Ji Sung, Seo Ji Hye, and Lee Soo Kyung offered to lead the upcoming drama “Adamas”

Ji Sung, Seo Ji Hye, and Lee Soo Kyung were chosen to be the main leads of the upcoming tvN drama series “Adamas.” 

On December 9th, media outlet SpoTV News shared that Ji Sung, Seo Ji Hye, and Lee Soo Kyung will reportedly join the upcoming tvN drama “Adamas.” 

“Adamas” will be a collaboration between “Kairos” director Park Seung Woo and writer Lee Moon. The upcoming drama will narrate the story of the twin brothers who are trying to uncover the secrets behind their father’s murder 20 years ago. They will find “Adamas,” the murder weapon that disappeared, and catch the real culprit.

Ji Sung received the offer to play two roles. He will be the twin brothers Wooshin and Su Hyun. The characters will portray the struggle of the brothers in uncovering the secret of the night of their father’s death. Expectations are high as the actor performed well on his multiple personality character in his past drama “Kill Me, Heal Me.”

Seo Ji Hye got the offer to play the character named Eun Hye Soo. She’s the wife of the eldest son of a conglomerate family. 

Lee Soo Kyung will reportedly play the role of Kim Seo Hee, a social affairs reporter.

“Adamas” is set to premiere in 2022.

If Ji Sung accepts the offer, this will be his first drama project for 2022. He last starred in the tvN drama “The Devil Judge” with Kim Min Jung, GOT7 Park Jin Young, Park Gyu Young, Jeon Chae Eun, Rainbow’s Kim Jae Kyung, and more. 

Seo Ji Hye is currently starring in the AppleTV original series “Dr. Brain.” She will also join the upcoming dramas “Sixth Sense Kiss” and “Younger.”

Lee Soo Kyung last starred in the 2021 drama “Law School” with Kim Myung Min, Kim Bum, Ryu Hye Young, Lee Jung Eun, Lee David, and more. She was also part of the movie “Miracle: Letters to the President.” 


Do you wish to see Ji Sung play more than one role in a drama again?

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