Bae Suzy’s upcoming drama “Anna” confirmed to air this summer!

The upcoming Coupang Play original series “Anna” will officially air this summer.

On March 29th Coupang Play released the first-ever still cuts of main lead Bae Suzy for the upcoming drama “Anna.” It was also revealed that the drama already finished filming after six months, and it will be out this coming summer. 

“Anna” will narrate the story of a woman who began to live a completely different life after starting a small lie. Yoo Mi is the person who uttered a trivial lie and eventually lives someone else’s life. Bae Suzy will play the role of Yoo Mi. 

The upcoming Coupang Play will be directed by Lee Joo Young who also helmed the movies “On the Other Side of You” and “A Single Rider.” 

Bae Suzy shared her thoughts about the upcoming drama. The idol actress stated, “There have been a lot of hard moments because of Yoo Mi’s broad emotional line, but I was lucky to be able to play these types of characters. I did my best in all the scenes and all the moments of the character were challenging. This is a meaningful piece for sure and I enjoyed filming it. I want to thank all the staff and I hope that viewers will show lots of interest and love for “Anna.”

Coupang Play released two still cuts of Bae Suzy portraying Yoo Mi’s characters with conflicting aspects. 

“Anna” will be released exclusively on Coupang Play in the summer of 2022. This is the second original series from the OTT platform. 

“Anna: will be the follow-up drama of Bae Suzy since 2020’s hit series “Start-Up” with Nam Joo Hyuk, Kim Seon Ho, and Kang Han Na. She will also reportedly lead the upcoming Netflix original series “The Girl Downstairs.”

Bae Suzy will also star in the upcoming movie “Wonderland” with Park Bo Gum, Choi Woo Shik, Jung Yu Mi, and more.


Are you excited to see another side of Bae Suzy in the upcoming drama “Anna”?

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