Jin Seon Kyu and Jeon Jong Seo will work together for the TVING drama version of “Ransom”

Jin Seon Kyu and Jeon Jong Seo have confirmed their casting for the upcoming TVING series “Ransom.” 

The 2015 movie “Bargain” will officially have a drama remake and Jin Seon Kyu and Jeon Jong Seo have been selected to lead the series. It was confirmed on February 24th that the two main leads have accepted the casting offers. 

The drama series “Ransom” will be broadcast on TVING and be produced by Climax Studio. It will be directed by Jeon Woo Sung and Kim Young Ho. The screenplay will be written by Choi Byeong Yun and Kwak Jae Min. 

The plot of “Ransom” will be based on the short film “Bargain.” The upcoming drama will showcase the ruthless struggle of victims in a skyscraper after a devastating earthquake disconnects everyone from the outside world. 

The short film “Bargain” was highly praised in the film industry because of its shocking twists and turns. The film won several awards n Korea.  

According to reports, the upcoming drama will pursue one-take filming for each episode. Many are already anticipating the meeting between Jin Seon Kyu and Jeon Jong Seo and how the two will excellently portray the psychological battle to survive in a closed space.

“Ransom” will reportedly premiere exclusively on TVING in the second half of 2022. 

Jin Seon Kyu will play the role of No Hyung Soo. He gets caught up in unexpected chaos while haggling over the ransom. He was the victim and got saved by the sudden earthquake. Then, he is struggling to survive once again when he became trapped in a collapsed building. 

Jeon Jong Seo on the other hand will play the role of Park Joo Young, a bargaining expert. Park Joo Young unexpectedly became part of the bargaining world. She turns the crisis of a major earthquake into an opportunity. 


Are you going to watch the one-take filming style drama “Ransom”?

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