2022 Thai Dramas to Look Forward To: Part 1

Hi 🙂 KJ here. I’ve been watching Thai dramas (Lakorn and BL) since 2018. This will be my first article ever. I apologize if I make any mistake.

Enjoy reading! And I hope some dramas will end up on your watch list 🙂


Works in both light and dark mode

The Deadly Affair



Love, death, revenge and redemption.
(Source: Netflix)

Reasons to be excited:

– A dark plot that seems to have many twists in it.
– James Jirayu Tangsrisuk was impressive in another thriller, Payakorn Sorn Rukbefore. It will be interesting to see how he will portray his character in The Deadly Affair.

The Miracle of Teddy Bear

Gay Romance
Teddy Bear to Human


Taohu (In Sarin Ronnakiat) is a giant white Teddy bear and has been Nat’s (Job Thuchapon Koowongbundit) object of comfort for ten years. However, he isn’t an ordinary Teddy bear, he has the ability to communicate with other objects and items in the house. One day, unbeknownst to Nat, the Teddy bear is miraculously turned into a young man, however, that young man can’t remember anything about himself. Taohu tries to find his own background, but everything becomes complicated when he finds out that his background is connected to the dark secrets of his owner’s family. He has to hurry because his time as a human is running out.
(Source: MyDramaList)

Reasons to be excited:
– In 2021, CH3 made pretty good dramas and this particular one is adapted from a satirical novel.
– It’s not going to be your typical BL. Hence, “Teddy bear to human” tag 😛


Lesbian Relationship
Love Triangle


Roisaithong (Kao Supassara Thanachart), an orphan girl who has been adopted by Rungrorng’s father, is looked after by her after his death. She considers Rungrorng (Cris Horwang️️️️️️) as her sister. After realizing that Rungrorng sees her in a romantic way, she tries to run away but can’t do that because she is watched by Rungrorng all the time. She decides to hang out at night against Rungrorng’s will. She later meets a guy who makes this relationship even more complex.

Reasons to be excited:
– Lesbian relationship! Also, Peach Pachara Chirathivat and Kao will reunite again after 2013 series Hormones.
– I’m interested to see the dynamics between Cris, Peach and Kao since their relationship might possibly be turning into polyamory.

(To the Moon and Back)

Slowburn Romance
Cheerful Female Lead


Matalada (Toey Jarinporn Joonkiat) is an innocent sweet girl whose positive attitude, has always been considered to be weird by others. Purim (James) is a doctor who has a perfect image in public, but actually lacks being loved by his family. They meet and fill each other with love.
(Source: Thaidramatic Updates Facebook)

Reasons to be excited:
– The idea of a female lead growing up with LGBTQ+ parents sounds really interesting!
– James and Toey starred together again after the 2014 movie Timeline.

All I Need is Love and A Cup of Coffee

Farm Life
Death of Siblings
Kind-Hearted Male Lead


Sone (Bua Nalinthip Sakulongumpai) felt empty and hopeless when her only brother died from a plane crash. She went to the place where her brother died. Never thought that she would know a “secret” covered by him.

She met Ar-che (Puen Khanin Chobpradit) the owner of a coffee estate. A guy who her brother spent his last minute with. He helped her fulfill and heal a big loss of her life and it turned out to be some form of “Love”.
(Source: writer.dek-d.com)

Reasons to be excited:

– The name is so cute 🙂
– I’m a sucker for Thai shows with mountain cinematography in the back. It is always such a beauty.

A Tale of Ylang Ylang
(Sroi Sabunnga)

Rich Female Lead
World War 2
Noble Women/Ordinary Men


Sroisabunnga (Baifern Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul) was born in an aristocratic family, was taught by her father to be arrogant and proud of her blood and status, and aimed towards bringing their family to its former glory after being left destitute because of war.

When her brother and father suddenly die, Sroisabunnga is left in the care of her aunty Mhom Saengjuntra which leads her to leave her home and move into the Rawiwath palace. There she meets Prince Aiyares, who is like her prince charming.
As she grows older and develops into an ambitious woman who always chooses the best thing for herself, just as her father taught her, she aims to marry Prince Aiyares who is the most perfect and worthy person in her eyes. However, she also meets Tian (Nine Naphat Siangsomboon), an honest Chinese mill owner who falls in love with her.

Even though her heart desires to, Sroisanbunnga can not afford to be with Tine because of the promise to her father.
Falling for a headstrong ambitious woman who has set her eyes on the best, Tian must hurt again and again because he can’t drive her off of his life, and his heart.
Such is their love story.

Reasons to be excited:
– Baifern and Nine’s chemistry in 2019 movie Friend Zone is just perfect.
– This lakorn has been announced since 2020 (Please air it already!)

Tai Ngao Tawan

Playful Male Lead


Pareena (Bow Maylada Susri)’s life had always been perfect and beautiful until the day her father, who is like her sunshine, died, which left her with some mystery to uncover. She tries to find a way to know the truth and restore his honor.

The more she investigates this, the more it makes her learn about the different personalities of humans, not only for her father, but also Korn (Mark Prin Suparat), who behaves like a rebellious and free spirit, and Karn (Dome Pakorn Lum) who is her perfect brother. She can realize that humans can do wrong. Nobody is truly perfect.
(Source: Thaidramatic Updates Facebook)

Reasons to be excited:
– #watchitfortheplot I mean… handsome plot 😛
– It’s adapted from an award-winning novel.

You Touched My Heart

Successful Female Lead
Tragic Past

Sequel of Tai Ngao Tawan, Push and Mark’s character are cousins.


Anyamanee (Patricia Tanchanok Good) is a beautiful girl brought up in a family that only honors men, which make her proud of what she has cause she got it with so much difficulty.

She meets Guerkhun (Push Puttichai Kasetsin), a man who warms both body and heart, who is ready to give a warm light to a woman who is like a diamond in his heart, but love life isn’t that easy. When two families’ business problems get involved, including the death of Anyamanee’s brother, it makes Guerkhun become her first suspect because of his past relationship with her sister-in-law, which ended a long time ago, but has come back again. Will the trust prevail in this situation?
(Source: Patriciagoodfanclub at Instagram)

Reasons to be excited:
– I enjoy Pat’s performance in Girl From Nowhere Season 2. Definitely excited for her new dramas.
– Pat and Push seem to have a good chemistry even only in pictures.

Prom Likit
(Love Destiny 2)

Sassy Female Lead
Time Travel


Pudtarn (Bella Ranee Campen) is a modern girl who is strongly self-confident and mean to anyone who treats her badly. Her only relative left is aunty Wiphawee, after her parents died from an accident of which she is the only survivor with no memory about them and her past. One day while gardening, a worker sees a box which she asks the head to open. She feels like she is going somewhere strange that is not her garden after touching a paper in that box.

As soon as she arrives, she is kicked by strange man who claims the box she is holding is a scripture of Kritsana Kali. It belongs to his family. She needs to ask it back, but is stopped by Gui, owner of the garden where she shows up, because he is Rit (Pope Thanawat Wattanaputi), the son to Phraya Wisoot and Garagade who own the garden she’s rented here. 

Pudtarn tries to learn being here as she can’t go back to her place. The longer she lives, the more she feels attachment to be here, including her feelings for Rit, who always comes closer, despite people around warning her that she doesn’t deserve him.
(Source: thaidramatic_update)

Reasons to be excited:

– Love Destiny season 1 is ICONIC!
– Unrevealed secret leads have not been announced yet.


Office Romance


Anawin (Alek Teeradetch Metawarayut) and Nilin (Nychaa Nuttanicha Dungwattanawanich) are two rivals who bond over the course of the game.

Reasons to be excited:

– Barely any information but it’s from the producer of 
Khun Mae Suam Roy, which is one of my favorites.
– Alek’s performance on 
Keun Ruk Salub Chata (Switch of Fate) is fantastic. I want to see more from him.

My Friend the Enemy
(Koo Wein)

Office Romance
Friends To Enemies


Just what is it to be an orbit with 4 different poles?

The 4 different poles — Nick (Pon Nawasch Phupantachsee), Wan (Mo Monchanok Saengchaipiangpen), Beam (Patricia Tanchanok Good – Pat) , and Wayu (God Itthipat Thanit – Godt) — continuously circle around each other, repeatedly crashing and burning in the fire of the collision.

However, all four sides are relentless, revelling in the pain and pleasure of hatred and competition… and perhaps, even love.
(Source: Soju at MyDramaList)

Reasons to be excited:

– Excited to see Pon in something serious this time. Other than Praomook which wasn’t good in my opinion.
– Never watch anything Godt has played apart from 2017 drama 
2 Moons. Excited to see his performance these days.


Gay Romance


The second son of the Mafia, Kinn Anakinn (Mile Phakphum Romsaithong), is assaulted by an enemy causing him to flee from them until he meets Porsche Pitchaya (Apo Nattawin Wattanagitiphat) – a young student who was hired as a part-time waiter at an entertainment establishment. Porsche saw the scene in the entertainment establishment but didn’t pay much attention to it.

But then… Kinn made an offer. If Porsche could save him from his enemies, he would pay a certain amount in return. Porsche, who has the best martial arts degree and is a national judo champion, decides to get involved and helps Kinn escape. Due to his striking combat skills, Kinn wants to hire Porsche to be his personal bodyguard.

Porsche was opposed and rejected Kinn, who would do anything to get what he wanted. After being terrorised by Kinn’s enemies and Kinn, he had no choice but to agree. Porsche didn’t want to be a part of this dangerous world because he was afraid that the only person he loved, his brother Porché Pitchaya, would get hurt. Porsche accepts Kinns ridiculous agreements and moves in to live with him.

There is still a mystery that Porsche has to face with some very unexpected events. Moreover, the intimacy with Kinn creates a turbulent feeling in their hearts that starts to shake and become love. That path will not be easy because of the many problems and many obstacles that will come to test their love – he must stand up to endure all the problems he faces.
(Source: Lare on MDL and LazySubber)

Reasons to be excited:
– One of the highly anticipated Thai dramas.
– It has launched a promising trailer of 9 minutes that totally hype everyone up.

I will cry my eyeballs out if it’s a flop !

You’re My Sky

Gay Romance
Multiple Couples


The story focuses on a first-year student Thorn (Suar Kritsanaphong Sripattiyanon) who has been secretly in love with the College jock Tupfah (Tae Chayapat Kongsub). As they both train together, Thorn slowly falls for the handsome Tupfah and despite his close friend’s warnings, one day confesses his love. Tupfah, who is highly competitive and doesn’t trust anyone easily, wants to focus on his game instead. Will Thorn be able to bridge the distance and melt Tupfah’s heart?
(Source: The BL Xpress)

Reasons to be excited:
– Really catchy teaser! and the cinematography is fantastic.

Aye, Khoi Huk Jao



Phuwasol (Krating Khunnarong Pratesrat) had to fly back to Thailand, seeing his father took his life because of financial problems. All of the property was seized and sold by the bank. He and his mother need to move to a relative’s house in the province. Here, he meets Chattawan (Omm Eisaya Hosuwan), the naughty girl who seems to dislike his arrogance. He is always teased by her to face any supernatural incident here.
(Source: MyDramaList)

Reasons to be excited:
– Countryside setting for a youth drama is always so pure and genuine.  
– But basically I will watch everything with Krating in it. His performance is great in Switch of Fate.

You are My Make Up Artist

Famous Female Lead
One Night Stand
Makeup Artist Male Lead


Wasita (Janie Tienphosuwan) is a famous celebrity who was in the process of planning her marriage to her long-term businessman fiancé when she discovered that he has been unfaithful to her. Trying to forget what he did to her, she accidentally ends up having a one-night stand with Gat (Gulf Kanawut Traipipattanapong), her make-up artist, who she thought was gay. To make matters worse, because of that night, she winds up getting pregnant. In order to protect her reputation, Gat offers her a contract marriage.
(Source: Thaidramatic Updates Facebook; edited by MyDramaList)

Reasons to be excited:
– I didn’t really care about this up until I saw a video of Gulf doing his own makeup on Twitter, and he looked beautiful. I immediately added it on my watch list.  

Bad Romeo

Rich Woman / Poor Man
Man from another time period

A story of a lonely girl who falls in love (Yaya Urassaya Sperbund) with a man that claims to be from another time period (Mario Maurer).
(Source: MyAsianArtist)

Reasons to be excited:
– Aokbab Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying from Bad Genius is here and she’s my girl crush.
– Yaya (
Brother of The Year) and Mario (Crazy Little Thing Called Love) together are definitely a hit.

Suptar 2550
(Super Star 2007)

Famous Male Lead
Famous Female Lead
Multiple Mains

Reasons to be excited:

– Unpredictable plot with multiple mains; Ken Theeradeth WongpuapanAnne ThongprasomMean Phiravich Attachitsataporn, Mint Ranchrawee Uakoolwarawat.
– It leaves a lot of space for switching the couples. It can be Ken/Anne, Mean/Anne, Ken/Mint, Mean/Mint or others.

May You Love Me? 
(Saan Sanaeha)

Divorced Female Lead
Supportive Male Lead


After enduring continuous physical and psychological abuse from her cheating husband and controlling mother-in-law, Lalita (Mint Chalida Vijitvongthong) is too heartbroken to endure her marriage. When she seeks a divorce, her father disowns her.

Lalita’s life has been controlled by a man since birth, but no more. After the divorce, Lalita begins a journey of self-growth and advancement to prove that no girl needs a man to determine her worth. Alas, the road is filled with setbacks and obstacles. But Lalita is determined; she begins working as a model.

Along the way, Lalita meets Toey (Toey Pongsakorn Mettarikanon) who wants to heal her broken heart, build her confidence and help her surmount obstacles. Because of him, she strives for a better life, one with self-respect and her father’s acceptance.
(Source: Soju at MyDramaList)

Reasons to be excited:
– The plot is about one woman’s life who has been in hell and went back up.
– Mint and Toey will star together again after 2020 lakorn Fah Fak Ruk.

Because of Love

Bodyguard Female Lead
Rich Male Lead
Gay side couple


Nuring (Pie Rinrada Kaewbuasai) was adopted into Singh’s family’s protection in order to have the ability that allows her to save people around from any danger. She decided to run away after being arranged to marry Singh because she was scared of disappointment. Now she works as a bodyguard for a foreign customer.

Singh (James Ma) took over his family’s business when he was 20. He’s strict and smart but is always harmed by his rival, so he needs to get Nuring back.

After Nuring comes back to Singh, she must be a bodyguard for his rival’s daughter, while disguising herself to protect Singh. She’s doing this due to her gratitude to the family who raised her. Meanwhile, he doesn’t want her to do it because he’s scared something might happen to her, but he accepts it because of his grandfather.
(Source: MyDramaList)

Reasons to be excited:
– James Ma’s performance is fantastic on I See Dead People.
– It has a gay side couple.

Love Forever After 
(Yomathut Kub Poot Sao)

Ghost Female Lead
God of Death Male Lead


A love story between the cold God of Death (August Vachiravit Paisarnkulwong) and a beautiful ghost (Eye Kamolned Ruengsri) who refuses to die.

(Source: Soju on MyDramaList)

Reasons to be excited:
– Not much of details but an adorable plot and the leads look cute together.

Stay tuned for part 2!  

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