Lee Ha Nee ties the knot with her non-celebrity boyfriend!

Lee Ha Nee surprised everyone with the news of her marriage.

On December 21st, several media outlets reported that Lee Ha Nee has gotten married to her non-celebrity boyfriend. 

Lee Ha Nee’s agency Saram Entertainment responded to the reports and confirmed the news. They also shared that Lee Ha Nee and her husband had vowed to become lifelong partners due to their trust and mutual affection. The two were married on December 21 in a private ceremony held in Seoul. 

In their statement, they also shared that due to the current pandemic, the two had decided to have a private wedding with only their families in attendance. The agency also asked the public to refrain from speculating the status as well as other aspects of Lee Ha Nee’s husband as he is a non-celebrity. Saram Entertainment also stated that Lee Ha Nee will repay the public with her mature appearance and better acting performances in the future. They also asked fans to give her lots of attention and support.

Last November, after Lee Ha Nee successfully wrapped up her drama “One The Woman,” reports began circulating that the actress was dating a non-celebrity. Her agency admitted that the actress was indeed dating and they had met earlier in the year through an acquaintance. Before November’s end, there were also reports that the two had gone to the United States together. Rumors sparked that the two would tie the knot abroad but Saram Entertainment denied the rumors. 

According to reports, Lee Ha Nee has married a businessman although his age and other details have not been revealed. 

Lee Ha Nee’s most recent project before her marriage was the hit SBS drama “One the Woman” with Lee Sang Yoon, Lee Won Keun,  and Jin Seo Yun. She is also set to star in the upcoming drama “Klaus 47” and the reported new season of “The Fiery Priest 2.” The actress will also appear in the upcoming movies “Killing Romance,” “Alien + People,” and “Ghost.”


Congratulations to Lee Ha Nee and her husband!

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