Lee Joon Gi’s new SBS drama “Again My Life” will premiere this April!

Upcoming SBS drama “Again My Life” is confirmed to air in April.

On March 2nd the cast and crew of the new SBS drama “Again My Life” held its first script reading. All the main casts were present. It was also revealed on the same day that the series will air its first episode on April 8. 

“Again My Life” will be helmed by director Han Cheol Soo who is also known for being the mastermind of dramas “Graceful Family,” “Noble Woman,” and “All About Eve.” 

The new Friday-Saturday drama of SBS will be led by Lee Joon Gi, Lee Kyung Young, Kim Ji Eun, Cha Joo Young, Jung Sang Hoon, and Rainbow’s Kim Jae Kyung. 

“Again My Life” is based on the web novel of the same name written by Lee Hae Nal. It will revolve around the passionate prosecutor named Kim Hee Woo. The prosecutor was killed while investigating a possible corrupt politician. However, he suddenly wakes up and finds himself alive again. He will have another chance to live. 

Lee Joon Gi will play the role of Kim Hee Woo. He didn’t excel much when he was still in high school. But through his hard work, he passed and entered the university and eventually nailed the bar exam.

In the script reading, lee Joon Gi shared his thoughts on acting for “Again My Life.” The actor stated that he wasn’t able to sleep last night due to his excitement for the drama.

“Again My Life” will premiere on April 8. It will be the follow-up drama after “Through the Darkness” ends. Aside from SBS, the upcoming series will also be available for global fans on the OTT platform, Viu. 

After two years, Lee Joon Gi will finally return to the small screen. He was last seen in the 2020 tvN drama  “Flower of Evil” with Moon Chae Won, Kim Ji Hoon, Jang Hee Jin, Seo Hyun Woo, Nam Ki Ae, Son Jong Hak, and more. 

Lee Joon Gi is known for being the main lead of the dramas “Lawless Lawyer,” “Criminal Minds,”
Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo,” “The Scholar Who Walks the Night,” “Gunman In Joseon,” “Arang and the Magistrate,” and “My Girl.”


Are you excited for the comeback of Lee Joon Gi?

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