Experience the Thrilling World of Dramas (Part 2)

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As announced, I’ve brought to you guys part 2 of my article – a bit late, sorry for that. I’m a huge admirer of thriller dramas, so I decided to come up with an article that recommends thrillers. I hope you enjoy watching these. We recommend you to read the first part to enjoy more thriller dramas: Experience the Thrilling World of Dramas – Part 1.

While being surrounded by tons of romances and comedies, some of us are suckers for those enthralling storylines that keep us on the hook every single minute. The way psych thrillers mess up the brain is literal adrenaline. It provides the intellectual rush, and allows the audiences to confront those fears and ambiguous moral situations. All in all, serving a captivating ride. However, it isn’t easy to hook audiences, it needs a solid plotline, dialogue delivery, creepy bgm and so much more. We are here to share the psych thrillers that spellbound us.

Warning: Some of these dramas are dark, and many may have disturbing moments, bullying, abuse, cursing.

7. Memorist

We’ll love to have supernatural powers, but mind it, it may be a curse or a blessing depending upon how we use it. 

“Being able to remain as yourself… is what proves how strong you really are.” – Dong Baek

The drama traces the story of Dong Baek, who has the ability to see through people’s memories by touching them, using this he has caught many criminals, even being named as “psych detective”; and Han Sun Mi, who’s a genius profiler and becomes a senior superintendent in the police force with a hidden motive which drives her. When these two get together to solve a cold case, it leads them to dig out their past.

Why you should watch:

From the start till the end, watching this drama is going on a road with no end full of speed breakers, and you’ve no map to lead the way. The cinematography of this drama is so well done, it keeps the dark, mysterious vibes throughout the drama. 

The characters are captivating, especially Yoo Seung Ho and Lee Se Young did full justice to the characters, and also the supporting actors are praiseworthy. Fast-paced, yet engaging. It’s a bit confusing, and it would’ve been the best if the screenplay was a bit better. Believe me, I had so much fun watching this drama, it’s not your usual crime drama.

6. Missing: The Other Side (2020)

A thriller drama doesn’t need to be filled with tension and anxiety, sometimes it can be chilled out and funny too! 

One of the underrated dramas of 2020 with just 12 episodes which are suspenseful and at the same time really enjoyable. It’s always tough to lose the person we love, but what may be tougher is not knowing whether they are alive and missing, or dead? 

Why you should watch:

The drama is very uniquely written and makes you laugh, cry and also makes a void in your heart. It beautifully connects the parallel stories into one and develops into an interesting storyline.

Every character is distinctive, and we’ll feel close to them, especially Kim Wook, played by Go Soo, is effortlessly funny, and the bromance is a hidden gift here for the audience. The plot twists are pretty decent, and it has the essence of friendship, love, and family. Beware, many scenes will make you cry like an idiot but at the end it finishes pleasingly, making you want more. The cinematography and music deserve applause. The pace gets a little bit slow in between, but it’ll not bore you. I hope you all can show some love to this refreshing storyline by watching it. 

Peeps! It’s also getting a second season soon!

5. Kairos

According to us, the sci-fi genre is either a hit or miss, but Kairos can definitely be considered a hit for us.

This drama focuses on two characters: Kim Seo Jin, who is very successful in his career, and Han Ae Ri, who desperately wants to earn money fast and save her mom, but due to dreadful incidents happening to them back to back it opens up a possibility for them to get out of it by connecting the two different timelines they belong to. Sounds complicated, right? It indeed is, but the writer has woven the plot precisely which managed to answer all of our questions and tied up the loose ends, resulting in a well-written, thrilling and gripping drama.

Why you should watch:

What’s commendable about this drama are the actors and the characters, you will be emotionally connected with them.   

Their journeys and miseries make one root for them to be happy. In particular, there is some good character development and impactful acting from Shin Sung Rok and Lee Se Young, which gave this drama a special place in our hearts. At the plot point, it’s filled with suspense, thrill and keeps you at the edge of the seat, giving you an anxiety attack. The whole experience is a roller coaster that ends up with a satisfying ending. And logic makes sense, which is very important for sci-fi dramas. You’ll not regret watching it!

Tip: You might get confused during the first few episodes, just hang in there, the more you watch, the more you’ll get used to timelines and events!

4. Law School

“The law is imperfect justice. So when you teach the law, the law must be perfect. And when you study law it must be synonymous with justice, because unjust law is the most cruel thing.”- Yang Jong Hoon

One of the hit dramas of 2021, loved by many, is Law School. Set in Hankuk University Law School, the series tells the story of students and professors in the law school who come across a mysterious case. A professor at a prestigious law school and his students get involved in an unprecedented case. A drama about the process of prospective lawyers realizing authenticity, law, and justice (Source: Wikipedia).

Why you should watch:

This is like a jigsaw puzzle, at first it’s confusing, but the more you fix the pieces in the place, the more you will understand and get clarity of the bigger picture underlying. With many characters, it manages to shed light on each one of them and explores their characters. It also maintained many parallel stories and timelines from being a mess. The whole cast put forth a convincing performance for the given characters, to the point you’ll connect with every one of them, especially Kim Myung Min was the highlight of the drama, let it be his dialogue delivery or his presence, it was always pleasant to see him on screen! The squad goals were also something that I completely enjoyed throughout the drama. It was such a breath of fresh air in the dramaland we’ve seen.

Is law perfect? Is it beneficial to everyone? To find out, jump into this drama.

Tip: The drama has many cases inside which you may not understand, or some may feel fast-paced. Believe me, the moment you finish the drama, you’ll have all your questions answered. So just keep on watching!

3. Life on Mars

You can’t do anything. Even with your best effort, you won’t be able to come back. 

It’s always nostalgic to watch dramas set in the ’80s or ’90s, but a crime drama at that time is a bit more interesting to watch. Imagine the time when there’s no advanced technology as of now, it will take a lot of time in an autopsy, how difficult would it be to crack a serial killer case? To find out, tune into this drama.

Why you should watch:

This drama is a perfect blend of crime and comedy, and is one of the classic Kdramas, I would say. This drama will make you put on your detective cap and pull you inside. The drama gave me a feeling of traveling along with the characters on their quest. Many incidences make you laugh out loud, and many will also give you chills. The whole cast is praiseworthy and the chemistry between them makes the drama even better. I really liked the cinematography and camera language of the drama. Jung Kyung Ho is as amazing as usual, his expressions and the way his character transitions gradually, and his dou with Park Sung Woong, another veteran actor who did a great job. Character Kang Dong Cheol is chill and funny, but at the same time know when to get hands on the game. The way every clue leads to the final showdown gave this drama a special place in my heart. Do check out this drama. 🙂

2. Flower of Evil

Everyone has a secret. Meanwhile, there are people who know the secret, and there are other people who wish to find out.

One of the highest-rated dramas in dramaland, and highly deserving. It includes the anticipated suspense, hidden identity, mental illness, and a plot twist — the staple for any psych thrillers. The strong family dynamic adds the cherry on the top. It starts with a normal happy family until a mysterious serial murder case of 15 years back resurfaces again, and it all goes down in a spiral with slow unraveling truths. 

Why you should watch:

The drama has a smooth flow of plot and revelations done at the right time, and cliffhangers which make you click the next episode button immediately. You’ll keep on wondering what’s the truth and imagining all of the possible situations. The highlight is definitely the cat and mouse game between the leads, which emotionally plays with our heart and mentally keeps us anxious.

The acting is admirable, especially kudos to Lee Joon Gi, Moon Chae Won, and Kim Ji Hoon, their performances just make chills running down the spine, the very moment he turns back after bidding goodbye to his daughter with a sweet smile, drastically changing to those eyes filled with killing intent still gives us chills. 

However, we would honestly love to lose our memory just to rewatch this show.

1. Imawa no Kuni no Alice

With death staring you in the face, you truly understand what it means to be alive.

Imagine one day you woke up and found out everyone disappeared from the world, and to survive in this new place you’ve to overcome something at the end of which you’re alive or dead, Sounds terrifying right? This forms the base of this drama!

Why you should watch:

The drama is very unique, apart from it being a nerve-wracking thriller, it also has so many stories which we’ll have experienced or heard somewhere. Every second makes you feel anxious, wanting to explore more about the world and the characters. It laid emphasis both on world- and character-building. The games are nerve-wracking, and you just feel blanked out at the end. It’s not the end, it’s just the beginning. 🙂

From the whole list, this is a must-watch. It’s gonna set some high standards for you guys.

Author’s Note: This is only based on the dramas we’ve watched, and also the ones that did not come up in any other article. There may be many others which could be included, too. I hope you can have fun watching these dramas, and like them.

Thank you and have a nice day ahead

Edited by: Tine (1st editor), devitto (2nd editor)

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