Gong Seung Yeon receives offer to be the female lead of “The Police Station Next to Fire Station”

Gong Seung Yeon will reportedly star alongside Kim Rae Won and Son Ho Jun in the upcoming SBS drama “The Police Station Next to Fire Station”

It was reported on October 28th that Gong Seung Yeon will be added to the main cast of the upcoming SBS drama “The Police Station Next to Fire Station.” 

The actress agency Varo Entertainment responded to the reports and shared that the actress is positively considering the casting offer for the upcoming SBS drama. 

“The Police Station Next to Fire Station” will showcase the collaboration response of the police and the firefighters. The drama will depict the story of a passionate police detective who’s chasing criminals, a paramedic who does not miss a single wound of the patient, and a firefighter who’s not afraid of the flame just to rescue people. This will be the first drama that will tackle a fire investigation.

Kim Rae Won will play the role of police detective Jin Ho Gae. Son Ho Jun will play the role of firefighter Bong Do Jin. Gong Seung Yeon’s possible character hasn’t been revealed yet.

“The Police Station Next to Fire Station” will premiere in the first half of 2022.

If Gong Seung Yeon accepts the casting offer for “The Police Station Next to Fire Station,” this will be her first drama for 2022. She recently proved her acting skills through the movie “Aloners” wherein she won the Actor Award at the 22nd Jeonju International Film Festival. The actress will also star in two upcoming movies such as “Voice Over” and “Handsome Guys.”

Gong Seung Yeon will also star in a new drama this year. She will be part of the series “The Immortal” with Lee Jin Wook, Lee Joon, Kwon Na Ra, Jung Jin Young, UP10TION’s Kim Woo Seok, and more. 


Will you be tuning in to the first drama that focuses on the partnership of police and firefighters?

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