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Hey chingus, I am back yet with another currently watching article. I have been busy watching different dramas at the time, and when I heard there was gonna be another drama like SKY Castle and Penthouse, I was down for it. It feels like this is the era of makjangs. I loved the past dramas, and in hopes of loving this one too, I dived in and started watching it. So let me get right into the article without wasting your time and mine. I love you guys, and thanks for all the support and love you’ve shown to me and my articles. I hope to keep writing, entertaining and recommending amazing dramas from time to time. Now that I am done jibber-jabbering, let’s get to it. 

Title: High Class

Network: Tvn

Duration: 1 hour 10 minutes

Episodes Count: 16

Ran from: September 6 to October 26

Aired on: Mondays and Tuesdays

Genre: Mystery, Drama, Thriller 


This is a mystery drama set at an ultra-luxurious international school located on an island paradise. The story is about the 0.1 per cent of people living in South Korea and the lies and hypocrisies behind their well and happy life.

The story centers on Song Yeo Wool, a successful lawyer who losses everything when she’s framed for the murder of her husband. After that, she gets a mysterious invitation for her son to attend one of the most prestigious schools where the rich and high classed population sends their children to pave their children’s future – HSC International school. At the school, she meets the other parents and their children, who treat her as an outcast because of her past, except for Hwang Na Yoon.

Then starts the drama with all the lies and mystery surrounding every character. As it progresses, Song Yeo Wool realises everyone is related to her husband’s death directly or indirectly. She realises that everyone is not what they seem from the outside. And there is the mystery about who keeps on helping her and warns her to choose her friends carefully and to not trust anyone so easily…


Cho Yeo Jung as Song Yeo Wool

Once a very well known and successful lawyer turns victim as she is framed for her husband’s murder. She then moves to Jeju island with her son Ahn Yi Chan, after receiving a mysterious invitation from the most prestigious school – HSC International School – where she enrols her son. As the story moves on, we see a great bond between the two characters. She does everything to protect her child and give him a better future.

At first, she is outcasted by the parents of the school after knowing her past, but then the strong-willed woman navigates through the ups and downs, going through betrayal from people she confided in and unraveling the mysteries behind her husband’s death and disappearance.

Ha Joon as Danny Oh

An ice hockey player-turned-teacher. He is very sweet and caring to Song Yeo Wool. He coaches Song’s son despite the opposition of other moms. Overall, he appears sweet, but he has his own secrets. As the episodes progress, he turns out to be a spy planted by the chairman to check on Son Yeo Wool.
Kim Jee Soo as Nam Ji Seon

Nam Ji Sun, a woman who was born as the eldest daughter of a conglomerate and now owns a hotel on Jeju Island, exudes elegant vibes. She at first was friendly with Son Yeo Wool, but after she learns about her past, she kind of disliked her. She and her circle of parents kept ignoring Yeo Wool as she was a suspect of her own husband. She has a daughter and a son studying at HSC international. She is also the HSC International School PTA Parent Representative, and she controls public opinion at the international school.
Park Se Jin as Hwang Na Yoon

The only parent who is nice towards Song Yeo Wool. She is friendly with every parent but helps Yeo Wool whenever she is left out by the other parents. She has a mysterious aura that later on reveals to be against Song Yeo Wool. CEO of J&Y Gallery, she has returned from Hongkong with her daughter Hwang Jae In just before the events of the drama without a husband. Jae In and Yi Chan become bestfriends later on.

It is later revealed that she is none other than the second wife of Song Yeo Wool’s husband and was getting close to her just to get revenge for her husband’s death.

Gong Hyun Joo as Cha Do Yeong

Cha Do Young used to be a top celebrity but is now a social media influencer, and she enjoys being in the spotlight. She was once a top actress and a former Miss Korea. She clings to Ji Seon and follows her to become a real celebrity like her. She is really arrogant and very annoying. Her son acquires her characteristic of being a show-off and likes to brag a lot. She runs a Salon de 愛, a restaurant jointly with star chef Jung Mi-Do with whom she also has an extramarital affair.


Over its first few episodes, it neatly set up its characters and story against the idyllic backdrop of Jeju Island. As the story unfolds, it shows how each character is surrounded by mystery and how everyone has their own secrets to hide and how far they are willing to go for their children. 

It gives me the vibe of makjangs like Penthouse and Sky Castle, but still, it feels as if it is still missing something. That something turned out to be an element of surprise. With its education-obsessed and secretive rich mothers backstabbing each other in slick locales, the show is modelled to emulate the success of prior hits such as Sky Castle. The plot is amazingly written, but the plot is quite predictable to a point where we can just guess what’s gonna happen next. It has many similarities with the preceding dramas like the scene where Na Yoon and Yeo Wool dress up in the same bodycon dress (like the scene from the drama Mine, where the maid dress up with the owner’s clothes) and how she was also having affair with the husband of the owner. There is foul play happening, betrayal and all, but it still feels flat. 

One thing that I like about the drama is the sidetrack of romance between Danny and Yeo Wool. The spark between them and the sweet gestures of Danny towards her.

“Yes, as you said, I’m fake, but it wasn’t all fake. How I felt about you and Yi Chan.”

“I’m sure you don’t want to see me ever again, but if you’re looking for someone or you need help, give me a call.”

Personally, I am still waiting for the element of surprise to the drama. I’m already halfway through the drama but still, it hasn’t taken me by surprise what the other predecessor has done. But honestly, it is a good drama, well written as well as well acted. It is good to watch and can be watched without the stress that we went through watching Penthouse. 

What are your opinions?  Will you watch it?  Does it sound interesting enough to watch? Please tell me in the comments.

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