Kim Min Ki to join the cast of the KBS drama “Taejong Yi Bang Won”

Kim Min Ki will be starring in his first-ever historical drama!

It was announced on December 8th that Kim Min Ki will be added to the cast of the upcoming KBS historical drama “Taejong Yi Bang Won.” The drama will be directed by Kim Hyung Il (“Brilliant Heritage”) and written by Lee Jung Woo (“Gunman In Joseon”.)

“Taejong Yi Bang Won” will narrate the story of Lee Bang Won, the leader who initiated the founding of the Joseon nation. This drama will be added to KBS’ collection of historical dramas this year. Anticipation rises if the drama will also be a hit just like the other historical dramas that aired this year. 

Kim Min Ki will play the character named Prince Chungnyeong. He will be the most beloved son of Joo Sang Wook’s character, Lee Bang Won. He is a quiet and ambitious person who also wants to be a king just like his father. 

“Taejong Yi Bang Won” will be led by Joo Sang Wook, Kim Yeong Cheol, Park Jin Hee, Ye Ji Won, Hong Kyung In, Lee Kwang Ki, and more. 

The KBS historical drama will premiere on December 11, 8:40 PM KST. “Taejong Yi Bang Won” will have a total of 32 episodes.

Kim Min Ki has been busy this year with two dramas. He starred in the hit SBS drama “Racket Boys” with Kim Sang Kyung, Oh Na Ra, Tang Jun Sang, Son Sang Yeon, Choi Hyun Wook, Kim Kang Hoon, and more. He was also part of the web series “Adult Trainee.” 

The actor became known after starring in the 2020 drama “True Beauty” as Moon Ga Young’s younger brother. 

Kim Min Ki has been playing the role of a student in his past dramas. “Taejong Yi Bang Won” will be his first challenge to act in a historical drama. 


Are you excited about the premiere of “Taejong Yi Bang Won”?

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