Korean National Day in EXPO2020

Commemorating the National Liberation Day of Korea, with the presence of the president of South Korea and the First Lady, EXPO2020 held a special ceremony that included traditional Jang Gu drums, a Taekwondo martial arts group K-Tigers and a K-Pop concert that consisted of Forestella, (G)I-dle,  Golden Child, Sunmi, Stray Kids, and PSY.

As part of the event, EXPO held two media briefings for Golden Child and (G)I-dle respectively. During the event, different media sources asked several questions.

When asked about their role model musically, the Golden Child members replied with their sunbae label mate, Infinite. As for their role model in life, they chose their CEO because he is kind and rich.

Golden Child chose UAE’s pavilion as the one they’d like to visit the most at the EXPO beside Korea’s pavilion, they also talked about how they wished to film a variety show with the members. They were really excited and happy to perform for Dubai fans. 

They’ll also be holding their solo concert ‘2022 Golden Child Concert – Play’ this coming February 5th and 6th. Golden Child is also the group of Choi Bo Min who has acted in Shadow Beauty and 18 Again. To be honest, due to time restrictions I didn’t have a chance to ask any questions. I really wanted to ask them all if they had any acting plans and what sort of characters they’d like to take on.

When asked about their music style preferences, Soyeon talked about how being an idol is a genre of its own, full of different colors and styles of music. They chose Burj Alkhalifa as a place they’d like to visit because they’ve seen it in movies like Mission Impossible. They also expressed their joy and excitement to finally get a chance to meet their UAE fans and learned how to say “Be Happy” in Arabic, Yuqi originally wanted to learn how to say “Please be healthy” which doesn’t translate easily for them in Arabic.

To be honest, even though I was worried about the weather as it had been forecasted to rain, it was rather dreamy to watch a concert in the rain and everything was more magical due to it.

Forestellaa crossover vocal group that appeared on shows such as Phantom Singer 2 and Immortal Songs, sounded so extravagant and angelic with the falling rain. As the concert continued, the rain would stop then pour out as abruptly as the stages’ fire cannons.

(G)I-dle, Golden Child and Stray Kids all showed charismatic strong performances that captured the hearts of the audience.

As the sunbaes,  Sunmi and PSY really knew how to play back and forth with the audience, and for the final stage of Gangnam Style, PSY asked the audience to put down their phones and fully enjoy the performance.

Sunmi also performed with Single’s Inferno star Cha Hyun Seung, and it was interesting to see how that show reached even UAE, as it was also on Netflix’s top trending shows here.

Overall, I really enjoyed this event and I hope for more opportunities to write real news for MDL.

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