Jung Woo Sung will possibly make his comeback to the small screen with a remake drama!

Jung Woo Sung might officially return to the small screen after 10 years. 

On February 9th, several reports stated that Jung Woo Sung will be the main lead of the Korean remake of the drama “Say You Love Me”  (Aishiteiru to Ittekure). The drama was a hit series in Japan in 1995. 

Jung Woo Sung’s agency Artist Company responded to the reports and shared that the actor is positively considering starring in the remake drama. Nothing has been decided yet.

If Jung Woo Sung accepts the casting offer, this will be his official comeback to the small screen after 2011’s “Padam Padam.” 

“Say You Love Me” will use the storyline from the TBS drama “Aishiteiru to Ittekure” that aired from July to September 1995. The drama will revolve around the love story of two people who had an encounter when they were children and then meet again after several years. developing a relationship. Because the male lead has a hearing impairment from childhood, the female lead will do her best so that they can understand each other. 

“Say You Love Me” will be produced by Studio & New. The broadcast details are not yet confirmed.

Jung Woo Sung has been active in starring, directing, and producing films. He has not starred in a drama since 2011. 

In 2020, he replaced Bae Sung Woo (one of the artists in his agency) in the drama “Delayed Justice.” He became the replacement for episodes 17 onwards after Bae Sung Woo was involved in a DUI incident. He also made a special appearance in the Netflix original series “The Silent Sea” that he produced. These dramas were not his formal comeback to the small screen.

Meanwhile, the top actor will be the main lead of the upcoming films “Hunt” and “Spring in Seoul.” He will also direct the upcoming movie “Agent Scholar.” 


Do you wish to see Jung Woo Sung on the small screen once again?

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