Healing Through Music: Soundtrack #1

Healing Through Music:  Soundtrack #1

Hello, dear MDL readers! This time I want to showcase to everyone a small introduction of the much awaited main characters that will appear in this massive musical production,

which is airing since 23rd March!

Fair Warning: This article contains minor spoilers about the story, 

cast, or any other information known to the public.

Notice: Can be easily read in both light and dark mode!

 Park Hyung Sik as Han Sun Woo     

“Making me feel the most comfortable by my side, that’s all I need.” 

(Photo and information source: Soompi and quote source is from here)

“Han Sun Woo is a professional photographer. He handles the cameras in a skillful yet gentle way, and he looks completely focused while capturing unforgettable frozen moments of time. The drama’s producers had only magnificent words to say about the main actor, “Park Hyung Sik’s gaze, way of talking, facial expressions, voice, and actions are like Han Sun Woo himself. Park Hyung Sik captured the charms of Han Sun Woo with his delicate portrayal and even perfectly showed Han Sun Woo’s deep emotions.”

“Some additional aspects were mentioned about his character who might seem at first to have a indifferent attitude “but actually it’s quite affectionate. He sets the standard for a platonic male friend who has a cute and pure love for his female friend of 20 years. Park Hyung Sik’s trademark sweet nature and Han Sun Woo’s charms will combine to make his female friend Lee Eun Soo’s heart flutter as well as excite the hearts of many female viewers.” (Second source: here)

 Han So Hee as Seo Eun Soo

“We need to be friends for the rest of our lives

 if we want to live like this without breaking up until death.” 

(Photo and information source: Soompi and quote source is from here)

“Lee Eun Soo is a pleasant, straightforward, and honest woman who makes a living as a lyricist. After Lee Eun Soo realizes Han Sun Woo’s feelings for her, she detects a subtle emotional shift in their relationship as it changes to one that is in between love and friendship. She is holding a pen to her chin as she contemplates the perfect words to write, while being deep in thought while resting her chin on her hand.

The production team mentioned, “Viewers can also see the rich emotions and delicate expressiveness that are befitting of a lyricist character. On set, Han So Hee was always bright and lovely like Lee Eun Soo.” 

The producers wanted to add a few details, “Han So Hee is portraying the cheerful and honest character of Lee Eun Soo in a lovable way through her bubbly acting. On top of that, she also plays the role of ‘vitamin’ on the filming set by being considerate and taking care of her co-stars and the crew.”   (Second source: here)

(Photo source: Soompi)

The gorgeous soundtracks list of this drama, can be found at Namuwiki!

Here is the newest highlight trailer from Disney+ Korea!

Goodbye! See you again next time!

Sources: MyDramaList, Hancinema, Soompi, here, here, here, Disney+, here and hereOfficial soundtracks list: Namuwiki.

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