Kim Seul Gi confirmed to join Lee Seung Gi and Lee Se Young in new drama!

Kim Seul Gi is booked for her first drama for the year!

On April 14th it was officially confirmed that Kim Seul Gi will be added to the cast of the upcoming drama “Love According to Law.” She will be working with the main leads Lee Seung Gi and Lee Se Young. 

“Love According to Law” will base its story on the webtoon of the same name written by Noh Seung Ah and illustrated by Il Ri. The upcoming series will showcase the love story between a former lawyer turned landlord and another lawyer with a 4D personality. The story will revolve around the happenings at a law firm that also runs as a cafe. 

The series will be directed by  Lee Eun Jin (“Feel Good To Die” and “My Lawyer, Mr. Jo”) and written by Lim Ji Eun.

Lee Seung Gi will play the role of Kim Jeong Ho, the lawyer turned building owner. Lee Se Young on the other hand will play as Kim Yu Ri, the lawyer with a 4D personality.

Kim Seul Gi will play the role of Han Se Yeon, the childhood friend of Kim Jeong Ho and Kim Yu Ri for 17 years. She is a bold and outspoken person and can’t let go of injustices. 

“Love According to Law” will exclusively air on KBS. The series will premiere on August 29.th.

This drama will be Kim Seul Gi’s first official drama for 2022. She will also make a special appearance in the soon-to-air series “Sh**ting Stars.” 

Kim Seul Gi last starred in the 2021 drama “Shh, Please Take Care of Him.” The actress is known for being part of several dramas such as “Find Me in Your Memory,” “Love with Flaws,” “Queen of the Ring,” “Oh My Ghost,” “Discovery of Romance,” “Flower Boy Next Door,” and more. 


Are you excited to see the friendship that will be portrayed by Kim Seul Gi, Lee Se Young, and Lee Seung Gi?

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