Kim Seo Hyung confirmed to work alongside Han Seok Kyu in “It Maybe A Little Spicy Today”

Kim Seo Hyung is also confirmed to lead the upcoming drama “It Maybe A Little Spicy Today.”

On  March 25th it was revealed that Kim Seo Hyung will be the female lead for the upcoming watcha drama “Maybe A Little Spicy Today.”

Kim Seo Hyung’s agency Keyeast Entertainment also confirmed the reports that the actress will be part of the watcha original series. 

“It Maybe A Little Spicy Today” will be the latest work of director  Lee Ho Jae (“SORI: Voice from the Heart”). The drama will be produced by “Nevertheless” producer, Ace Maker Movie Works.

The series will base on the true story novel by writer Kang Chang Rae. It will tell the story of a divorced couple. The wife is diagnosed with colon cancer after they got divorced. The former husband then decided to set a table for his wife and cook meals for her. 

Kim Seo Hyung will play the role of Da Jeong, the wife who was diagnosed with cancer. The actress will be working with Han Seok Kyu (the husband) in the drama. Actor Jin Ho Eun will also join the drama as Kim Seo Hyung character’s son.

“It Maybe A Little Spicy Today” will exclusively air on watcha with 12 episodes this year.

“It Maybe A Little Spicy Today” will be Kim Seo Hyung’s follow-up drama after the hit 2021 series “Mine.” The actress is known for starring in several dramas such as “Nobody Knows,” “SKY Castle,” “Come and Hug Me,” “The Good Wife,” and more. 

Aside from the watcha original drama, Kim Seo Hyung will also reportedly lead the upcoming series “Pale Moon,” the Korean remake of the Japanese series “Kami no Tsuki.” 

Kim Seo Hyung will also join the upcoming films “Dog Days” and “Vinyl House.”


Are you excited to see the brilliant acting of Kim Seo Hyung and Han Seok Kyu in the upcoming drama “It Maybe A Little Spicy Today”?

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