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Warning: This article might include spoilers from Episode 1.
Dear Readers On MDL,
I Want To Introduce You All To A Love Story
That Will Make You Experience All Kinds Of Emotions.
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Native Title: 未来日記
Also Known as: Mirai Nikki
Country: Japan
Genres: Reality Show, Romance
Episodes: 8
Aired: Dec 14, 2021 – Jan 18, 2022
Aired On: Tuesday
Original Network: Netflix, TBS
Duration: 35 min.
Trailer: Netflix
Reality Show: Netflix
The Future Diary is a modern version reboot of a legendary love reality show project called Mirai Nikki, born from a segment of a variety show called Unnan no Hontoko of TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System Television Inc.) that became a huge hit, broadcasted in 21 countries about 20 years ago. It was then made into a top box office movie that grossed over ¥580 million, an event and even a game, and many of the theme songs were big hits, in particular “Tsunami” by Southern All Stars,Sakurazaka” by Fukuyama Masaharu, and “Tomadoi”/”Special Thanks” by Glay, selling millions of copies, topping the Oricon Year-End Single Chart and becoming a social phenomenon from 1988 to 2002.

Inspired by the gadget “Diary In Advance” of Doraemon, which consists of if you write down future events in this diary, what you write will really come true and the written content cannot be erased with an eraser and cannot be torn down.
The Future Diary is “a mysterious love diary that describes the future in which a man and a woman fall in love”.

The Soulmates

Name: Nakasone Maai
Age: 19 years old
From: Naha City, Okinawa
Occupation: College student working part-time in apparel
Name: Wakamatsu Takuto
Age: 24 years old
From: Otaru City, Hokkaido
Occupation: Fourth year being a cook

The Narrator

The Love Story of The Future Diary is narrated by Tsuda Kenjiro, a well known Japanese voice actor and actor. Some of his well known works as voice actor are Nanami Kento in Jujutsu Kaisen, Overhaul in My Hero Academia, and Hannes in Attack on Titan. And as an actor he played Yamao Atsushi in Saiai, and Inui, a special guest role, in the Asadora Yell, which he also narrated.

Their Love Story

The Future Diary is delivered to Takuto and Maai who have never met before, with a storyline containing only an outline of their very own love story.

The Future Diary includes “entries delivered the day before” and “entries delivered in the middle of the day”.

The Future Diary delivered the day before only has the beginning and end entries of what happens the next day, where the couple can’t tell the story of the day, the couple can freely behave based on their own will. 

July 1st
 “On a visit to Yokohama, you meet your soulmate out of the blue” – Beginning Entry

“After your joint project, there appears before you a single sunflower”, “The symbolism of a sunflower is love at first sight” – End Entry
The Future Diary delivered in the middle of the day has challenging entries, where the couple can execute a task together or alone, and has instruction entries, where one of them must behave in a certain way when it 

comes to a specific situation, even if it’s against their will, without letting the other know.

“On this day, you will have a date on a cruise ship” “There will be a crisis on the ship which you will both solve together” – Challenging Entry

“Even if you begin to have feelings for him, do not tell him that you like him until the end of The Future Diary” – Instruction Entry
The entries delivered in the middle of the day are the Heart of The Future Diary. They are the ones that make the development of the story, through moments when sometimes one of them engraves their existence in the other person’s heart, or when sometimes one of them takes actions that hurt and make the other person sad. And these moments are the ones that create the Couple Love Story.
The couple cannot exchange contacts and meet outside of The Future DiaryAnd The Future Diary includes a last entry, “Eternal Farewell”, delivered at the end, where the Couple Must Split Up.
Would I still love you, even if I knew how it would end?
Will their love turn out to be real or will it only stay in the entries of The Future Diary?

The Scenery

As the couple goes on dates based on the entries of The Future Diary, they also bring you on a tour around some of the most beautiful and famous cities of Japan:

Known for its scenic romantic nights views, forest of skyscrapers and harbourside landscape.

Known for its tremendous land, gifted nature, beautiful landscapes and local food.

Known for its hot temperatures year-round, crystalline waters, sugar-white sand and colourful reefs.

Their Love Song

The Love Song of The Future Diary, called “Diary”, was produced by one of Japan’s top pop-bands, SEKAI NO OWARI.
Starting out as a competition between the four members to create the song, it was member Saori challenged by the uncertainty of not knowing the ending of The Future Diary, lyrics and music chosen at the end. But when the band for the first time saw the trailer with their song, they knew they had made the song their own.

“Diary” is a reflection of the feelings of the couple who are at the mercy of “The Future Diary”. 



Until then, it was a story of one person.
Until you suddenly show up.
I came across you after I turned the page. 
I fell in love with you.

Then it was a story of two people.
All of a sudden, the days became special.
Every time I turn one page, my chest is noisy.
I closed it with a bookmark involuntarily.

I was able to see you, and that’s all I have to do is cry.
I was in love with you so much.
Actually, I know, no matter what the last one is.
I was able to meet you.

The Masters Of Ceremonies

The Couple Love Story Journey in The Future Diary will be watched closely and warmly, and commented periodically at the studio by the MCs: the announcer Sumi Reina from TV Tokyo, the member/leader Sato Taiki of the group EXILE/FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE, the multi-talented DAIGO, the actress Natsuna, and the comedian Saya from the duo LALANDE.


The idea of you experiencing your future love story is so original and unique. In terms of creativity, I must say that Japan takes the crown. Can you believe that this Love Reality Show was created 20 years ago?! I wish I could watch the old version! 
As for this new reboot version, I just have one word to say, AMAZING! Takuto and Maai are so cute that it’s impossible for you not to fall in love with them and wish for them to be a couple after the end of The Future Diary. Their love story is so romantic and much better than many dramas and movies out there. It reminds me so much of the story of my favorite shoujo manga, Kimi ni Todoke. Their love song, “Diary”, is so moving and perfectly describes their love story. It’s like you are seeing their story through the lyrics of the song. The sceneries of their dates are just a feast for the eyes. Indeed, Japan is a captivating country. The MCs give their honest opinions about the couple, and the good thing is that they only appear a few times per episode, and don’t take much screentime off the couple itself. The narration of the entries just makes this Love Reality Show more enchanting. And the voice actor chosen to do it just nailed it. The entries are so well planned and connect so perfectly, which makes the story of The Future Diary a true masterpiece.
You probably may be taken aback by the entries in thinking this is another scripted Love Reality Show. But let me honestly tell you it isn’t, the entries don’t influence the couple’s love story, the development of their love story belongs to the couple itself, the entries just make their love story more appealing. Plus, there is a scene at the end of Episode 5 that will make all of you fall in love with Takuto, and confirm what I said about the entries.
At the beginning, the couple is destined to meet in The Future Diary, to fall in love, and at the end the couple is destined to go their separate ways. 
Although we already know how their love story will end in The Future Diary, we don’t know how their love story will end or even if they will be a couple after The Future Diary. And for you to know the answer, you will need to watch the show and follow them on their social media accounts: Mirai Nikki, Takuto and Maai.
I hope they can be together after the end of The Future Diary. But we can’t forget that this is not a Dorama/Live Action that most probably would have a Happy Ending. This is Real Life and anything can happen. And not all beautiful stories have a happy ending, and that’s what makes them beautiful, too. But they left you with an unforgettable nostalgia.

My Opinion

If you read till here, you are probably asking yourself if you should watch it or not. Before I answer you, let me tell you that: First of all, I’m not a fan of Love Reality Shows and in fact, I never watch them. So why am I writing an article about a Love Reality Show if I’m not a fan of this type of show? The answer is that The Future Diary doesn’t look like a Love Reality Show at all. It looks more like a Dorama/Live Action adapted from a Shoujo Manga, and that was the main reason that caught my attention and made me watch the show. I don’t have anything bad to say about this show because everything is just so perfect and well-made and breathtaking. In fact, the only bad thing is that the show has to end.

As a big fan of Japanese Mangas, Animes, Doramas and Live Actions, I’m so glad that my first experience with a Love Reality Show was from Japan, too, because it didn’t disappoint me at all and only made me wish for a second season.

Now to the main question, “Should you watch it or not?” Without any doubt, you must watch. If you are a fan of romance and slice of life genres, this Love Reality Show is for you. If you are still not sure, try to watch till Episode 3 and I promise you that you will not stop watching, and you will be wishing for their love story to never end. Plus, it is a lovely way for you to imagine your own love story!

How about you?  Did you watched? Are you watching? Do you plan to watch? Let me know in the comments!

I recommend this love reality show to everyone. Give it a try!

Thank you for reading, and lovely watching!

Sources: TBS   ModelPress   RealSound   Yahoo Japan

Edited by: Tine (1st editor), devitto (2nd editor)

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