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I‘m currently watching the airing drama Bad and Crazy, and since I like it quite a lot so far, I wanted to introduce it to y‘all and share my opinion about it. I hope you’ll like it! 🙂

Warning: Minor spoilers up to episode 4!


  Basic Info  

Title: Bad and Crazy (배드 앤 크레이지)
Country: South Korea
Genre: Action, Crime, Comedy, Fantasy
Episodes: 12
Duration: 1h 10min
Airing Time: 17.12.2021 – 22.01.2022
Network: tvN, iQIYI

Where to watch: iQIYI
Trailer: here


Soo Yeol is a competent police officer of the drug squad. Due to his ambitions, he only takes on cases his superiors like and gives them the desired outcome, yet turns a blind eye to some injustice. Congressman Do Yoo Gon gives Soo Yeol hope for a promotion, but his life comes to complete halt when K, who is righteous but crazy, suddenly appears at the critical moment! What will the meeting of bad guy Soo Yeol and crazy guy K bring?” (iQIYI)


  Main Leads  

Lee Dong Wook as Soo Yeol
Soo Yeol is the ‘bad one’ here. He is working as a detective, yet is corrupt and steers the cases towards the direction his superiors want, regardless of who is actually in the right or wrong. Why? For money and prestige. To get his promotion and lead an easy life, but also because he’s scared to get on the wrong side of the wrong people. When he meets K, things start to change for him, though.
Wi Ha Joon as K
K is the ‘crazy one’. As they showed us in the drama early on, he is the 2nd personality of Soo Yeol and appears out of nowhere. In contrast to Soo Yeol’s unjust behaviour, K views himself as a hero and wants to fight for justice. He is skilled at fighting and very courageous at that. It seems he is the half of Soo Yeol that wanted to become an officer, being the righteous part of him.
N as Oh Kyung Tae
Kyung Tae is a very kind and motivated young man. As a police officer, he feels responsible and wants to help the people in need, no matter what. This leads him to get involved in a rather dangerous case.
Han Ji Eun as Lee Hee Kyum
Hee Kyum is a righteous police lieutenant at the drug squad. She is on the same case as the other Main Leads, and also wants to arrest the bad guys. Apparently, she is Soo Yeol’s ex-girlfriend.

STORY (EP 1 – 4)

It all started when a woman who was involved with drugs went missing. Her little daughter started searching for her, and this got the attention of Kyung Tae, who wanted to help the little girl. Turns out, he stumbled into a murder case, and thus becomes a target, too. Soo Yeol was put in charge of this case, but turned a blind eye yet again due to the murderers’ connections to some powerful higher-ups. He starts feeling guilty though, because of the little girl and the kind-hearted Kyung Tae. 
And then K appeared in front of him. A guy in a motorcycle outfit, acting crazy, throwing fists, and calling himself a hero. He meddles with Soo Yeol’s case, trying to reveal the murderer and thus getting Soo Yeol into some good trouble, lol. Soo Yeol, wanting to know who this nutcase is, has to come to the realisation that K is none other than himself. He seeks mental help, but has a hard time coping with his impulsive 2nd personality. 

On the one hand, K leaves Soo Yeol no other choice, but on the other hand, K backs him up so he can get the courage to switch sides, and become righteous (again). Additionally, the case turns out to be bigger than expected, involving further murders and a whole drug gang they’ll need to hunt down. And maybe that’s not even all. Soo Yeol now needs to start cooperating with K, who might be able to change his views. They get help from Hee Kyum and other colleagues who are also on this drug case.


OST Part 1:
Bulldozer (불도저) by Don Mills

  • “I do whatever I want/ I’m just going to push it/ I’m gonna break it down. Why are you blocking my way? This is my way!”
  • “Feel the wind/ Make it loud/ Make it loud/ Turn everything down.”

Besides that, no other OSTs were released yet. Also check out the intro which sounds pretty cool, too!


  What I like:  

So far, I’m very interested in the drama. What I like the most are both Main Leads and their actors, of course. Both are doing a great job. The ‘crazy’ scenes are especially enthralling. Whenever K shows up, things become fun. Lee Dong Wook and Wi Ha Joon make a very nice duo. The scenes have a lot of dynamics and hyped background music. I’m also interested in the story, as well as how the characters will deal with each other. My favorite scene so far has been the one on the motorcycle, haha. The action scenes are nicely done.

  Thoughts & Uncertainties:  

Well, I’m not really criticizing, but there are a few things that bug me a little. What I’m wary of is the appearance of the romance genre. K being in love with Hee Kyum, who is Soo Yeol’s ex, screams “love storyline“. And personally, in cool crime-mystery dramas, I prefer there not being any romance, as it kinda drags down the story, as well as my mood. Even thought I enjoy romance dramas as well, there are some genres in which a romance side-plot will make the drama boring for me. I hope it won’t have too much screentime.
I was also a little perplexed that they revealed the fact that K is Soo Yeol’s split personality so very early in the drama. Usually they keep things like that for a dramatic finale or a shocking twist in the middle part. It is good that they don’t play like other dramas, but I do wonder how things will proceed, now that the Main Lead and the audience know about both characters being the same person. Did they take away a good opportunity for an amazing twist? Or is there something else to come? I hope they won’t slow down by turning it into a rom-com or something, lol.

  What I’m curious about:  

So far, the crime storyline doesn’t seem to be anything new. So what I’m most interested in are the characters, who are fun to watch. Since we saw Soo Yeol visiting a psychiatrist, it could mean the story will later focus on the process of accepting and understanding the 2nd personality, searching the cause for the split, and finally seeing both personalities united… or not. I’d love that. I do admit, sometimes I wish they’d not be the same person, but two different people… who knows? So, I’m very curious about why and when K showed up as Soo Yeol’s split personality. We also already found out that he was adopted into his family, so maybe there will also be some mysteries to figure out. Or maybe I’m having too high expectations here. xD Anyways, I‘m looking forward to how K will change Soo Yeol. I’m also looking forward to seeing how they are going to catch the bad guys, which probably won’t be that easy. Let’s find out!

 Warning: There are flickering lights in the opening. You‘re welcome.

Are you guys watching or planning to?
Let me know your opinion so far.

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