Jeon Noh Min in discussion to star in the upcoming tvN drama “Kill Heel”

Jeon Noh Min will reportedly be added to the cast members of the drama “Kill Heel.”

On December 24th, media outlets reported that Jeon Noh Min will be part of the upcoming tvN drama “Kill Heel.” He will be joining Kim Ha Neul, Kim Sung Ryung, Lee Hye Young, and Park Eun Sook. 

“Kill Heel” will be the collaboration work of director Noh Do Cheol (“Partners for Justice”) and writer Shin Kwang Ho (“Seonam Girls High School Investigators.”) The drama will showcase the competition in the home shopping industry. It will revolve around three women who are show hosts with different personalities but with one goal, to be successful. 

Kim Ha Neul will play the role of Woo Hyun, the fashion shopping host with a friendly image. Kim Sung Ryung will play the role of Bae Ok Sun, the top fashion shopping MC. Jeon Noh Min will play the role of Choi In Guk, the husband of Kim Sung Ryung’s character Bae Ok Sun. 

Many are already anticipating how Jeon Noh Min will show a new image in this upcoming drama. 

“Kill Heel” will air in the first half of 2022. The drama will be produced by Ubi Culture and May Queen Pictures. 

“Kill Heel” will be Jeon Noh Min’s first drama for 2022. This year, he focused on acting in the two seasons of “Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce).” He was also part of the canceled drama “Joseon Exorcist.” The actor will also join the upcoming movie “Stellar” with Son Ho Jun, Lee Kyu Hyung, Heo Sung Tae, Go Gyu Pil, Park Se Young, and more.

Jeon Noh Min is known for also starring in the dramas “The Running Mates: Human Rights,” “Doctor John,” “Secrets and Lies,” “My Golden Life,” and “Six Flying Dragons.”


Have you seen any dramas that Jeon Noh Min starred in?

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