Kim Ji Eun in talks to join Namgoong Min in a new SBS drama!

Kim Ji Eun is in discussion to be the female lead of the upcoming SBS drama “One Thousand Won Lawyer.”

On April 5th media outlet News1 shared that Kim Ji Eun has been selected to lead the upcoming drama “One Thousand Won Lawyer.” If the actress confirms her casting, this will be her reunion with Namgoong Min. The two have starred in the 2021 drama “The Veil.” 

“One Thousand Won Lawyer” will revolve around a lawyer who only asks for one thousand won for his professional fee. He is a great and skilled lawyer. 

Namgoong Min is already confirmed to lead the series. 

The drama won the best prize at the SBS drama contest in 2015. The upcoming series will be written by Choi siblings Choi Soo Jin and Choi Chang Hwan (“Heart Surgeons” and “Defendant”). The drama will be produced by Studio S. 

“One Thousand Won Lawyer” is expected to air in 2022. The drama will exclusively air on SBS with around 20 episodes. 

If Kim Ji Eun confirms her casting, this will be her second drama for the year. The actress is set to star in the soon-to-air SBS series “Again My Life” with actor Lee Joon Gi. 

In 2021, Kim Ji Eun drew attention after starring in the MBC drama “The Veil.” She even won the Rookie of the Year award at the MBC Drama Awards. 

Kim Ji Eun made her acting debut in 2014 through the movie “Hot Young Bloods.” Since then, she has starred in several dramas and films. She was part of several known projects such as “W,” “Lovely Horribly,” “Doctor Prisoner,” “Strangers from Hell,” “Gangnam 1970,” “Tattoo,” “Your Name is Rose,” “Long Live The King: Mokpo Hero,” and more. 


Do you wish to see the reunion of Namgoong Min and Kim Ji Eun?

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