Cha Ye Ryun, Na Young Hee, and Lee Hwi Yang confirmed to lead a new KBS daily drama

Cha Ye Ryun, Na Young Hee, and Lee Hwi Yang will be the main leads for the upcoming drama “Golden Mask.”

On March 30th several media outlets reported that Cha Ye Ryun, Na Young Hee, and Lee Hwi Yang have been selected to be the main leads of the KBS daily drama “Golden Mask.” 

The upcoming drama will be the collaboration work of director Uh Soo Sun and writer Kim Min Joo. 

“Golden Mask” will revolve around a tragedy caused by false greed and desires. The drama will showcase the story of three women who ought to find the answers to life.

Cha Ye Ryun will play the role of Yoo Soo Yeon, the real-life Cinderella in the drama. She will be the icon of hope to all ordinary single women. Her character will be a strong woman who is not easily fazed by anything. 

Na Young Hee will play the role named Cha Hwa Young. The queen of greed and desire. She will do anything to protect the upper-class lives. She is labeled as the “Queen of Iron” for her beauty, class, and intelligence.

Lee Hwi Yang will play the role of Ko Mi Sook, the CEO of a large restaurant company and a big moneylender in Myeongdong.

“Golden Mask” will air after the drama “Love Twist” concludes. The series will air daily from Monday until Friday on KBS. 

This drama will be the next project of Cha Ye Ryun after three years. She last starred in the drama “Gracious Revenge.” 

For Na Young Hee, this will be her first drama for 2022. She has always been appearing in at least one drama yearly. She last appeared in the 2021 hit drama “One the Woman.” 

Just like Na Young Hee, actress Lee Hwi Yang is also active in appearing in dramas yearly. Last year, she was part of the dramas “Young Lady and Gentleman” and “Oh My Ladylord.” “Golden Mask” will be her first project for the year. 


Have you seen any dramas that three starred in?

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