Jung Hae In will reportedly work with Kang Ha Neul & Youn Yuh Jung, in a new KBS drama!

Jung Hae In is in talks to join the upcoming KBS drama “Trees Die on Their Feet.”

On March 7th, several media outlets shared that Jung Hae In will be working with confirmed casts Kang Ha Neul,
Youn Yuh Jung, and Sung Dong Il.  Son Ye Jin has also been linked with this series but is still reviewing her role. 

Jung Hae In’s agency FNC Entertainment responded to the reports and shared that the actor did receive the offer. The agency reiterated that Jung Hae In hasn’t decided yet on whether he will appear in the series or not. 

“Trees Die on Their Feet” is director  Yoon Sang Ho ‘s(“River Where the Moon Rises”) next project. The script will be written by Jo Seong Geol.

The upcoming series will revolve around Ja Geum Soon, a woman born in the 1930s in North Korea. She escapes to South Korea during wartime and is separated from her husband and child. While waiting for her family, she establishes Hotel Nakwon, a hotel chain in South Korea. Many years later, Jae Heon is an unknown theatre actor who acts as Geum Soon’s grandson Moon Sung in order to fulfill her wish. Se Yeon is Geum Soon’s granddaughter who is in charge of Hotel Nakwon.

“Trees Die on Their Feet” will be led by Kang Ha Neul as Yoo Jae Heon, Youn Yuh Jung as Geum Soon, and Sung Dong Il as Jung Sang Cheol. 

The series will exclusively air on KBS. According to reports, the series will air in the second half of the year. 

If Jung Hae In accepts the offer, this will be his third upcoming drama. The actor is already confirmed to return in “D.P. Season 2.” He will also work with Go Kyung Pyo and Kim Hye Joon in the new series titled “Connect.” 

In 2021, Jung Hae In starred in two dramas. He partnered with Koo Kyo Hwan for the Netflix original series “D.P.” He also starred in a romance drama named “Snowdrop”  with BLACKPINK’s Kim Ji Soo. 


Do you wish to see Jung Hae In with Kang Ha Neul, Youn Yuh Jung, Sung Dong Il, and possibly a reunion with Son Ye Jin?

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