JTBC unveils their 2022 drama lineup!

JTBC released their drama lineup!

On January 14th, JTBC officially revealed the dramas that will air on their channel in 2022. The broadcast station released a teaser clip showcasing the leads of their upcoming drama and the month it will premiere. 

First on the list is “Forecasting Love and Weather” starring Park Min Young, Song Kang, Yoon Park, Girls Day’s Yura, Kim Mi Kyung, and Jung Woon Sun. The drama will premiere on February 12 and it will have a total of 16 episodes. 

“Forecasting Love and Weather” will be about the work, life, and love stories of the people who work at the Korea Meteorological Administration, Korea’s national weather forecast service. It will be the follow-up project of director  Cha Young Hoon after the hit series “When The Camellia Blooms.” 

The next drama that will air this February on JTBC is “Thirty-Nine” starring Son Ye Jin, Jeon Mi Do, and Kim Ji Hyun. The drama will air this coming February and it will be added to their Wednesday-Thursday timeslot. The drama will depict the love and friendship between three best friends who are of the same age. “Thirty-Nine” will be helmed by director Kim Sang Ho and writer Yoo Young Ah. The first episode will air on February 16th, 2022, and the drama will have a total of 12 episodes. 

Next on the list will be the dramas that will officially air in the first half of the year. 

“Insider” will be the comeback drama of Kang Ha Neul after three years. He will be working with Heo Sung Tae, Lee Yoo Young, Kim Sang Ho, Kang Young Seok, Cha Yeob, and Yoon Byung Hee in the drama. The drama will showcase the journey of a judicial trainee named Kim Yo Han. The drama will tell the story of how he will overcome the crisis he got involved in during an undercover investigation. “Insider” will be directed by Min Yeon Hong( “Missing: The Other Side”) and written by Moon Man Se (“Priest”.) 

Another series for the first half of 2022 is “My Liberation Diary” by director Kim Seok Yoon and writer Park Hae Young. The upcoming drama will be about three siblings and a mysterious outsider who wants to change their fate and escape from their uncomfortable lives. The series is set in Sanpo Village where more people leave the town instead of moving in. Lee Min Ki,  Kim Ji Won, Son Seok Koo, and Lee El will be the main leads of the drama. 

More female-centered dramas will also air this year in JTBC. The upcoming series “Green Mothers Club” will center around the true friendship, motherhood, and growth of five women who met in an elementary school community. The cast of the drama includes Lee Yo Won, Choo Ja Hyun, Kim Gyu Ri, Jang Hye Jin, and Joo Min Kyung. It will be the collaboration project of director Ra Ha Na and scriptwriter Shin Yi Won. 

Next is the “Cleaning Up” drama that will have female protagonists such as Yeom Jung Ah, Yeom Hye Ran, Jeon So Min, and Kim Jae Hwa. The drama will be based on an original British ITV series of the same name. The Korean remake will be written by Choi Kyung Mi. 

 “Cleaning Up” will showcase the journey of cleaning employees of a financial company who will try their luck and change their fate after overhearing insider trading.

Song Joong Ki is also joining the JTBC drama lineup this year. The actor will be working with Lee Sung Min and Shin Hyun Bin in the series “The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate.” The drama will be adapted from a novel with the same name. It will be about a loyal employee of a conglomerate family who got framed and killed. Later on, he got reborn as the conglomerate family’s youngest son.  This is where his revenge will begin. The series will reportedly have 20 episodes. 

Other JTBC dramas that have no definite date of release are “The Good Detective 2,” “Bad Mother,” and “The Empire of Law.”


Which upcoming drama are you most excited about?

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