Let’s Play: Guess The Drama

Hello, even the most popular and highest rated dramas sometimes don’t do it  for everyone. Take this quiz and find out if you can guess the drama based on a review of someone who hated it.

To see if you got it right, just pass the mouse over the text marked as a spoiler!

”It is the typical old friends realize they like each other after seeing them with other people.”

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay                                                                                                       My First First Love

Fight For My Way                                                                                                                      Healer

                                                          My First First Love (2019)                                                        

”If you don’t mind watching a silly girl being despised by a despicable prince all over the drama just because you like fairy tales, you may appreciate it.”

Rooftop Prince                                                                                                                           Goong

Moon Embracing the Sun                                                                                                     Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo


”If the writer’s intention was to make me cry, I’m afraid she got the opposite effect: when the same person falls from a cliff, is struck by lightning, is submerged by a tsunami, attacked by giant ants, kidnapped by aliens, laughed at by a leprechaun and burnt alive in a furnace in case he hadn’t yet died, I can’t help but laugh.”
The Innocent Man                                                                                                                     Squid Game

Happiness                                                                                                                                      City Hunter

                                                       The Innocent Man (2012)                                                              

” A middle-aged guy stabbing thugs with scissors? The villain killing off all sorts of guys without even bringing a trace of doubt to the public? An international security service police fanboying a Mafia?”

The K2                                                                                                                                             Vincenzo

Stranger                                                                                                                                           Lawless Lawyer 


”For a show that keeps pushing the idea that beauty isn’t everything and personality matters more, you would think they would give the two leads some pretty interesting personalities to work with. But no, the two leads were the most uninteresting characters I think I have ever come across in a Korean drama.”

My ID Is Gangnam Beauty                                                                                                    True Beauty

Beautiful Gong Shim                                                                                                                Queen of the Ring

                                                        My ID Is Gangnam Beauty                                                           

”The most frustrating thing about the show is probably the fact that the “genius” male lead isn’t a genius at all. He made a lot of mistakes that could have been well avoided. ”

Itaewon Class                                                                                                                              Vincenzo

Extracurricular                                                                                                                            City Hunter

                                                          Extracurricular (2020)                                                                      

”There is a popular term that people use when they want to express their disbelief in enjoying something that’s obviously in a bad taste. “It’s like watching a train wreck, you just can’t look away”. And this is exactly the case with *Drama title*, it’s so bad yet so addictive. ”

The Penthouse: War in Life                                                                                                   Cheese in the Trap

The Last Empress                                                                                                                        Hwarang  

                                                       The Last Empress (2018)                                                                  

”You take the robot element out of it and you’re just left with another chaebol drama with cheesy romance on the side.”

I’m Not a Robot                                                                                                                           Are You Human Too?          

My Absolute Boyfriend                                                                                                            Memories of the Alhambra

                                                                      Are You Human Too?                                                          

”This love story between a boring young girl and a completely unprofessional CEO was truly dull at times and slightly enjoyable at others.”

My Lovely Girl                                                                                                                              She Was Pretty

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim                                                                                    Introverted Boss

                                                      My Lovely Girl (2014)                                                                 

”A drama with a shallow love story plot, that’s it. Nothing exciting and encouraging. It’s just flat like a food filled with so much sugar and nothing more.”

Touch Your Heart                                                                                                                        Crash Landing on You

Suspicious Partner                                                                                                                      Her Private Life

                                                                 Touch Your Heart                                                                 

”It’s basically a movie-length CF, and I only watched it to kill some downtime at work.”

True Beauty                                                                                                                                   Memories of the Alhambra

The King: Eternal Monarch                                                                                                    7 First Kisses 

                                                      7 First Kisses (2016)                                                                 

”So, the drama was just like this: boy falls in love with a popular but childish and naive girl, they get together, many try to set them apart, boy comes to the rescue every single time, happy ending. There was no character development, no love story build-up, and no surprises.”

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon                                                                                             Coffee & Vanilla

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo                                                                                        Goblin

                                                         Coffee and Vanilla (2019)                                                        

Now to the results:

You scored 12/12

Bravo! You’ve got some solid drama knowledge. You are someone who knows every single drama synopsis and probably spends a lot of your time here on MDL reading them, too.

You scored 9 – 11/12

You did pretty well! You’ve seen your fair share of dramas, and you watched enough of them to answer some pretty particular questions. Good job!

You scored 5 – 8/12

Your memory might be a little bit short, but you definitely know the basics about some of these popular dramas! Or perhaps you’ve seen people discussing them over and over on the feeds.

You scored 1 – 5/12

Uh oh… Perhaps you are more into less known dramas or more interested in watching dramas than reading their synopsis. Why don’t you give one of these dramas you got wrong a chance and try something different? You may find a new favorite drama.


How many did you get right? Comment down below and let me know.

I truly hope you enjoyed doing this really short quiz.  Please, don’t spread hate, by no means do I intend to mock these dramas, this was made with the sole purpose of being a fun way to waste some minutes.

I also would like to thank everyone who wrote the reviews and let me use them, I am really grateful, guys, respectively:

@annilizn @Perua4 @amrita828 @AkhileshDandge @b2uty @Dramalust @toxicbybritneyspears @diachiong @BullandPear @rheabiel  @kingsqueen @PHope

Huge thanks to the editors, too, who had patience with me and waited until I finally finished this.

@SumiTheCat @Ceki

Sources: Gifs are from Tumblr, Tenor, Gifer (each gif is linked to its source). The cover is from Twitter, edited by me

Edited by: SumiTheCat (1st editor), devitto (2nd editor)

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