Kim Se Jeong confirms her next drama project!

Kim Se Jeong has picked her next series!

On March 25th it has been confirmed that Kim Se Jeong has officially accepted to lead the upcoming drama “Today’s Webtoon.” 

Kim Se Jeong will reportedly work with actor Nam Yoon Su who also got the offer to be the male lead. 

“Today’s Webtoon” will be directed by Jo Su Won and Kim Young Hwan. The script will be written by Cho Ye Rang and Lee Hae Eun. The drama will be the Korean remake of the Japanese series “Juhan Shuttai!” (Sleepeeer Hit!) which was released on TBS in 2016. 

The upcoming drama will narrate the story of On Ma Eun, a former judo player who retired and change her occupation into a webtoon editor. The series will narrate her and her colleagues’ journey at the webtoon editorial department.

Kim Se Jeong will play the lead role named On Ma Eun. She is the newest employee at the webtoon editing department. She got the job despite having a high competition rate. Her character will showcase the realistic struggles of a first-time employee. 

“Today’s Webtoon” will premiere on SBS and it will reportedly air in the second half of the year. 

Kim Se Jeong is always trending these past few days. She is currently starring in the hit SBS drama “A Business Proposal” with Ahn Hyo Seop, Kim Min Gue, and Seol In Ah. 

For this year, Kim Se Jeong will be busy with dramas. Aside from “A Business Proposal” and “Today’s Webtoon,” the second season “The Uncanny Counter 2” will reportedly air this year as well. 

Kim Se Jeong is active both as a singer and an actress. She last released her album last March 2021. She was also part of several dramas “I Wanna Hear Your Song,” “School 2017,” and “The Sound of Your Heart.”


Do you think Kim Se Jeong is a good fit for the character On Ma Eun?

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