Joo Won to reportedly lead a new tvN drama!

Joo Won will reportedly star in the upcoming historical action drama “Milju.”

On March 23rd media outlet OSEN shared that Joo Won has received the offer to star in the new historical action drama titled “Milju.” It will be directed by Kwak Jung Hwan who also helmed “Delayed Justice,” “Miss Hammurabi,” “The K2,” “The Fugitive: Plan B,” “The Slave Hunters,” and “Chief of Staff.” 

Joo Won’s agency Santa Claus Entertainment shared that the actor has not yet made his decision but he is positively reviewing the offer. 

“Milju” is an action drama that tells the story of the competition between organizations over alcohol in the Joseon Dynasty. The series will be produced by Lotte Cultureworks. 

The upcoming series will reportedly begin filming in the second half of the year. The drama is in discussion to air on tvN. The premiere date is not yet decided. Other casts of the drama are not yet announced. 

If Joo Won decided to appear in the drama, this will be his comeback series since 2020. He last starred in the drama “Alice” with Kim Hee Sun, Kwak Shi Yang, Lee Da In, Kim Sang Ho, Choi Won Young, Lee Jae Yoon, and Hwang Seung Eon. 

He will also star in the upcoming movie “Carter” with Lee Sung Jae and Kim Bo Min, and “Firemen” with Yoo Jae Myung, Kwak Do Won, Lee Yoo Young, Kim Min Jae, and Oh Dae Hwan.  

Joo Won is known for being the main lead of the dramas “My Sassy Girl,” “Yong Pal,” “Naeil’s Cantabile,” “Good Doctor,” “7th Grade Civil Servant,” “The Bridal Mask,” and movies “Sweet Sixteen,” “Fatal Intuition,” “Fashion King,” “Catch Me,” “Don’t Click,” and “Special Investigation Unit.”

If Joo Won decided to star in “Milju,” this will be his comeback to the historical genre after five years. 


Do you wish to see Joo Won return to historical dramas?

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