Jeon Jeong Seo and Jin Seon Kyu will reportedly work together for a full-length movie adaptation!

Jeon Jong Seo and Jin Seon Kyu are in talks to star in the upcoming full-length movie adaptation of the short film “Bargain” by director Lee Chung Hyun.

On December 3, after the dating reports of Jeon Jong Seo, it was stated that the actress will be working with Jin Seon Kyu on one project. They will be the main leads on the upcoming full-length movie adaptation of “Bargain.” The director who helmed the short film “Bargain” is also the director of “The Call” and the man in the dating reports with Jeon Jong Seo, director Lee Chung Hyun. 

For the upcoming full-length movie adaptation, another director will be taking charge. Rookie director Jeon Woo Sung will be responsible for the new project. 

The adaptation will be titled “Ransom” and it will tell the story of a middle-aged man and a high schooler who bargains over the price of the ransom or the price for her freedom. As it is a feature film, the age of the female lead and other settings are expected to change. The short film “Bargain” dealt with prostitution.

Jeon Jong Seo will play the role of the high school girl and Jin Seon Kyu will play the middle-aged man. 

The upcoming project will be produced by Climax Studio, the production company that also worked for the Netflix series “Hellbound” and “D.P.”

“Ransom” aims to start filming in the first half of next year. Several versions are being planned for a feature film or series.

Jeon Jong Seo confirmed today through her agency that she recently started dating “The Call” and “Bargain” director Lee Chung Hyun. The actress recently released her movie “Nothing Serious” with Son Seok Koo, Gong Min Jung, Lee Hak Joo, Kim Seul Gi, and Bae Yoo Ram. She is also set to star in the upcoming Korean remake of “Money Heist.”

Jin Seon Kyu is set to star in upcoming movies such as “Season of You and Me” and “Confidential Assignment 2: International.” He will also join the upcoming series “Through the Darkness.” The actor was last seen in the drama “One the Woman” where he made a special appearance to support “Extreme Job” co-star Lee Ha Nee.


Have you seen the short film “Bargain”? What are your thoughts on the upcoming film adaption “Ransom”?

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