Lee Kyu Hyung in discussion to join Disney+ series “Casino”

Lee Kyu Hyung will reportedly take part in the upcoming Disney+ original drama “Casino.”

On May 16th, media outlet SPOTV News shared that Lee Kyu Hyung will be joining the upcoming drama “Casino.” He will play as the younger counterpart of veteran actor Choi Min Shik. 

“Casino” will be the next project of director Kang Yoon Sung. He will be the director and the writer of the drama. The director is known for his past works such as “The Outlaws,” “Long Live The King: Mokpo Hero,” and more. 

The upcoming series will revolve around a casino king who is returning to the game at the risk of survival and life. The drama is a 20 billion won (approx. US$ 15 million) budget to produce. 

This will be the comeback of Choi Min Sik to the drama world after 26 years. He will be joined by Son Seok Koo, Lee Dong Hwi, Ryu Hyun Kyung, Heo Sung Tae, Kim Joo Ryoung, and more. 

“Casino” started filming in late February.

If Lee Kyu Hyung confirms his casting, this will be his third drama for 2022. He started the year by starring in the hit Netflix original series “All of Us Are Dead.” He will also lead the upcoming law drama “Let’s Start the Defense” with Jung Ryeo Won. He will also join the upcoming movies “Seoul Vibe,” “Stellar: A Magical Ride,” and “Handsome Guys.”

Last year, the actor was busy making special appearances in dramas such as “Racket Boys,” “Hospital Playlist 2,” “Voice 4: Judgment Hour,” “The Witch’s Diner,” “Would You Like a Cup of Coffee?,” and “Happiness.”

Lee Kyu Hyung is known for being part of the dramas “Hi Bye, Mama!,” “Doctor John,” “Life,” “Prison Playbook,” and “Stranger.” 


Have you seen any projects that Lee Kyu Hyung starred in?

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