First Impression: Pepper and Salt

Hi, guys! It is, me, Soju again! (^∇^)
This article was a request from the very sweet Elif here on MDL. They told me how easy-going this drama was and how much they enjoyed it, so I thought why not!  And so here we are!

✧ This is just my first impression.
✦ I’ve watched the first 3 episodes so far.
✧ This article may contain spoilers.
✦ The article works in both dark and light mode.
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Ding (Thanwa decides to leave home in the name of furthering his education when his father brings back a woman despite his mother passing away a few days ago due to his father’s infidelity. Jeed, who also has tension at home because of her father’s past infidelity, drives around without caring for the speed until she collides with Ding and causes him injury. Despite their bad first meeting, when Jeed’s (Sonya) car stops for no apparent reason after their collision, Ding fixes it for her. Somehow, after several other incidences, Ding is hired as their gardener and later as a mechanic at Jeed’s family’s car company. What starts as hate, slowly develops into friendship… and then something more.
Episodes: 19 | Duration: 1 hr 40mins | Genre: Comedy, Romance | Tags: Adapted From A Novel,  Hidden Identity, Drama

Chili with Salt by Chuwong Chayachinda
“พริกกับเกลือ” was first published as early as in the year 1969(1), and is written by the renowned author Chuwong Chayachinda. 

Actually, I was not going to talk about the novel at first, but after doing a bit of research I found that the author of this novel has written many other novels that were made into very popular Thai lakorns such as the ones below.

This is an early TLDR for everyone who wants to know if this drama is for them without reading this entire article. 

If you’re interested in a moderately complex plot without the main leads being the usual lakorn form of aggressive or toxic — this is the drama for you. 

If you’re interested in an endearing ML, who is not abusive or does criminally questionable things to the FL and gets away with it — this is the drama for you. 

In fact, from the get-go, I had this extremely thick feeling in my chest that I was going to be the ML supporter in this drama.

I think it’s because I don’t develop any fondness for rich, snobby FLs who do not have basic mannerisms on how to conduct themselves with people.
I remember a similar situation had occurred with Kimberly‘s character in Just A Man, Not A Magician. So I simply prepared myself and collected as much patience as I could.

Something else that I noticed was how everything was complex from the get-go. A spiderweb-like relationship chart kept forming in my head as layers upon layers of information was revealed. Everyone is related, and everyone has some sort of situation going on — some like layers in an onion.

Despite the tension in the plot, the drama did not feel heavy or oppressive like slap-kiss dramas may feel to some. 

This is more of a romantic comedy, so the tension is always diffused in some sort of manner. ALSO, if you’re like me and the first EP does not impress, keep going — it’s the type that gets better as it goes. 

   played by
   played by
   played by
   played by
My first lover married my father. My second lover already has a boyfriend. 
I sure do pick them well, right?  
I’m not a white lotus, I am rich and snappy. You may not like me. I have a boyfriend, but I’m in love with Siam as well.  
I’m the nice guy, the handsome guy. The guy you will like the most after Ding. I initially liked Jeed but then found Su. She’s snappy, so cute!
My father scared me off of relationships. 
Which is why I am wary of men, but my brother Ding is fine… and maybe Yod too? 
   played by
   played by
   played by
   played by
I have a degree, but it’s useless.  I told the son “I love you” today, and married the father tomorrow.  
I was born to mine for gold
I’m Jeed’s perfectionist, workaholic, and supportive boyfriend — but something about me is so shady I could be Mr. Grey. 
I caught my husband cheating once. You best believe I beat the stranger mistress. 
My husband? No, I’m still with him. (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ
Listen to me.
 If a woman tells you they forgive you — they have not and will not for the rest of their lives. Welcome to hell. 
   played by
   played by
   played by
   played by
I am rich and expensive, but my pants are always cheap… they keep opening everywhere for everyone. Does anyone know how to fix this?
Hello, I am Jedtana’s secretary and his wife’s slapping cushion. At this point, I don’t think I’ll ever need botox. I got employed because my friend Jeed got me into her dad’s company. But I would rather get into her boyfriend’s pants instead. I’m the cool, supportive friend with tattoos. Come watch the show and love me. 
“A Must-Have”
 by Thanwa Suriyajak & Kat Sonya
Super spicy and stings like eating chilli
Every time I see you is spicy and hot
Salty as salt (1)
“From Now Until Eternity”
by AeJirakorn
Changed my life
Want to stay for a long time to watch over you
What will our love be like tomorrow? (2)
“From Now Until Eternity”
by AeJirakorn

   by Thanwa⌟

I’ve never loved.
I’ve  never known
how good life is
when there is someone by my side
When I have you beside me 

I am probably going to end up transmigrating into this drama’s world, travelling to Thailand —  just to kick these two trashcans in their face very soon! Especially that first rotten one. 

I think the FL’s rose gold car is ugly as hell. Others may disagree. Some might even cry in outrage and question my taste and knowledge about cars — but I  don’t care! I have no regrets!


The FL’s boyfriend, Taywan, belongs to the same circle as ML’s step-mum, Patty — the mining industry. ٩(× ×)۶

In the real world, I would give someone the benefit of the doubt, but it is so obvious from the beginning that if your boyfriend is someone who is actually working in your father’s company, always works hard to impress your father, and keeps you on top of his head — he’s not in love with you, he’s raising a golden goose so that he can marry you and pluck you bald! 

Oh, and he’s totally sexually involved with that useless, ungrateful friend, Alice.

Look at this little fecal coliform.
 I want to slap him. ( ◕▿ ◕ ) 
SOJU’S OPINION #2I don’t know if it’s too early to say this but I am already seeing the difference between the FL’s boyfriend, Taywan, and the ML. The ML mellows down the FL’s spiciness (aggressiveness) and makes her think about her behaviour and give people a chance, see how they actually are, before storming down on them or hating them. 

Simultaneously, he also fires her spiciness (enthusiasm), rebuking her when she’s being lazy with work and making her want to excel in her father’s company. 

The boyfriend, on the other hand, likes to treat her like an 8-year-old princess who can take all the breaks she wants and leave everything business-related to him. 

He desires her distraction and uninterest when it comes to matters of the company because when she is alert and enthusiastic, she spots his mistakes and things that he is not doing truthfully or to the full potential that it can be done. 

SOJU’S THEORY #3This might actually be the most important theory I have. 

ML’s level of attractiveness is directly related to the number of pentel pen made dots on his upper lip and chin area. 

The ML with his pentel pen beard. ٩(♡ε♡)۶


The ML with his bare face. ( ◕▿◕ )

SOJU’S OPINION #3Almost every influential man (someone who holds value to the plot) is going around being unfaithful to their significant other in this drama. Once again, I am seeing the “infidelity” plot angle being used to drive a Thai drama forward. 

In times of frustration, I had to remind myself of the fact that the novel that this drama was based on, was probably published in the year 1969 or earlier. 

At that time, the era was different and society was even more patriarchal than it is today. Men were allowed to have as many wives as they wished and could afford to raise,  but women were expected to burn on the same pyre with their deceased husbands. 

I just need to keep reminding myself that the source material for this drama was made in the 1960s as I continue to watch this hahaha.

SOJU’S THEORY #4The ML’s ex-girlfriend aka his new stepmother is going to not be able to forget that “love” that she had for him and attempt to pursue him. This is going to cause a big rift in the relationship in the future. Which high-key disgusting because come on woman you can’t sail on two boats!

SOJU’S OPINION #4You may not like this opinion of mine, but while I have a chance, I will say it. I think the ML and his stepmother aka ex-girlfriend actually look better together than him and the FL. Come for me if you must, I will leave this GIF for you to stare at until you also agree with me. 


I think most of the influential women in this drama are either villains or sources of negativity. 

For example, the ungrateful Alice has a whole entire job handed to her by her friend but is going around wanting the same friend’s boyfriend.  

The FL’s mum, Wandee, chose to forgive her husband but can not cut him slack at all. She keeps yelling at him and pushing him away and slapping women around him. Just leave him, woman. If you can’t put whatever happened past you, it’s best for your mental health to leave. 

The FL does not trust the man she ought to trust but goes around acting like a baby with the man who has not a single thing in her best interest. 

The step-mum and her mum, are legends in the mining industry. Instead of making use of the daughter’s degree, the mother made her marry her boyfriend’s (ML) father and then has the audacity to call the ML “it” — the future heir of the company.  


I’ll take this opportunity and express my confusion on why every time a woman catches her husband or lover cheating on her, she runs to the other woman and beats her up? Or if she does not do that, she hates the other woman and hyper focuses on that person? 

I understand if the third party is a friend or a family member or someone who the lady was once fond of, but a stranger or someone casual? I mean, why hate a stranger? That woman has no obligation to not hurt you, but your lover/spouse did? The woman probably doesn’t even know about you!

I mean personally, I would just take a video and file for divorce using that as evidence, but in a worst-case scenario, if you really have to hit someone, it might as well be your partner. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


There are many people who I want to shake or slap in this drama. 

For instance, the FL’s mother, the FL, the ML’s step-mother and her mother, the FL’s boyfriend, the FL’s friend, those two trash cans, and so on and so on. 

If you’re somewhat like me, or if our wavelengths align while watching this drama, you may also feel the same when you’re watching this. 

In cases where you feel the same frustration I do, remember to think of a much deadlier drama you watched and conquered. 

Personally, whenever I am scared of a drama’s spiciness level, I always say to myself — “At least it’s not Sawan Biang or Nampeung Kom.” ٩(。•́‿•̀。)۶

SOJU’S OPINION #8I think this drama is pretty decent. A fair watch for beginners because the ML is absolutely lovable. I don’t see any forms of aggression from the ML and I think he will continue to be this likable for a while. 

Anyone who watches lakorn knows what a rare characteristic that is so I think purely because of this, the drama should be cherished. 

In fact, aside from the ML, I also like his sister and her future pair. They both seem sorted so far, and he seems like a respectful gentleman. 

Overall, if you go into this expecting instant captivation — that may not be the case. However, I can assure you that this is one of those “gets better as you continue to watch” dramas. So please do give it a go!

Here are my current ratings for this drama:

⌜Overall: 7.5
Story: 7.5
Acting: 9.0
Music: 6.0⌟

I rarely rewatch dramas,
so I did not include that.
Overall I think this is a great drama for beginners or those looking for less intensity of angst and crazy.
(“• ֊ •”)

Completed viewers, what are your thoughts about the show?

Everyone else,
will you be watching this?
Thank you for reading!
See you next time,
— Soju
 bye bye ~ ٩(♡ε♡)۶

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