Kim Sae Ron admits to the controversy

Kim Sae Ron admitted to the drunk driving incident a day after it happened.

On May 19th Gold Medalist released an official statement regarding their artist Kim Sae Ron’s DUI controversy. 

A representative of Gold Medalist shared their official position, “First of all, we would like to apologize for sharing our official stand on the incident because it took time to know the exact facts. We sincerely apologize for causing concern due to the accident caused by our artist Kim Sae Ron’s DUI.”

The representative continued, “Kim Sae Ron is deeply regretting her actions. The actress is sincerely apologizing to the people who got affected because of the damage and inconvenience.”

Just yesterday, May 18th Kim Sae Ron was in the headlines for being involved in a drunk driving controversy. The Gangnam Police Station revealed that the actress was under investigation for driving under the influence of alcohol at 8 AM. According to reports, the crash was intense enough for some of her car parts to have fallen apart. It was also stated that she crashed into a transformer that caused inconvenience to the nearby establishments.

Kim Sae Ron refused to use a breath detector and insisted on taking a blood test instead. According to the agency yesterday, it will take two weeks for the results to come out.

Meanwhile today, Kim Sae Ron officially speaks up and released her statement through her agency Gold Medalist.

This is the official apology letter of Kim Sae Ron through her agency: 

Hello, this is Gold Medalist. 

First of all, we would like to apologize for the delay in our official statement because it took some time to verify all the exact facts.

We sincerely apologize for causing concern by the accident caused by Kim Sae Ron’s drunk driving.

Our artist Kim Sae Ron is deeply reflecting on her actions. Kim Sae Ron is also relaying her sincere apologies to many people who suffered from the damage and inconvenience, and to the people who had a hard time restoring the broken public facilities.

Kim Sae Ron headed home yesterday after her blood test. She will sincerely participate in the police investigation afterward.

We also take responsibility for the incident. Once again, we apologize to everyone who has experienced any inconvenience.

We will try our best to communicate and fix this problem.

We will be more mindful in managing our artists to prevent this from happening again. We apologize for causing this trouble once again.

Early this morning, several reports stated that SBS dropped Kim Sae Ron from the upcoming drama “Trolley.” SBS denied the allegations. But after the statement of Kim Sae Ron admitting to DUI, SBS then shared their final position about the actress’ casting. 

SBS officially confirmed that Kim Sae Ron will no longer be part of the drama “Trolley.” According to the station, Gold Medalist reached out to them and shared their intention for Kim Sae Ron to drop out of the drama with an apology. SBS then accepted the request to leave the drama. 


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