Kim Ok Bin and Park Jung Min will reportedly work together in a short film

Kim Ok Bin and Park Jung Min might team up for an upcoming film directed by Park Chan Wook.

On November 11th, several reports stated that Kim Ok Bin and Park Jung Min will be the main leads of the upcoming film of director Park Chan Wook and Park Chan Kyung. It was also reported that the movie will be filmed with the use of an iPhone only. 

“Parking Chance” is an independent movie that will only be shot by a smartphone. The genre will be historical and it is said to be part of a project to create experimental works across the boundaries of several genres. There is no official release date yet of the movie. 

If Kim Ok Bin and Park Jung Min confirms their casting, this will be their reunion with director Park Chan Wook. Kim Ok Bin previously worked with the director in the 2009 film “Thirst.” Meanwhile, Park Jung Min was the main lead for the drama “Entourage” wherein director Park Chan Wook made a cameo.

Expectations are high with the fresh take in creating a film and also the chemistry between Park Jung Min and Kim Ok Bin in the historical short film “Parking Chance.”

If Kim Ok Bin accepts the offer, this will be her comeback to the big screen since 2018. She last starred in the film “The Discloser.” The actress was last seen in the  2021 drama “Dark Hole” with Lee Joon Hyuk, Park Keun Rok, Oh Yu Jin, Song Sang Eun, Lee Ye Bit, and more. Kim Ok Bin was also the main lead of the dramas “Children of a Lesser God,” “Yoo Na’s Street,” “Sword and Flower,” “Hello, God,” and more.

Park Jung Min starred in the 2021 movie “Miracle: Letters to the President” with Girls Generation Im Yoon Ah, Lee Sung Min, Lee Soo Kyung, Jung Moon Sung, Kim Kang Hoon, and more. He will also star in the upcoming films “One Win” and “Smugglers.”


What are your thoughts on the production of the film “Parking Chance”?

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