Kdramas That Should Be Adapted Into Jdramas

Japanese dramas usually have few episodes and are less draggy, so that you can even finish a Japanese drama in a day. Japanese dramas are known to remake Korean dramas such as: I’m Sorry, I Love You, Familiar Wife, Signal (2016), Good Doctor (2013), She was Pretty, and Two Weeks (2013).

In this article is a list of Korean dramas that need to have a Japanese remake. The reasons for the original Korean dramas to have Japanese versions are:

  1.  Korean Daily Dramas that are draggy and too long so it can even disengage the viewer.
  2.  Korean Dramas that flopped.
  3.  Korean Dramas that are interesting to watch but can still be reimagined as a JDrama.
  4.  Korean Dramas that are less popular in Korea.
  5.  Korean Dramas that are broadcasted in Japan with high ratings.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers.

Skip a section if you haven’t seen the drama and are planning on watching it!

Fashion King (ファッション王)

Genre: Romance, Melodrama MDL Rating: 5.8 Network: SBS
Episodes: 20 Cast: Kwon Yu RiYoo Ah InShin Se KyungLee Je Hoon

This drama, Fashion King (translated as: ファッション王  [fuashon ou]), has also been aired in Japan on KNTV. Fashion King is known to be one of the flopped Korean dramas: on MDL it has a rating of 5.8/10 from 4,302 users. Fashion King‘s story is way too draggy for a 20-episode show, it needs to be shortened into about 8 episodes as a Japanese drama. This drama has a non-existant plot and it does not make any sense due to the fact we are seeing two guys fighting for one woman. All of the characters are unlikeable, like for example Young Gul, a factory owner who always depends on Jae Hyuk’s money. Jae Hyuk is controlling Ga Young – a character that is madly in love of Young Gul. She is the kind of damsel in distress character, who is a naive weak woman and can be easily manipulated. The characters also need to show their bad sides to make it more realistic, because it is the nature of a human to be a flawed being.

To improve the characters in this drama, Young Gul should be the independent kind of man who works hard for his dream. Ga Young should be a strong woman who never lets people manipulate her, and she should be an assertive woman who doesn’t depend on others.

It’s too boring to watch a character who is always kind and makes it appear like it never have sinned, but Fashion King is showing way too much of the characters’ bad sides. The drama Fashion King needs to focus on how they should inspire people in succeeding in the fashion industry, not focus on romance only. A drama should encourage and inspire people, not disengage the viewers.


Okada Kenshi
 Kang Young Gul
Nakayama Yuma
Jung Jae Hyuk
Kubota Sayu
Lee Ga Young
Tamashiro Tina
Choi Anna 

I chose Kenshi Okada to play the role of Kang Young Gul because he suits an antiheroic role and he has potential to play a melodrama role. I want to see Kenshi Okada to show more of the darker and twisted side of his character and I believe his versatility has the potential to nail this one. I have witnessed him in the drama Chugakusei Nikki, a melodrama where Kenshi Okada played the role of a student who falls in love with his teacher despite what society dictates him, that a love between a minor and an adult is illegal. And in Uchi no Musume wa, Kareshi ga Dekinai!!, Kenshi Okada played his role as a cool guy who has a hidden identity of an otaku. I can imagine Kenshi Okada to be paired with Sayu Kubota.

Sayu Kubota is the actress that I can imagine play the role of Lee Ga Young, the damsel in distress in Fashion King, a crybaby who always looks for Young Gul. I have seen Sayu Kubota in drama M: Ai Subeki Hito ga Ite where she played as Tamaki Risa, an antagonistic character who has feelings of jealousy towards Ayu because of Ayu’s popularity and talent in singing. And she has played the role of a protagonist in Horimiya as Hori Kyoko, who is an outstanding student but has a hidden persona that her classmates don’t know.

Yuma Nakayama is the actor that I can imagine to play the role of Jung Jae Hyuk, the son of the conglomerate who encounters pressure and difficulty from his parents. I want to see the kind and sweet side of Yuma Nakayama which is opposite to his antiheroic drama Hokuto. I chose him to play Jae Hyuk because it’s been a long time since his main lead role in the 2017 drama Hokuto. I commend his acting skills and he is underrated.

Tina Tamashiro is the actress that I can imagine to play the role of Choi Anna, the antagonist of this drama, because she gives off the vibe of a mean girl. I have seen her in the movie Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl) where she plays the role of Ai Enma, and in the movie Chiwawa where she plays the role of the friend of Chiwawa. Tina Tamashiro never played villain roles in dramas but I can see the potential.

Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup: 12 Years Reunion

Genre: Melodrama, Food, Romance, Family MDL Rating: 7.2 Network: Jtbc
Episodes: 24 Cast: Namkoong MinLee So YeonLee Tae Im

This drama is about a country girl named Jang Guk who just newly transferred to a school in Seoul. Yoo Joon Soo fell in love with Jang Guk and she reciprocated his love. However, there was this girl Joo Da Hae who was madly in love with Joon Soo, but she was jealous and annoyed that Jang Guk and Joon Soo had a relationship. Jang Guk unexpectedly got pregnant. Da Hae was devastated when she found out. She orchestrated Jang Guk’s miscarriage. Eventually, Jang Guk and Joon Soo separated their ways and Jang Guk went abroad to pursue her dreams. 

The drama needs to be improved because it is lengthy and draggy. The main story may sound promising, but what made it lengthy are all the unnecessary details focusing on the side characters, which made the audience disengage from this drama. The only character that is really unlikeable is Joo Da Hae, she did many wrong things to Jang Guk; especially, she is the whole reason why Jang Guk’s unborn child died. Da Hae never showed regret for her actions and also it did not tackle about Jang Guk’s unborn child in the end. Da Hae should have apologized to Jang Guk for what she did. It would have been better if the drama had shown that Da Hae would have met her karma in the end after what she did to Jang Guk. Another flaw in this drama: there is no need to change the younger casts to adult ones. They should have kept the younger actors in the end.


Ikeda Elaiza 
Jang Kuk
Mamiya Shotaro 
 Yoo Joon Soo
Triendl Reina 
Joo Da Hae

I chose Elaiza Ikeda to play the role of Jang Guk because I want to see her playing more challenging roles, to see her emotional side and she suits to play in melodramatic dramas, too. And her beauty is a plus! I have seen her in dramas: Komi-san wa, Komyushou Desu, Ano ko no Yume wo Mitan Desu, Kakegurui Season 2, Tourist, and Boku wa Mari no Naka, and in the movies Everyone Is Psychic!, the Movie, Bow Then Kiss, The Many Faces of Ito, and Sunny: Our Hearts Beat Together.

I chose Shotaro Mamiya to play the role of Yoo Joon Soo, the ex-boyfriend of Jang Guk, because I want to see Elaiza Ikeda and Shotaro Mamiya in a romance drama. I can feel their chemistry.

I chose Reina Triendl as Joo Da Hae, the classmate of Jang Guk who has a crush on Joon Soo but dislikes Jang Guk for being the girlfriend of Joon Soo. I have seen her in the drama Seisei Suruhodo, Aishiteru and the movie Tag. I think Reina Triendl suits the role of a jealous girl and she has the vibes of a villain.

Yellow Boots (福寿草)

Genre: Melodrama, Thriller MDL Rating:  7.7 Network: TvN
Episodes: 108 Cast: Lee Yoo RiYoon Ah JungJung ChanHyun Woo Sung

The daily drama Yellow Boots, originally 福寿草 (read as: fukujusou literally means pheasant’s eye – a species of buttercup), which aired in Japan on the network TV Asahi, has garnered high ratings among Japanese audiences (source) that liked the revenge story about a woman who was wrongfully imprisoned for being a commercial spy and a murderer, as she comes back for revenge on the people who brought ordeal in her life. 

Seol Yeon Hwa has a happy family and a happy relationship. However, her step sister Choi Yoo Ra despises her and looks down on Yeon Hwa because of her family background. Yoo Ra thinks that Yeon Hwa’s mother got remarried into her family because she is after their wealth and fortune. Yeon Hwa is in a relationship with Ha Yoon Jae who happens to be Choi Yoo Ra’s first love. Choi Yoo Ra has a hit and run accident which results in Yoon Jae’s sister’s death. Yoo Ra is so cunning that she would do what it takes to drag down Yeon Hwa and possess everything that Yeon Hwa has, Ha Yoon Jae. Yoo Ra frames Yeon Hwa by fabricating evidences and bribes the police to make Yeon Hwa a prisoner.

Since Yellow Boots has a high rating in Japan and good reviews from the Japanese audiences, it is a good indication that this drama deserves a Japanese remake. The only cons for this drama is that 105 episodes is way too long. Japanese drama remake would lessen 105 into about 10 – 12 episodes, that is enough to wrap up the story. Choi Yoo Ra and Ha Yoon Jae are the unlikeable characters. Choi Yoo Ra’s past needs to be more detailed than in the original drama. Ha Yoon Jae needs to be the assertive kind of man who doesn’t easily fall in the trap.


Yamamoto Maika 
Seol Yeon Hwa
Nakajo Ayami
Choi Yoo Ra

Yoshizawa Ryo
Ha Yoon Jae 

Yamada Yuki
Choi Kang Wook/
Jo Roo Ba

I chose Maika Yamamoto to play the role of Seol Yeon Hwa, the protagonist of the story who has been framed as a murderer and industrial spy and gets back on those people who made her suffer. I believe that she would definitely nail this role as a badass girl in a revenge drama, and I want to see Maika’s face filled with revenge. I have seen Maika Yamamoto in the drama Ano ko no Yume wo Mitan Desu and the movie Sunny: Our Hearts Beat Together.

I chose Ayami Nakajo to play the role of Choi Yoo Ra because I believe she gives off the beauty of a villain rather than a protagonist. Choi Yoo Ra envies Seol Yeon Hwa because of her boyfriend and a loving mother that she does not have. I think she suits the role of a beautiful but dangerous woman who seduces Ha Yoon Jae to take him away from Seol Yeon Hwa.

I chose Yuki Yamada to be Choi Kang Wook, Seol Yeon Hwa’s prince in shining armor, who would help her to take revenge on the people who made her suffer. Yuki Yamada and Maika Yamamoto would have the chemistry needed for this drama! I want to see Yuki Yamada to be a badass man who protects his girl from those bad guys!

I chose Ryo Yoshizawa to be Ha Yoon Jae, the ex-boyfriend of Yeon Hwa and the husband of Choi Yoo Ra. I want to see Ryo Yoshizawa to play the role of a weak man who is easily swayed by Choi Yoo Ra and betrays Seol Yeon Hwa.

Birth of A Beauty (美女の誕生)

Genre: Romance, Comedy MDL Rating: 7.5 Network: SBS
Episodes: 21 Cast: Han Ye SeulJoo Sang WookJung Gyu WoonHa Jae SookWang Ji HyeHan Sang Jin

Birth of a Beauty is translated literally as 美女の誕生 (read as bijou no tanjou). Birth of Beauty was broadcasted on BS11 and KNTV in 2015. It can be watched online in U-NEXT, TSUTAYA TV, ABEMA TV, dTV, Hulu, Prime Video, Netflix, Sky Perfect TV and FOD Premium.

This drama is about Sa Geum Ran, a plus sized woman who has a husband that treats her like a speck of dust and is seeing another woman despite being married. Sa Geum Ran encounters a tragic accident and has her face undergo plastic surgery in order to transform into a beautiful woman, Sa Ra. She wants to make her ex-husband regret cheating on her. So Sa Geum Ran meets with Lee Kang Joon again but with a different physical appearance.

This drama may have a promising story, however it is draggy while it was expected to be straight to the point. Sa Geum Ran says she would seek revenge on her ex-husband who has hurt her, but she has just fallen in love with him again… Sa Geum Ran/Sa Ra is so stupid that she is following her heart more than her mind, and she is still giving in to her ex-husband after what he did to her, as if she has easily forgotten those things. She was also too confident that her ex-husband will come back to her again. The story was ruined because of Sa Geum Ran’s stupidity. 

Sa Geum Ran lacks character development. She should have been an assertive woman who never gives in to that useless ex-husband. She should have thought of revenging on Lee Kang Joon and his mistress by not falling in love again, but by treating him like dung. She should have known that he married her because of money and owns a building. Sa Geum Ran falling in love again with her parasitic ex-husband is a huge mistake. She should not have slept with Lee Kang Joon, it makes her look like a lowly being for revenging on Chae Yeon. She should have dragged him down till he begs for forgiveness. Sa Geum Ran should have changed her attitude as she has undergone plastic surgery.


Sasaki Nozomi 
 Sara/Sa Geum Ran

Okura Tadayoshi
Han Tae Hee
Totsugi Shigeyuki
Lee Kang Joon
Ohnishi Ayaka
Gyo Chae Yeon

Nozomi Sasaki is the perfect actress to play the role of Sa Geum Ran, who was a fat woman and had a plastic surgery to change herself. Nozomi Sasaki is a pretty actress and the personality of Sa Geum Ran would perfectly suit her. I have seen Nozomi Sasaki in the dramas Daisy Luck and First Class and the movie My Rainy Days.

Tadayoshi Okura is the actor that I can imagine to play the role of Sa Geum Ran’s savior, Han Tae Hee, whose brother is a plastic surgeon that helps Sa Geum Ran in her endeavors. I can feel the chemistry of Tadayoshi Okura and Nozomi Sasaki in this story! I want to see them together in one drama.

Totsugi Shigeyuki is the actor that I can imagine to play the ex-husband of Sa Geum Ran, a cheater who had a mistress because he married Sa Geum Ran for wealth, not for love. Shigeyuki Totsugi is handsome but dangerous in this drama but he would slay this role! I have seen him in the drama Death Cash.

I can see Ohnishi Ayaka play the role of Gyo Cha Yeon, Lee Kang Joon’s mistress. She would be playing the villain role in this drama. I have seen Onishi Ayaka in Gomen, Aishiteru.

Red Shoes (赤い靴)

Genre: Melodrama, Romance MDL Rating:  7.3 Network: KBS2
Episodes: 100 Cast: So Yi HyunChoi Myung GilPark Yoon JaeShin Jung YoonJung Yoo Min

Hee Kyung is married and a mother of two kids. Fate crosses her life when she meets again her ex-boyfriend Kwon Hyuk Sang. Hee Kyung is facing difficulties with her husband, because he is abusive and jealous that his wife met with her ex-boyfriend. Hee Kyung suffers too much from her abusive husband, for he always torments her, and she encounters domestic violence. So, Hee Kyung abandons her family because she believes that she hates Gemma because she is the remnant of her ugly past. Unfortunately, Gemma’s father dies because of an accident. Hee Kyung has remarried and has her own family now, leaving Gemma abandoned and adopted. Gemma’s adopted mother is killed by Hee Kyung’s husband while he should target Gemma. Gemma wants to find out the truth about the person who is involved in her father’s death and desires to take revenge on her mother who abandoned her.

The main character Kim Jin Ah/Gemma is a character that audiences would not be able to sympathize with, and is very unlikeable. Gemma may have hatred towards her mother Hee Kyung because she was abandoned, and it is understandable, but not the way she takes revenge on her mother. It is understandable that she despises her half sister Hye Bin, but actually Hye Bin is her biological sister because Gemma’s real father is Chairman Kwon. It is detrimental for Gemma to treat Hye Bin harshly, she should reduce her hatred towards her. She is so toxic that she uses the two brothers Yoon Hyeon Seok and Yoon Ki Seok for her revenge.

The drama needs to be improved so that Gemma could balance her hatred and kindness as a character. Gemma should be the kind of character who plots her revenge in a smarter way, not in a remorseful and toxic way, as she is already hurting many innocent people that surround her. It is understandable she despises her mother and the family she married into. She should not forget that she still has to respect her mother and keep a little bit of dignity, self-respect and ego as a person. Gemma appears to be a villain in the audience’s point of view and she is worse than her mother. Gemma’s goal should be to make her mother realize and regret what she did to her by abandoning her. Instead of remorsing Chairman Kwon and Hye Bin, she should have get their trust. Gemma must concentrate her revenge on her mother, not on Hye Bin.


Kanno Misuzu
Min Hee Kyung
Misaki Ayame
Kim Jin Ah / Gemma

Kora Kengo
Yoon Hyeon Seok
Kaname Jun
Yoon Ki Seok
Asaki Reina
Kwon Hye Bin

I chose Kanno Misuzu to play the role of this hot mother Min Hee Kyung, yet she is a selfish mother who chose her first love over her family due to her hideous desires and ambitions. Min Hee Kyung, because of her greed, committed several crimes such as violation of design law, theft, house tresspassing, special assault, murder, arson, obstruction of business, business embezzlement and blackmail. Misuzu is the only actress I can imagine to play the villain. I have seen her in Seisei Suruhodo, Aishiteiru but as the supporting cast, and this time I want to see her play a bigger role as a villain.

I chose Misaki Ayame to play the role of Min Hee Kyung’s daughter Gemma who wants to seek revenge on her mother who abandoned her as a child. I want to see this actress as an antihero character in a melodrama. I have seen Misaki Ayame in Imawa no Kuni no Alice playing a guest role.

Kengo Kora and Jun Kaname are the actors that I can imagine to play the role of the two brothers, where both of them fall in love with Gemma but are used by her for her revenge. Kengo Kora will be playing the role of the younger brother, Hyeon Seok, and Jun Kaname as the elder brother of Hyeon Seok, Ki Seok.

I have chosen Asaki Reina for the role of Kwon Hye Bin because she is the only actress that I can imagine to play the kind and sweet girl filled with love by her parents, yet she’s a spoiled brat who is possessive towards Hyeon Seok. She was used by Gemma for revenge and tormented by her. Asaki Reina is rarely given a chance as a main lead and she has never been in a revenge drama. I think she can nail this role overflowing with emotions.

Glass Mask (瑠璃の仮面)

Genre: Melodrama, Romance MDL Rating:  7.2 Network: TvN
Episodes: 122  Cast: Lee Ji HoonSeo WooPark Jin WooKim Yun Seo

Glass Mask translates as 瑠璃の仮面 (read as ruri no kamen) where ruri means lapis lazuli, a gemstone, and kamen literally means mask. It should not be confused with the anime Glass Mask (ガラスの仮面) as the story is different from the Korean drama. It has similarity with the drama Yellow Boots that also garnered with high ratings. Glass Mask ratings escalated higher than Yellow Boots‘. Glass Mask was broadcasted on BS Asahi and TV Osaka. It can also be watched online via Amazon Prime Video and FOD.

This daily drama is about a woman named Kang Yi Kyung, the daughter of a police officer who happens to be her biological father, Shin Ki Tae, and also a murderer. It turns out he was accused because he was framed by the police officer who adopted Yi Kyung out of guilt, because he accidentally shot her mother instead of Shin Ki Tae. So Yi Kyung suffered all of her life being finger pointed by the people who treat her like a criminal. She was never treated right by Kang Seo Yeon and her step-mother Geum Hae Seon. The only persons who cares about her are Kang Geon and Ha Jun. Seo Yeon is the envious sister of Yi Kyung, but she is the real twin of Yi Kyung.  She wants Ha Joon for herself and will do anything to distance Ha Joon and Yi Kyung. Kang Seo Yeon pushed Kang Yi Kyung from a cliff because Yi Kyung has every evidence to prove her innocence. Seo Yeon wanted Yi Kyung to be killed so that she can marry Ha Jun. Yi Kyung happens to be saved by Seon Jae, the half-brother of Ha Joon. Everyone thought that Yi Kyung was dead. Seon Jae suggested to her to pretend to be Seo Jung Ah, and Yi Kyung agreed. Yi Kyung comes back from dead and will live as Seo Jung Ah to punish the people who made her suffer in the past.

This drama may have the best summary, however, it is way too draggy, long, and overdetailed, with unecessary episodes that audience may skip. The most unlikeable character in this drama is Kang Seo Yeon, because she did lots of atrocious things to innocent people, especially to Kang Yi Kyung who is nice to her even though she is the most inhumane person ever. She did not even deserve Yi Kyung as her sister. She should be put into jail and suffer the consequences of her actions. So far, this drama was given a good rating from the Japanese audience, and most of the viewers dislike the adopted father of Kang Yi Kyung and Kang Seo Yeon.

Hamabe Minami
 Kang Yi Kyung
Fukuhara Haruka
 Kang Seo Yeon
Miyachika Kaito 
Kim Ha Joon
Yokohama Ryusei 
Kim Seon Jae

I chose Minami Hamabe to play the role of Kang In Kyung since she has already an edge of playing the role of Hanaoka Nao, who has similarity with Kang In Kyung’s character, in the revenge melodrama Watashitachi wa Douka Shiteiru. Kang In Kyung is being despised by everybody because she is the daughter of a murderer (her father) and Hanaoka Nao is the daughter of a murderer (her mother). I think Hamabe befits to play revengeful character and becoming an imposter as Seo Jeong Ah. I want to see Minami Hamabe once again with Ryuusei Yokohama in this drama.

I chose Haruka Fukuhara to play Kang Seo Yeon, the stepsister of Kang In Kyung, who envies In Kyung because her love interest is dating In Kyung. Fukuhara will be playing the evil sister and I believe she befits the villain role more than in the typical dramas where we have seen her sweet and kind. I want to see more of Fukuhara’s twisted side. Haruka Fukuhara previously worked with Minami Hamabe in the drama Uchi no Musume wa, Kareshi ga Dekinai!!.

I chose Kaito Miyachika as Kim Ha Joon who loves Kang In Kyung, as Miyachika is rising in popularity recently thanks to his dramas Risky and Influence. Miyachika will play the role of Kim Ha Joon, the lover of Kang In Kyung and the love interest of Kang Seo Yeon. Miyachika is a seasoned actor who can play the good boy and the bad boy roles. I can foresee his chemistry with Hamabe and/or Fukuhara in this drama.

I chose Ryuusei Yokohama as Kim Seon Jae, the half brother of Kim Ha Joon who works an attorney and later on slowly develops feelings for Kang In Kyung. I think Yokohama is the perfect guy to be paired again with Minami Hamabe and I want to see him play the role of an attorney who has a bad ass side, who secretly knows how to break the law and believes that he is the law himself. Yokohama and Hamabe have worked previously in the drama Watashitachi wa Douka Shiteiru.

Angel’s Revenge (天使の罠)

Genre: Melodrama MDL Rating: 7.3 Network: KBS2
Episodes: 103 Cast: Park Jung ChulMoon Bo RyungYoon So YiKwon Yool

Angel’s Revenge is translated as (天使の罠), read as tenshi no wana, meaning Angel’s Trap or Angel’s SnapAngel’s Revenge has been broadcasted in Japan on TV Asahi and TBS. According to TV Asahi, it has recorded the highest audience rating of 24.6 % on TV Asahi (source).

Angel’s Revenge is about Lee Seon Woo, a nun in training, who finds out that her sister Jin Yoo died from an accident. She believes that the man who is behind the death of her sister is Tae Jeong – the boyfriend of her older sister who happens to be dating a rich woman, Ji Hee. Tae Jeong and Ji Hee are engaged to be married. Seon Woo gave up on her dream to be a nun: instead of praying, she chose to revenge on Tae Jeong for betraying her older sister. Seon Woo approaches Seo Ji Sook to use him for her revenge.

Angel’s Revenge‘s story is different from other daily dramas where the typical female lead is the softie and damsel in distress. But Angel’s Revenge never failed the audiences to its premise in creating a different kind of a religious character who is aiming for revenge. She is like an angel who went down on earth to think as a human, to express her wrath about her sister’s death and her thirst for revenge.

Angel’s Revenge should be adapted into a Jdrama because it has left a good impression on the Japanese audience, and its story in the early episodes is engaging, but it becomes draggy and lengthy in the middle, so that it even loses its coherence in the direction of the story. 


Takeda Rena
Lee Seon Yoo
Shirahama Alan
Seo Ji Seok
Fujiwara Tatsuya
Jang Tae Jeong
Matsui Airi
Seo Ji Hee

Rena Takeda is the only actress I can ever imagine to play the role of the nun in training Lee Seon Woo, who later on gives up her dreams on being a nun because of her pregnant sister who was killed in a hit and run, which made this heavenly woman seek revenge. I want to see more of Rena Takeda’s acting in showing rage and twistedness despite of her angelic face. I can feel her chemistry with Alan Shirahama.

Alan Shirahama is the actor that I can imagine to play the role of Seo Ji Seok, the guy who ran into Lee Seon Woo in a convent and helped her. They later fell in love in the middle part of the series. Alan Shirahama would portray a kind guy with a dysfunctional family but Seon Woo would help him to become a happy person. I think Alan Shirahama deserves to be given a main lead role in a revenge drama like this.

Tatsuya Fujiwara is the actor that I can imagine to play the role of Jang Tae Jeong, the villain of this drama who deliberately commited second degree murder on Seon Woo’s older sister by ignoring her asking for help. I think I can really feel the drama if Tatsuya Fujiwara is given more antagonistic role than protagonist roles. I wonder how Tatsuya Fujiwara would act as a ruthless man, who is just an office employee trying to climb the stairs in order to marry the rich girl.

Airi Matsui is the actress I can imagine to play the role of Seo Ji Hee, the naive wife of Jang Tae Jeong who does not even know of Tae Jeong’s past, and can easily be manipulated by him because of her naivety. She later on starts hating Lee Seon Woo.I want to see Matsui’s naive character in this drama and her good chemistry with Tatsuya Fujiwara. I want to see how her character would make the audiences annoyed by her naivety.

The Innocent Man (優しい男)

Genre: Melodrama, Romance MDL Rating: 8.1 Nework: KBS2
Episodes: 20 Cast: Moon Chae WonSong Joong KiPark Shi Yeon

Innocent man is about Kang Ma Ru, a medical student in a relationship with Han Jae Hee. One day, Jae Hee has almost encountered sexual assault by a man she hits with a material made of glass. The man dies and Jae Hee calls Ma Ru, explaining that she is in trouble as she killed the man. So Kang Ma Ru heads to the hotel where she is. Madly in love with Jae Hee, he would do everything for her. Ma Ru turns himself in as a murderer instead of her. Unfortunately, Jae Hee betrays Ma Ru as she becomes the mistress of a chaebol and gets pregnant with his child. Years pass by, Ma Ru is released from prison and meets again by chance Jae Hee in the airplane where Eun Ki has a heart problem, and Ma Ru sees Jae Hee with a boy calling her mom. Ma Ru plots his revenge by using Eun Ki.

This drama can be perfect to have its Japanese drama as it has received good reviews from Japanese audiences (source). Innocent man has been broadcast on Abema TV and TV Osaka. It has the potential to also garner a high rating if it has a Jdrama version, it is perfect for Japanese viewers who love to watch revenge dramas.


Machida Keita
Kang Ma Ru

Imada Mio
Seo Eun Ki
Kitagawa Keiko
Han Jae Hee

I think Keita Machida is the perfect actor to play the role of Kang Ma Ru, the protagonist of this drama, a medical student who turned himself to prison and took the blame when his ex-girlfriend who accidentally killed the perpetrator who was trying to harass her. I want to see the warped and twisted face of  Machida in a melodrama, with his eyes filled with revenge and hatred. I think he would have chemistry with Mio Imada in this drama.

Mio Imada is the perfect actress to play the role of Seo Eun Ki, a rich, arrogant, but deep inside kind-hearted woman, who has a dysfunctional relationship with her father and her step-mother, who happens to be the ex-girlfriend of Ma Ru. I think Imada can nail this role as a cold hearted heiress with hidden kindness. Imada has been playing this kind of role in Hana Nochi Hare: HanaDan Next Season where she is an arrogant rich girl, and in 3 Nen a Gumi: Ima kara Mina-san wa, Hitojichi Desu too.

I think Keiko Kitagawa is perfect to play the role of Han Jae Hee, the ex-girlfriend of Kang Ma Ru who betrays him after having an affair with a conglomerate and having an illegitimate son with him. Eun Ki is her step-daughter who despises her for being the reason for her mother’s death. Keiko Kitagawa has portrayed the villain role in The Promised Neverland. I think it will be cooler to see her in a villain role for the second time, but this is a heavier drama about revenge.

Can you suggest a Korean Drama that should be adapted into a Jdrama?

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Sources: Pictures are from the MDL pages, or their source is linked to the picture.  Edited by: SumiTheCat (1st editor), devitto (2nd editor)

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