“Cleaning Up” starring Yeom Jung Ah, Jeon So Min, and Kim Jae Hwa to air this June!

Upcoming drama “Cleaning Up” is set to premiere this June!

On May 11th, JTBC released the official poster of “Cleaning Up” featuring main lead Yeom Jung Ah. It was also confirmed that the series will air on June 4th. 

“Cleaning Up” is a Korean remake of the UK TV series of the same name. It will revolve around the cleaners of a security firm that will try and create a new destiny for themselves as they overhear insider trading. With this information, the three will enter the stock war.

The upcoming series will be helmed by Yoon Sung Shik (“Mr. Queen,” “Tower of Babel,” and “Hwarang”) and the script will be written by Choi Kyung Mi (“Return”). It will be produced by Drama House Studio Co., Ltd., and JTBC Studio.

The cast of “Cleaning Up” includes Yeom Jung Ah, Jeon So Min, Kim Jae Hwa, Na In Woo, Lee Moo Saeng, and Gal So Won.

“Cleaning Up” will be the next drama after “My Liberation Notes” ends. It will be part of the Saturday-Sunday drama timeslot. The first episode will air on JTBC at 10:30 PM on June 4th.

The production team commented on Yeom Jung Ah and her role. They said, “Yeom Jung Ah and her fearless colleagues will turn the stock market upside down. She will jump into the fierce stock war for her two precious daughters. Yeom Jung Ah skillfully portrayed and immersed the character named Eo Yong Mi. There’s no doubt and now words can describe it. You can look forward to her acting and to the upcoming series.” 

Yeom Jung Ah will play the leading role named Eo Yong Mi. She is a service cleaner at an investment securities firm. She is the breadwinner in the family and has two daughters. This will be the grand comeback of the actress on the small screen. She last starred in the 2018 series “Sky Castle” which also aired on JTBC. 

Aside from this drama, Yeom Jung Ah will also join the upcoming films “Life is Beautiful,” “Alien + People,” and, “Smugglers.”


Are you excited to see Yeom Jung Ah return to JTBC dramas?

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