Lee Won Keun to reportedly lead the drama “Superior Day”

Actor Lee Won Keun will reportedly take on a new leading role for an upcoming OCN drama. 

According to several media reports on October 26th Lee Won Keun will be the main lead for the upcoming OCN series titled “Superior Day.” 

Lee Won Keun’s agency YooBorn Company responded to the reports and shared that their artist is currently considering the casting offer. 

“Superior Day” will be based on a popular webtoon of the same name. It will revolve around three men who spent a day together in an apartment. The upcoming drama will be helmed by Cho Nam Hyung (“Tale of the Nine-Tailed” and “Drama Stage Season 4: Proxy Emotion”.) 

Lee Won Keun got the offer to play the role of Kwon Si Woo. He’s the handsome and polite type but with a twist. It is expected that Lee Won Keun will be in sync with the character Kwon Si Woo who’s a handsome visual hiding an eerie secret.

“Superior Day” is set to air in the first half of 2022.

Lee Won Geun successfully made his drama comeback with “One The Woman” with Lee Ha Nee, Lee Sang Yoon, Jin Seo Yun, Song Won Seok, Jeon Gook Hwan, and more. This drama was his first project after returning from his military enlistment. The ongoing drama is currently dominating the rating of its time slot. If Lee Won Geun accepted the offer, this will be his follow-up project after “One The Woman.”  

The actor debuted in 2012 through the series “Moon Embracing the Sun.” He was part of the dramas “Jugglers,” “People You May Know,” “Queen of Mystery,” “The Good Wife,” “Sassy Go Go,” “Hyde, Jekyll, Me,” “Passionate Love,” “Pure Love,” “Ghost,” and more.


Do you wish to see Lee Won Geun as the lead of the upcoming OCN drama “Superior Day”?

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