EXO’s Doh Kyung Soo to lead the upcoming movie “Escape”

EXO’s Doh Kyung Soo will lead another movie!

On March 28th it was confirmed that the upcoming Discovery Channel Korea and SKY Channel cinematic road movie “Off The Grid” will be led by Doh Kyung Soo. The movie will be released this May. 

“Off The Grid” is a cinematic road movie that showcases a star who spends three days by himself in a car for three days and two nights without any script. Other stars that have appeared in the program are Kim Da Mi, Kim Hee Ae, Han Ji Min, Jo Jin Woong, and Moon So Ri. 

For Doh Kyung Soo’s solo cinematic road movie, he will be traveling to Namhae, South Gyeongsang Province, and revealing more about himself in the program. 

Do Kyung’s Soo’s movie “Off The Grid” will be airing simultaneously on Discovery Channel Korea and SKY Channel in May. It will premiere first on online video service Seezn a week before its official release. 

Doh Kyung Soo has been hustling since he got discharged from the military. The idol-actor has finished filming for his two upcoming movies such as “The Moon” with Sol Kyung Gu and Kim Hee Ae, and the upcoming remake of the Taiwanese movie “Secret”. He will also lead the upcoming dramas “True Sword Battle” with Lee Se Hee and Park Riwon. 

It was also reported that Do Kyung Soo together with other EXO members will reunite and come back with the program “EXO’s Ladder: Season 3.” This will be part of their 10th-anniversary celebration. The show will air on the OTT platform wavve on April 8th.

Doh Kyung Soo is active in both his actor and EXO activities. He got discharged from the military in January 2021.


Are you excited to see the raw side of idol-actor Doh Kyung Soo?

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