Kim Dong Hee issues an apology about his school bullying controversy

After admitting to the allegations of bullying, Kim Dong Hee issued an apology through his agency.

On January 13th, NPIO Entertainment released the official apology letter of Kim Dong Hee stating that he deeply regret and apologize to his friend for his immature words and action when he was still young. He also gave his side on the incident that may have caused the misunderstanding. 

In February 2021, someone posted on an online community site and shared that actor Kim Dong Hee is a bully in school. The person stated that they hated the fact that the actor has a successful career with many people supporting him when in fact, he is actually a bully in real life. The person also shared Kim Dong Hee’s graduation photo as part of the evidence. 

Another person came out with a statement that they were also bullied by Kim Dong Hee. In their post, they shared that Kim Dong Hee bullied a person with a disability. 

Last December, Kim Dong Hee’s lawyer Jang Hyun Woo announced that the actor has been found innocent of all the school bullying allegations. 

On January 12th, 2022, Kim Dong Hee finally admitted to some of the school bullying accusations. 

Here’s the official apology letter of Kim Dong Hee that was released by his agency on January 13: 

Hello, this is Kim Dong Hee. 

I would like to give my position on the reports that were released yesterday. 

Back when I was in fifth grade in elementary school, I had an argument with my classmate in the classroom and got into a fight. After the incident, our teacher scolded me. My mother also knew about the incident and she also scolded me and we even went to the house of my classmate so we can apologize to my friend and her mother. 

After the incident, I and my classmate did a lot of things together like attending tutoring classes, having dinner with his family, and more. We spend a lot of time together that I thought they had forgiven me. 

I didn’t know that it was not the case and I didn’t realize that they were still hurt by what I’ve done. 

When the post was uploaded last year, I initially wanted to apologize to my classmate and friend but I couldn’t muster up the courage. I feared that some allegations against me that I didn’t do will be accepted as the truth and will cause another misunderstanding.  I wanted to fix and correct the false accusations and a year has already passed. 

Due to my poor judgment and thinking when I was still young, I didn’t know how he truly felt. I sincerely apologize for the pain I caused and I want us to work things out. 

I also would like to apologize to those who got hurt because of my immature words and doings when I was young. 


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