Jin Goo, Ha Do Gwon, and Lee Won Geun to star in “Superior Day”

Jin Goo, Ha Do Gwon, and Lee Won Geun will be working together for the upcoming OCN drama “Superior Day”

On November 12th it was announced that the main characters of the upcoming OCN drama will be Jin Goo, Ha Do Gwon, and Lee Won Geun. 

 “Superior Day” will be the collaboration work between director Jo Nam Hyung and writer Lee Ji Hyun. The drama will be handled by Studio Dragon and produced by I Will Media. It will be a 24-hour thriller drama that will revolve around an ordinary man who has to kill the serial killer living next door in order to save his kidnapped daughter. 

“Superior Day” is set to premiere in the first half of 2022.

Jin Goo will play the role of Lee Ho Chul. He’s a firefighter who has to save his kidnapped daughter. He is the typical head of the household who’s also a fool for her daughter. His appearance is very ordinary and nothing special. Lee Ho Chul will be in an extreme situation wherein he will do anything just to save his daughter in just one day. This will be the comeback drama of Jin Goo after three years. He last starred in the JTBC drama “Legal High.”

 “Superior Day” will be Ha Do Gwon’s third new drama. He will be playing the role of Bae Tae Jin, a murder contractor who chases a serial killer. His plans are always perfect and he doesn’t leave any traces. For some reason, he plans to chase the serial killer and also kidnap Lee Ho Chul’s daughter to kill him. Ha Do Gwon will also join the upcoming dramas “Shooting Star” and “Red Single Heart.”

Lastly, Lee Won Geun’s follow-up drama after the hit series “One the Woman” will be “Superior Day.” Unlike his righteous and innocent characters from before, the actor will portray a serial killer named Kwon Si Woo in “Superior Day.” He believes that he is superior to anyone else in the world. Although his looks give off an innocent and kind vibe, his true identity is that he is a psychopath. He enjoys the superiority that comes from his murderous acts. 


What are your thoughts on the upcoming drama and main leads of “Superior Day”?

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