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Hello, lovely people of MDL! 
So, I’m Ashu and today I’m here to present y’all with another article. This article is about me imagining what if some particular characters in dramas were to have profiles on MDL. What would happen? How would each of them behave in here – and basically, it’s just me imagining this all for obviously fun purposes. I’m not saying that this is definitely gonna happen; I just imagine as much as I can. It’s a short and not in-depth article, unlike my previous one, so I don’t know what response it would receive but still, let’s begin without any further ado!

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Kim Bok Joo from Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

She’d love sports dramas, and her most-watched tag would be “strong female lead”. Her most watched genres would be “romance” and “sports” because we all know how much she loves sports, but let’s not forget that deep inside, she’s a very girly girl who likes your typical, cute rom-com. She’d also brag about her boyfriend from time to time (under spoiler tag, of course, cuz it’s not drama related) in feeds and would make 70% of the population that uses the feeds jealous, cuz let’s face it, most of us are single lol.
She seems to be the type who’d share about her favourite oppas all day long, and she’d also rant about dramas that depicted some kind of sports or its people badly. She doesn’t seem to be the type of person who’d write reviews rather;, she’d just write “Good drama, I recommend!”. 

Geum Jan Di from Boys Over Flowers

I think she’d open a blog post where she’d write reviews and would somehow try to earn money from those, and would also share links to her reviews on another website (where she’s getting money for writing reviews) here to get more readers. She’d rarely watch dramas, and if she does, she will do that to make money because we all know how much she wants/needs it. She’d also sometimes rant about how unfair rich people are (under spoiler tag ofc cuz it’s not drama related) on feeds.

She’d also share her favourite recipes (since we know how big of a foodie she is). Basically, she’d talk about other stuff more than dramas/movies, which would make most people hate her. Her most-watched tag would be “rich woman/poor man” cuz that’s her fantasy, and her most-watched genres would be “drama” and “life”.  

Hae Soo from Scarlet Heart Ryeo

She’d be a big Saeguk fan and would have watched all dramas centering around Goryeo dynasty so she could compare it to reality. She’d hate a drama if it depicts history wrong but won’t rant about it much because she doesn’t seem to be the kind of person to me who expresses her feelings much. She’d share screenshots of the beautiful scenery/outfits of the dramas she’s currently watching. Her most-watched tag would be “ambiguous male lead”, and her most-watched genres would be “historical” and “romance”. 

Cha Do Hyun from Kill Me, Heal Me

He’d join MDL and would’ve started watching dramas just so he could find stories about DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder), so he could relate with them and would feel less guilty/lonely about having DID. But soon, he became an addict and started watching all kinds of dramas and movies. He’s the kind of watcher that has watched more than 500 dramas and 700+ movies despite him having a hectic schedule. His most-watched tag would be “mentally ill main lead”, and his most-watched genres would be “psychological” and “romance”. 

Kim Jun Wan from Hospital Playlist

His username would be his real name because he doesn’t understand people who change their names on social platforms, like what’s the use?  He’d also be an addict. I don’t know, but I get this sort of energy from him, which makes me think he’d become addicted to Asain cinema. Plus, dramas would make him feel somewhat less lonely. He’d be the type of watcher that would hate romance shows and would bash them at every chance he gets. 
He’d also rant about plot holes in countless dramas and movies and wouldn’t care about how popular it is before labelling it as “trash”. He’d definitely be the stereotypical critical watcher. But when he’d actually like something, he’d fanboy about it everyday on feeds. He’d also have fewer friends and would rarely accept friend requests. His most-watched tag would be “death”. His most-watched genres would be “psychological” and “crime”. 

Mei Chang Su from Nirvana in Fire

I know he’s from a time when dramas and smartphones weren’t even made yet, let alone MDL, but we imagine here today so let’s imagine that he is living in the present time! I think he’d be the kind of person who’d love dramas/movies with social commentary and political issues and power struggle, you know. The stuff that talks about justice and all that, but I feel like he’d also like romance and stuff. 
In feeds, he’d share his thoughts about dramas ofc, and he’d be a user who’d write great reviews which would convince people to watch a particular drama he liked because we all know how good he is with his words and convincing people. His most-watched tag would be “power struggle”, and his most-watched genres would be “drama” and “friendship”. 

Wang Quan Sheng from Someday or One Day

So we are talking about the real WQS here, lol, and I think he would’ve watched a lot of queer stuff to feel that he ain’t the lonely one. He’d be the number one BL/GL watcher and would often ask for recommendations for queer stuff. He’d be known at feeds for watching queer content only because of his posts and, well, his username, of course. Most-watched tag would be “gay character”, and most-watched genres would be “romance” and “friendship”.

Han Ho Yul from D.P.

I think he’s the most beloved character of this year – and deservedly so. He’d be famous at feeds for posting memes and being witty af. He’d chat with people on here all day long. He’d be more of an MDL addict rather than a drama one. His taste in dramas would be rather strange cuz sometimes he’d love those dark types of stuff, but sometimes he’d give a drama 10/10 for having a favourite oppa of his. He’d love oppas and noonas all equally but would still consider himself better than all oppas, as his username suggests. His most-watched tag would be “death”, and his most-watched genres would be “drama” and “romance”. 

Han Se Joo from Chicago Typewriter

His username would be his real name because he wants to tell everyone that it’s indeed him, the famous writer. He’d be known for being the only real celebrity in here, and he’d have that verified blue tick kinda thing if that function existed in MDL. He’d be known for ranting about all the drama he watches. He’s that watcher who has never rated something a 10/10 because he’s a writer himself, and that’s why he always tends to find flaws in a drama’s writing and rant about it on feeds. 
He’d be hated by a lot of people because of him ranting about the famous dramas other users liked. He’d watch all kinds of genres from all countries. He’s that kind of user who’s watched more than 2000 dramas and movies. His most-watched tag would be “love triangle” (not because he likes it, in fact, he hates it, but because he watches all kinds of dramas and it’s hard to avoid this tag, so yeah), and his most-watched genres would be “romance” and “drama”. 

Teh from I Told Sunset About You

His username would be his real name because he shares the same thoughts as Jun wan. He’d be known for being an aspiring actor and a huge fanboy for Yongjian. His profile pic would be of Yongjian too. He’d be known for a critical reviewer whose reviews people would look up to, and he’d also be known for being a fun kind of boy who is sweet and kind to everyone. 
He’d share his thoughts about stuff he’s watching on feeds; basically, everything like beautiful screenshots about sceneries quotes he liked, just ranting and etc. He’d like tragic and sad stuff the most and would be that kind of watcher who cries at everything and empathizes with every character. He would’ve watched some 500+ movies and dramas. His most-watched tag would be “death”, and his most-watched genres would be “drama” and “life”.

Muranishi Toru from The Naked Director

Warning: slight 18+ content ahead

He’d be known for spamming about his porn videos on feeds. He would’ve watched nothing but instead would just come here to promote his videos – but would’ve got banned after getting reported multiple times. Yeah, that’s it about him, lol.

Well, that’s it for this article! I hope you found it fun to read! Thanks for reading this short article! Please comment your thoughts below! And tell me, do you want me to make this a series or something? Should I make a part 2? If yes, which characters do you want me to talk about/imagine next? Or, if you can, imagine how your beloved characters would behave if they were on MDL in the comments! 

Edited by: Tine (1st editor), YW (2nd editor)

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