Go Min Si and Lee Do Hyun to work together for the third time with “Reincarnation Love”

Go Min Si and Lee Do Hyun are set to work together for the third time.

On December 30th, a video teaser was released showcasing Go Min Si and Lee Do Hyun as the main leads. The two will be working together on a short form drama titled “Reincarnation Love.”

“Reincarnation Love” will be a time loop romance drama about Jeon Sang Tae and Kim Hwa Ni. Jeon Sang Tae went on a blind date as a substitute and there he meets Kim Hwa Ni. The drama is produced by pharmaceutical company HK inno.N.

Lee Do Hyun will play the role of Jeon Sang Tae and Go Min Si will play as Kim Hwa Ni.

In the upcoming short-form drama, Lee do Hyun and Go Min Si will portray as college students and they will also show some scenes from “Youth of May” to pay homage to their recent drama. 

“Reincarnation Love” will be released on the official Youtube channel of pharmaceutical company HK inno.N on January 3, 2022. 

Go Min Si and Lee Do Hyun have worked together for two dramas already. First, they met as siblings in the hit 2020 Netflix original series “Sweet Home.” This year, the two became a couple in the KBS’ Monday-Tuesday drama “Youth Of May.” In 2022, the two will be working together again as a couple in “Reincarnation Love.”

Lee Do Hyun is currently starring in the drama “Melancholia.” The actor will also join the upcoming series “The Glory” and the movie “Swimming Bird.” 

Meanwhile, Gong Min Si is set to appear in the upcoming film “Smugglers.” She was part of three dramas this year, “Love Alarm 2,” “Youth of May,” and “Jirisan.”


Do you like the chemistry between Lee Do Hyun and Go Min Si?

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