Ki Tae Young to star in the upcoming SBS drama “Trolley”

Ki Tae Young will join the upcoming SBS series “Trolley.”

On May 16th, it was officially confirmed that Ki Tae Young is returning to acting through the upcoming SBS drama “Trolley.” The actor’s agency INN Company confirmed the reports.

“Trolley” will be helmed by director Kim Moon Kyo and writer Ryu Bo Ri (“Do You Like Brahms?”). The series will revolve around a lawmaker’s wife who’s hiding a secret about her past. The series will reveal the dilemma and struggles a couple faces when their secret gets revealed to the nation. 

The upcoming series will be led by Kim Hyun Joo, Park Hee Soon, Kim Mu Yeol, Kim Sae Ron, and Ryu Hyun Kyung. 

Kim Hyun Joo will play as the wife of the lawmaker from the National Assembly named Kim Hye Joo. Park Hee Soon will play as Jung Do, the lawmaker at the National Assembly.

Ki Tae Young will play the role of Choi Ki Young. He will work closely with actress Ryu Hyun Kyung. They will be a couple in the drama. 

“Trolley” will air in the second half of the year. The series will exclusively air on SBS.

Kim Tae Young will return to dramas after three years. He last starred in the 2019 series “Mother of Mine” with Kim Hae Sook, Kim So Yeon, Yoo Sun, Kim Ha Kyung, and Hong Jong Hyun. 

The actor made his acting debut in 1999. He was part of the drama “Kaist” with Lee Min Woo, Chae Rim, Shin Eun Jung, Baek Jong Hak, Lee Eun Joo, and Kim Jung Hyun.

Ki Tae Young also starred in  “School 2,” “To the Beautiful You,” “The Eccentric Daughter-in-Law,” “My Wife’s Having an Affair this Week,” “Still Love,” “Creating Destiny,” “Mom’s Dead Upset,” and more. 

He was last seen in the variety program “Convenience Store Restaurant” together with his wife, idol-actress Eugene.


Are you excited to see Ki Tae Young act in dramas again?

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