Han So Hee & Park Hyung Shik to be main leads in Vincenzo director’s new drama!

Han So Hee and Park Hyung Shik will be working together on the upcoming drama “Soundtrack #1”

On November 29th, it was confirmed that Han So Hee and Park Hyung Sik will be the main leads for the upcoming drama “Soundtrack #1,” directed by  Kim Hee Won ( “Vincenzo”) and written by  Chae Yoon (“She Would Never Know”).

“Soundtrack #1” will be a romantic, musical drama that will showcase the journey of 20-year-old best friends who get to know one others’ feelings after staying together under one roof for two weeks. 

Park Hyung Sik will play the male lead role named Han Sun Woo. He’s a rookie photographer with a warm personality. Han So Hee will play the role of Lee Eun Soo, a lyricist. She has a straightforward personality. 

Aside from the anticipated chemistry of the main leads, “Soundtrack #1” will have a great OST lineup to look forward to. 

The upcoming romance drama “Soundtrack #1” is set to air in the first half of 2022. 

Han So Hee starred in two dramas this year. She first appeared in the JTBC drama “Nevertheless,” with Song Kang and Chae Jong Hyeop. It was followed by her first-ever leading role on Netflix,  “My Name” with Park Hee Soon, Ahn Bo Hyun, Lee Hak Joo, Kim Sang Ho, and Jang Yool. For 2022, the actress is already cast in two dramas. Aside from “Soundtrack #1,” she will also join the upcoming drama “K Project” with  Park Seo Joon and Wi Ha Joon. 

Park Hyung Shik is currently starring in the ongoing series “Happiness” with Han Hyo Joo and Jo Woo Jin. “Happiness” is his comeback drama after his discharge earlier this year from the military. Aside from “Soundtrack #1,” Park Hyung Shik will reportedly lead the upcoming historical drama “Youth, Climb the Barrier.”


What are your thoughts on the upcoming partnership of Han So Hee and Park Hyung Shik?

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