seo Shin Ae     |    Article

Shin Min Ah      |     Article

Son Ye Jin     |     Article

Song Ok Sook          Article

Yoo In Na      |    Article

Yoon Eun Hye        Article



Jerry Yan     |     Article

Joe Cheng      |     Article

Mark Chao    |   Article

Vanness Wu     |      Article


Ariel Lin    |    Article



Mario Maurer     |     Article

Push Puttichai Kasetsin          Article


Kimberley Anne Woltemas    |    Article

Yaya Urassaya Sperbund    |    Article

The answer to the little game (under spoiler)

Surprise!!! NONE has UFG articles written about them. I listed them in my game since I would love to read UFG articles on them in the future. ;D


Below is what I found out while compiling the UFG list:

  1. There are FAR more UFG articles written for actors than actresses.
  2. Most UFG articles written are about South Korean actors/actresses, the second most are about Japanese actors/actresses.
  3. Although there are a lot of MDLers who are fans of Chinese dramas/movies, surprisingly, there are very few UFG articles written for Chinese actors/actresses (including the ones from other nationalities who acted in Chinese shows).
  4. Writer DreamingKoreanBallad wrote the most UFG articles, about 38 (16.5 %) of them.
  5. Most UFG article written for a single actor is for Korean actor Yoo Seung Ho (3 articles).
  6. There is no UFG article written for Xiao Zhan, the second most popular Chinese actor on MDL, who is my ultimate favorite actor!


So, if you are like me, and cannot find any UFG article about your favorite actors/actresses, what to do? Obviously, you need to promote them! I’ll give you some suggestions. Firstly, you can write a UFG article on them. If you want to do so, please read the MDL Article Guide 2021 carefully before contacting any editor listed inside the guide or pitching your idea in [MDL Writers] Article Ideas & Discussion. You can also write recap articles and/or reviews of their dramas and movies. If you don’t have writing prowess but have MDL coins, you can send them flowers so their pictures show up on the Stars Leaderboard.  Lastly, even if you have little to no money, you can still support them; according to this article’s writer in How to Lowkey Support Your Asian Drama Actors.

As for me, for now, I just put his picture on this article’s feature image. There is a story behind the picture.

True fans

This GIF shows Xiao Zhan’s reaction to his fans’ support after the 227 or AO3 Incident. If you’re not familiar with what happened to the actor in 2020, you can read about it here and here. The incident culminated in the cyber-bullying of Xiao Zhan, losing numerous brand endorsements, cancelling/holding back his shows, and him being forced to issue an apology for the actions of his fans. He had to lay low for about a year, while quietly filming Ace Troops (2021) with his best acting performance in my opinion. On 19th December 2020, the actor made his first live performance after the incident on Tencent Video All-Star Night Show. Although unknown if Xiao Zhan would attend the show or not, his fans brought light signages to show their support. When he started singing, they lighted up the signages known as the “Red Ocean”, similar to the one shown in the feature image. Red is his fandom color. His reaction is a mix of surprise, sentiment, relief, and gratefulness.

Do you support your favorite actors/actresses wholeheartedly?

Thank you for reading, 
happy star-gazing,
and I hope you have
your nice and sweet company 

to celebrate 
the Valentine’s Day with!

Acknowledgement and creditsBig shout-out to the editors who edited this article. I do not own any of the images; credits go to their respective owners. Meme source: makeameme.org. Gif is self-made from twitter. Other images are from internet searches. 

Edited by SumiTheCat (1st editor), devitto (2nd editor)

stalker guide
ultra fan guide

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