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Before getting to the recap part, yes it’s true, I’m finally revealing where I live 🙂 I didn’t want to, but I’m hoping this can be a new fun journey I take with MDL, ie the chance to maybe one day interview the artists coming here~

But, PLOT TWIST, living in UAE doesn’t mean I was born here, that’s a mystery to be solved when EXO comes to UAE again. TBH, I wish I wrote for MDL earlier so I could go to the presscon when EXO came for the fountain show, also SMTOWN TT_TT

Brave Girls, Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun

Recently, Kpop finally made a comeback to UAE with their offline live concerts after the pause from COVID19. The 1st event that reopened them was Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun‘s mini fan event/concert in The Pointe, Palm Jumeirah, celebrating their group’s song House Party premiering as part of the world’s largest fountain show.

The 2nd event was the K Collection with MINICON, with Brave Girls, Kim Jae Wan, DKB and Nam Woo Hyun, advertising and helping 50 different Korean companies’ and their product in UAE.


The latest one and the focus of this article is K-ITE, Kpop In UAE, which was held in EXPO 2020 as a celebration of more than 40 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Highlight and Punch came to UAE for a live concert, while BTOB, Laboum and Luminous joined them virtually from Korea.


I was supposed to go to the presscon with Highlight but I couldn’t make it do to time complications. But I still wanted to write about the event.

Lee Gi Kwang, Yang Yo Seob

I reached around 4pm which turned out to be “late” because many fans were waiting, I mean this is Highlight and the OST queen Punch after all.


Personally, I LOVE Punch~ I even went to the KBEE, Korean Brand and Content Expo, which was held back in 2019. Also, I’m more of a 2nd gen and 3rd gen fan so Highlight was always part of the playlist. I’m also a huge fan of Lee Gi Kwang ever since Circle (my boy needs to comeback as an actor!) and Yoon Doo Joon since Let’s Eat.


The concert started with Laboum. Recently I became a fan of Sol Bin because of her amazing acting in Idol: The Coup, then came Luminous, Punch and BTOB; which are a bunch of crackheads with amazing vocals. I really wish they come for a live live concert one day.


The fans were all so energetic, apparently we were 8k! I’m sure they’ve all missed that fun energetic vibe of a live concert~ The weather here in UAE is kinda hot (As Brave Girls called it, it feels like summer and they loved it because they’re the Summer Queens), but last Friday the weather was perfect and even windy! With a cool refreshing breeze!

Credit: Gulf News

EXPO actually has another stage, the dome of Al Wasl Plaza, and I really wish we can get a bigger, longer and spectacular Kpop concert with many many more artists! I also heard the next concert in EXPO with Stray Kids -among other idols to be revealed later- will be performed there!

Korean Pavilion 

I did visit the Korean pavilion briefly for the restaurant, and I know there’s a mini stage in the middle for traditional dances and other types of entertainment, but the line’s always so long! And even-though EXPO offers a free prebooking, it’s still hard to find a slot.

Overall, I really hope I can report about KPop more often through MDL. And maybe one day, I can report right from Korea too xD

Which reminds me of my slogan attempt, There’s EXO in EXPO, ie we NEED EXO to come to EXPO, it’s in written in the stars!

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