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Here I’ll be presenting you the drama: Let Me Be Your Knight.

(WARNING: Contains minor spoilers from the first four episodes)

     .                                             INTRODUCTION                                              

Let Me Be Your Knight is a Korean idol romantic comedy with 12 episodes aired every Sunday

This drama follows the healing and romance between Yoon Tae In, an idol and lead singer of the idol group Luna, and In Yoon Joo, a travel guider who poses as her twin sister Kang Sun Jun due to some circumstances. Yoon Tae In suffers from a rare problem called somnambulism1. Soon, In Yoon Joo starts helping Yoon Tae In to recover, although she isn’t a doctor, while romance starts to brew between them. Seo Woo Yeon, another member of Luna, develops a liking towards In Yoon Joo. 

Aired: Nov 7, 2021 to Jan 23, 2021

Content Rating: 15+

Also known as: Idol’s Doctor, Neoui Bami Dweeojoolge

.                                                  SYNOPSIS                                                     

Yoon Tae In is a loved idol star who belongs to the idol group Luna, which has millions of fans worldwide. Seo Woo Yeon, Lee Shin, Kim Yoo Chan and Woo Ga On are the other members of the band Luna. In Yoon Joo is an orphan who works as a travel guider and a part-timer. She has a twin sister named Kang Sun Jun who got adopted to the U.S. after their parents died. Yoon Tae In suffers from somnambulism, while Kang Sun Jun is a doctor who specializes in treating sleeping disorders. Luna’s company’s CEO, Moon, contacts Sun Jun regarding Tae In’s problems and goes to her hotel for an appointment, while Yoon Joo gets scammed while purchasing her parent’s old home and ends up having a debt of about 30 million won. Sun Jun has to urgently go back to the U.S. when Yoon Joo goes to her hotel to seek help.

Yoon Joo gets mistaken as Sun Jun by the hotel staff as well as CEO Moon, and ends up getting the offer to be a live-in doctor in return for as much money as she wants. Since Yoon Joo is already in a money-crisis, she poses as Sun Jun and goes to Luna’s home and starts living there as Tae In’s live-in doctor, and starts visiting various hospitals to look more realistic as a doctor while treating Tae In. On the other hand, the cold Tae In isn’t cooperating with Yoon Joo due to their unfortunate encounter at a park before, and tells her to pretend to be a doctor as he thinks he doesn’t need treatment, and ends up doing weird things while sleepwalking, including kissing Yoon Joo which Seo Woo Yeon notices. Seo Woo Yoon ends up getting hurt after this, as he had already developed a liking to Yoon Joo when he saw her at a bookstore before she came into Luna’s home.



“Luna” is the name of the idol group whose members are Yoon Tae In, Woo Ga On, Kim Yoo Chan, Seo Woo Yeon, Lee Shin. “Moonlights” is the name of Luna’s fan, and “Moonlight” is their fandom.

Lee Jun Young as Yoon Tae In

“Music? Like breathing, it comes naturally to me. Because it’s essentially who I am.” Yoon Tae In is Luna’s leader, vocalist, and producer. He suffers from somnambulism, which makes him do weird things while he’s sleeping. Tae In’s sole passion is music, and he has no other hobbies. He is very cold to most of the people in real life but is charismatic on the stage, which makes most of the Moonlights like him more than any other Luna member.

He is a very hard-working person who constantly tries to create unique pieces of music by receiving inspiration from nature. Although his father, Yoon Ji Han, is a well-known pianist, he had a very hard and harsh childhood due to his father’s expectations of him. His father used to beat him up for not playing the piano well, and calls him a failure in the industry of music. These memories with his father are a trauma for him and one of the reasons for his somnambulism after his album failed, and he heard many Moonlights say he is a failure. 

Jung In Sun as In Yoon Joo and Kang Sun Jun

“Music? I don’t know much about that kind of thing, and you want me to treat a musical prodigy?!” In Yoon Joo is a travel guide who gets scammed while trying to buy the house she and her family used to live in before her parents died. She is now in debt and therefore, decides to impersonate her twin sister Kang Sun Jun who got adopted and now is a doctor. She signs a contract with CEO Moon as a live-in doctor. 

She tries her best to hide her identity and help Tae In with his somnambulism, although she isn’t a doctor. She ends up being the target of most of the weird things done by Tae In in his dreams because she set herself the task of protecting him. Even after being kissed by Tae In while sleepwalking, being strangled by him, and much more, she isn’t scared at all and gives it her best. Because of this headstrong personality of hers, a beautiful love starts brewing between both, Tae In and Yoon Joo. 


 Jang Dong Joo as Seo Woo Yeon

“Music? Like a first love, something that I pursue with a pure heart.” Seo Woo Yeon is the sweet sub-vocal of Luna. He, along with In Yoon Joo, likes silent places, and the smell of books gives the both of them a nostalgic feeling of their respective fathers. Due to these similarities, Woo Yoon starts to fall for Yoon Joo and tries to pursue her. 

 Kim Jong Hyun as Lee Shin

“Music is what makes me the freest. Oh, you’re saying I was always free-spirited, to begin with.” Lee Shin is the shy bassist of Luna who is in a relationship with Chae Ji Yeon, a divorced actress. Hyo-Bin, an idol, has a crush on Lee Shin and tries her best to hurt Ji Yeon using sarcastic words, after a scandal gets released about the two without the use of their names.

Yoon Ji Sung as Kim Yoo Chan

“Music is something I do in order to become famous. Isn’t that the case for everyone?” Kim Yoo Chan is the notorious drummer of Luna. He is good at hiding his feelings, but feels jealous when many of the K-pop fans say that they don’t even know anybody of Luna except Tae In. He also has a mother who treats him like a credit card and keeps asking about Tae In, which he hates.

Kim Dong Hyun as Woo Ga On

“Music helps me forget. Because at that moment, I forget everything.” Woo Ga On is the shy keyboard player of Luna. He likes to learn Judo. The reason he chose Judo out of all the martial arts, as stated by him, is that he wanted to have something more than just physical power, and Judo starts and ends with respect. In this, the soft can beat the strong. He seems to have developed a stronger bond with Tae In, as compared to the rest of the members. 

                               ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK (OST)                               

(I am including all the soundtracks from the episodes which have been already released while I’m writing this article.)

  • Dreamin’ (by Eun Kwang) -> You can see the lyrics here, and listen to the song here.
  • Because it’s you (by Kim Woo Jin) -> You can see the lyrics here, and listen to the song here.
  • Sunshine by (Sunny) -> You can see the lyrics here, and listen to the song here.
  • Beautiful Breakup (by Luna) -> You can see the lyrics here, and listen to the song here.
  • Love Paranoia (by Luna) -> You can see the lyrics here, and listen to the song here.

(I am really sorry to say that I couldn’t find the lyrics and video link to the song “Let me be your knight” (by Luna). I would like to request that if anyone finds it, kindly share the link in the comment section. Thanks <3)

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That was all about this drama.  

Thanks for reading. What should I write next? 

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