Kim Hye Yoon Shares Why She Chose To Act In “Secret Royal Inspector & Joy”

Kim Hye Yoon Shares Why She Chose To Act In “Secret Royal Inspector & Joy”

Fair Warning: This article contains spoilers about the story, 

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 Number of episodes: 16 | Country: South Korea | Duration: 1 hour and 10 minutes

Airs On: Monday and Tuesday | Premiered this 8th November at 22:30! 

This time around, actress Kim Hye Yoon will have a stunning transformation as Kim Jo Yi as she struggles with her marriage due to an immature mama’s boy and eventually declares a divorce. As time goes by, her expression bursts with a contagious kind of happiness and hope as she gazes at the “butterfly,” hinting her wish to finally become free of hardships and worries. She is a very clever and determined person, who fights courageously for her beliefs and knows exactly what she wants to do in life. She has her hair all tied up, which signifies that she’s a married woman, but once the divorce is complete, she lets her hair down and braided with a daenggi (traditional Korean ribbon) at the end.  Along the way, some big changes await her, leaving everyone wondering if she will manage to face the upcoming challenges. This perspective, hints a strong character development which will keep the viewers curious and intrigued.

Here’s some intersting aspects this actress wanted to share herself, with the audience: “It was interesting to see Kim Jo Yi’s confident personality that made her seem like a modern woman and the way she investigates with the royal secret inspector. I really wanted to play this role.  I hope that you will look at Joy’s confidence as pretty and unique. You will feel pleased when you see her punishing greedy officials in a stylish manner without being discouraged in any situation.”  

(Source: Soompi)

Check out the 5 minutes highlight trailer from YouTube! 

(Note: Oh my gosh, can’t stop laughing out loud!)

(Photos source: tvN 드라마 on Twitter)

So, are you planning on watching the historical investigation comedy 

Secret Royal Inspector & Joy?” It wil air on TvN and Viki, since 8th of November 

 respectively iQyi, in the next day on 9th November! See you around next time! ^^

Sources: YouTube, MyDramaList, Soompi, here, Twitter and tvN.

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