Give these 5 Korean miniseries a try!

As someone who sometimes does not want to go through the long hours of a full drama, miniseries have been my lifesavers. If you don’t have the time to watch a full drama, but still want to watch something, please check out these recommendations.

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The Great Shaman Ga Doo Shim (2021)

12 episodes x 20 minute = 240 minutes (4 hours)

Genres: Mystery, Romance, Youth, Supernatural

Kim Sae Ron 
Nam Da Reum

Ga Doo Shim has a secret that none of her classmates know about. She can see ghosts. Not only can she see ghosts, but it seems one particular malicious ghost has it out for her once she turns 18. If this didn’t set her apart already, she’s also a kick-butt character who doesn’t take crap from anyone. 

Na Woo Soo is a wealthy high schooler who is the perfection of everything. Perfect son, perfect student, perfect friend, he is it all. But this all changes when transfer student, Ga Doo Shim, comes to rock his world in more ways than one.

Watch The Great Shaman Ga Doo Shim to get the thrills of kicking some ghosts’ bottoms and to see a heart-warming friendship that may or may not develop into something stronger. 

Govengers (2018)

12 episodes x 15 minutes = 180 minutes (3 hours)

Genres: Friendship, Comedy, School, Youth, Supernatural

Kang Tae Woo Choe Chan Yi
Jung Jae Oh 
Eom Se Ung Shin Jeong You Kang Hae Lim 

Are you a fan of imperfect and flawed superheroes? Then this miniseries is just the right one for you! 

Govengers is original and unique. It has its own charm and its own powers. From a time-stopping power to conversing with chickens (yes, you read that right), this drama has it all and more. 

It doesn’t leave you one second to become bored, having you hooked on every moment. Yeah, it was a bit cringy at times, but nothing that deters you from watching.

The friendship and the interactions between the characters are golden and never failed to make me laugh. I recommend if you’re in the mood for a quick, easy, and fun watch that doesn’t require much thinking. Perfect for school nights. 

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7 First Kisses (2016)

8 episodes x 10 minutes = 80 minutes (1hr. 20mins.)

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi

Lee Cho Hee Lee Joon Gi Park Hae Jin Ji Chang Wook
Kai Ok Taec Yeon Lee Jong Suk Lee Min Ho

The first thing you need to know about 7 First Kisses, is that it’s an ad for Lotte Duty Free Mall. It’s basically just cotton candy for the brain (as my dad likes to say, ha!) 

With that being said, this was a fun watch (+Park Hae Jin)! All of the leads were hot, and it was exciting to see who would come next. The FL was practically living a dream. I mean, who wouldn’t want these guys to appear before you and have them fall head over heels for you? 

To explain the plot of this, it’s literally just about this girl going on dates with all these attractive men. Yes, it’s really all there is to this miniseries. Then why did I recommend this, you may ask. Well, the individual stories told were rather fascinating, and really fun to watch. AND, my guys, there’s Park Hae Jin and Lee Joon Gi. Where can you go wrong with those? 

Watch for a cute but simple series, that doesn’t have a serious plot to it at all. And did I mention this has Park Hae Jin?! 😀

Aftermath (2014)

5 episodes x 10 minutes = 50 minutes

Genres: Thriller, Mystery, School, Supernatural

Kim Dong Jun Sun Joo Ah Joo Yeon Woo

For someone who gets scared at the slightest thing out of place, this miniseries scared the living daylights out of me. This is, of course, maybe just me being a scaredy-cat.

Aftermath is about a high schooler named Ahn Dae Yong who develops the ability to see who’s about to die and who’s about to kill. Someone who is about to die has red eyes, and someone who is about to kill has blue eyes. Ahn Dae Yong has the power to stop someone from dying or preventing someone from killing. 

NOW the scary part in this is when someone with blue eyes is right behind red eyes. See?! My fear is totally valid. I’ve seen plenty of crime shows, but this one just takes the cake in scariness. Those blue eyes really got to me. AND NO, they are not natural blue eyes, they are deep deep deep blue. 

Anyhooo, Aftermath is pretty cool and enthralling, so I liked it despite the scary factor of it.

One Fine Week (2019)

10 episodes X 13 minutes = 130 minutes (2hrs. 10mins.)

Genre: Romance

Seo Ji Soo Shin Jun Seop Park Geon Il

Is anyone else digging that color pink, because that is a FINE looking color.

Anyways, One Fine Week will forever hold a special place in my heart. Not only is it my favorite miniseries, and totally objectively speaking, it’s the best miniseries to ever be made. Yeah, that was just a teeny bit subjective (:

Da Eun is a normal college student who is still trying to find what she wants to do in life. Byul is a popular idol who has trained since she was young. Because of strange circumstances, Byul and Da Eun end up meeting, and to their utter shock, they are doppelgangers! GASP! In a twist of events they swap places. Da Eun becomes Byul, and Byul becomes Da Eun. In a story worth millions, Da Eun’s normal life becomes hectic, and in an uncertain place she finds love. Byul’s hectic life becomes normal, and she embarks on a story full of inner peace and you know it, love 😀

Doesn’t that sound just great? Honestly, I wouldn’t be shocked if everyone started this up right this instant. And did I say this yet? There are also cute guys. Go go go!

And that’s the end of the recommendations, folks! I hope you enjoy the recommendations if you do end up watching them, I take no responsibility if you don’t :))

~I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I did writing it~

Feel free to drop some recs down below in the comments!

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