How Asian Men Dominate the Shampoo Industry

You know, I think I should just write yearly catalogues because I am finally back in the writer’s chair after a whole year! Things happened, I got to know people and diseases (life of a nurse, what can I say), and now I finally got something to talk about. As you can see, the title is specific. You may be asking why I am writing about hair, but trust me, this story is truly one of a kind.

 So, as I was trying to fall asleep (because a good shift nurse must have insomnia), I was thinking about the timeline. It wasn’t just any timeline; I was thinking about how I got into Asian filmography. Since I am an old fan, my memory is rusty, so I really had to dig hard to find out where did it all started from.

It was the hair.

It was the year 2005, and I was sitting on the couch watching TV when suddenly, believe it or not, a dubbed Korean movie came on the screen. And I was hooked from the second I saw this man below. Of course, the story was intriguing. I mean, who would say no to a subtle love story between a killer and a detective! Shush, it is not THAT bad how it sounds. Anyway, that exact moment was the moment that turned my life upside down. I started to google about the actor and read his biographies but, for a whole year, I was hooked on that look he had in the movie Duelist. Back then, I didn’t know about period TV series or Chinese costume TV series where almost every hero has either long hair, long hair with a pin, long hair in a bun, long hair BUT with braids.

                                                                                                    Real photo of my first love

After Duelist, I was hooked for a while in those classical TV series that are now old-fashioned and full of cliches and tears. But then I finally came across the good old period dramas, and only then did I fully start to educate myself on why men in Asia had their hair long. I am from Europe, so I was heavily influenced by European history where curly wigs happened. With Asia, I got to know that men kept their real hair so long as hair meant a lot for them. When girls in Joseon dynasty cut their hair, it literally meant cutting ties with their family – so truly, hair back then was very important. It was a sign of being groomed, and that’s why gentlemen in period TV series have buns, while the ‘’street scruffs’’ often have their hair down and without the typical hat, which also has a meaning.

My journey from mostly Korean period TV series and movies shifted to other Asian countries, and that’s where the gates to Heaven truly opened for me. For some still unknown reason to me, men with long hair look super appealing, diving into Chinese costume TV series and movies was pure bliss and a dream come true. There was a time where I would hunt those productions and look at pictures and watch those projects only based on how the man looked in that long wig and how well the wig was attached. Call me crazy, but that wig attachment is super important. Really, you can tell how good a costume TV series is just by watching how well the wig is attached!

And this is how I met men of my dreams. Literally Chinese costume TV series or even historical TV series and movies are ground-breaking with their long hair game, and I am so loving it till this day! Honestly, whenever I see a man in costume TV series that has this hair bun, my inner voice is just bluethooting his words, ‘’let that hair down.’’

And you may be thinking: why am I not obsessed with women’s long hair. Who said that? I am totally obsessed with women’s long hair. But because of society, statistically, you encounter longer hair more withing females than males. So, seeing a man with long hair is truly a rare gem. And truth be told, all the characters listed above had to have a wig, and I am telling the truth when I say that I have never encountered a man with long hair in real life.

Now… There is a good question hanging above almost every historical TV series in South Korea. Why do the bodyguards or villains have their hair down? Look, I am not making this up. Below, I will list the pictures of bodyguards and villains with their beautiful long hair, but down, not in a bun. Because I want to avoid spoilers, I won’t be saying who is a bodyguard and who is a villain. If I ever come across a Korean screenwriter, this question will pop up because it is creating such a difficult time for me. I should hate the villain, but how can I when he is literally doing an ad for some unspecified shampoo brand? Isn’t this a crime, dear reader?

 And have I mentioned that white hair for me doesn’t equal old age, but a new beauty trend? As always, it was China that introduced me to men with long white hair. Who knows if it has some special meaning? Let me know if you know anything about white hair in Chinese folklore!

To sum it up, I think I really need to see Doctor Phil and maybe talk about this issue, which some may call kink, but for now, let me just wait for the long-haired prince on the white stallion to come and get me to my castle!

Dear reader, what is your opinion about this topic? Do you like men with long hair, or would you like to keep it short? If you love long-haired men, please drop some of your favourite long-haired men in the comments below. Come on, you can’t be the only one to look at those beauties!

Easter Bunny: Did you know that actor Jang Dong Yoon let his real hair grow out for the role of Nok Du in the TV series The Tale of Nokdu

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