10 Types of Drama Fans

Hey, KKdrama is back for good! This article has been on hold for god knows how long, and I finally had time to finish it and hopefully write more of the so many ideas I have planned. 

No offense intended, this is just for fun!


Involving or participating in more than one fandom, don’t we all do that? I mean, who would taste only one dish for the rest of their life?

There are 2 types of Multifandom fans:

  • The ones who love one fandom dearly but like other fandoms. They know who’s their favorite, and answering “Who’s your bias?” is as easy as lifting a finger.
  • The ones who love everyone equally and their system shuts down when asked about their favorite actor or idol. They collect Oppas and their motto is “The more, the merrier.”

Currently Airing

Now, this is how you multitask for real! Don’t they ever get confused, or mix characters or events? I never understood how this type of people could be so patient too – I don’t watch currently airing shows because it’s torture, but I admire them for that. They also keep up with drama news the best, their resources are 90% to be trusted, and they are always early. But you should probably avoid them because they tend to spoil everything while discussing the dramas, and they fill social media with spoilers, early reviews, their assumptions and some memes thrown into the mix.

I did it twice before, and I regret it sooo much because:

  • I don’t like waiting!!!

Drama in the picture: Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (2016)

6 Of The Most Relatable K-Drama Memes That Will Make You Laugh-Snort -  Koreaboo
  • I don’t know whether it’s worth watching or not, and I don’t want to waste my time on something that would turn out to be bad (my plan to watch list is long enough)

Last but not least:

  • I hate getting interrupted, it ruins the whole experience and keeps me from connecting to the characters and the plot because I keep on forgetting what happened!

True Blood Fans

Those who were there since the debut of the celebrity. Their role consists of scolding newbies and giving lectures. You could easily spot one by the following traits: they always end the argument with “the fandom wasn’t like this before” or “what do you know”. They believe they know better, they tend to remind everyone that they’ve been here since the beginning, they act like proud moms, and they are very supportive and understanding.

The experience of watching the celebrity start from the bottom and slowly grow famous while struggling, leaves great memories.


Remember when I said about True-Bloods “those who were there since the debut of the celebrity”, well, Ahjummas were there since drama-land was discovered!

Ahjummas tend to give lectures, life lessons and advice, but, unlike True-Bloods, they don’t scold newbies – they adopt them. They are the  most considerate and understanding fans. 
Drama in the picture: Reply 1988 (2015)

Ahjummas reaction to fan-wars 

Ahjummas reaction to celebrity scandals 

PS: I would like to thank this Ahjumma The Butterfly who I met on MDL. She’s a very lovely and supportive woman who always makes sure to send me a message asking me about life and studies, she cheers me up too. I want to say thank you and I love you. <3



Talking about newbies, they have their own traits that could help to spot them from a mile: their first favorite actor is Lee Min Ho, but they haven’t seen Boys Over Flowers yet. They only know 2 Korean words: Annyeonghaseyo and Saranghae. They drool too much over actors and idols, they are into cute “perfect” actors, they still believe that the FL may end up with the SML, they change their favorite actor every time they watch a new drama, they actually believe that ‘celebrities dating off-screen’ is real, they trust Koreaboo and Dispatch, their reviews consist of praising the good-looking male actors but mention almost nothing about the drama’s plot, they are easily triggered, and, finally, their plan to watch list consists of only the top hits of the year!

Drama in the pictures: Kill Me, Heal Me (2015)

Newbies reaction every time they spot a new Oppa  (this may also apply to older fans)

Spoiler Alert

Those you need to avoid at all costs if you want to watch a currently airing drama, and you must not tell them about your plan to watch list because they cannot keep their mouths shut and let you watch in peace.
They never give minor spoilers, they straight up spoil the unsolved mystery, the death of your favorite character, the villain’s plan, or the plot twist, then dare act surprised and apologetic upon seeing your shocked face and angry glare. Still, they wouldn’t shut up, and continue to explain further with the excuse that they already spoiled the big event, so why not keep talking and reveal more details!
Drama in the picture: You’re All Surrounded (2014)
How you look at them:  Their “cute” apology VS your reaction:

Related by Drama

What’s stronger than blood-related?
Drama-related!!! It all starts with finding another Drama-addict with the same taste, then you two become besties immediately, and you finally find your soulmate in drama-land. You talk day and night, you share your thoughts and reviews, you recommend dramas and movies to each other, you drool over actors, you collect oppas, you cry over a drama’s ending but mostly about being too broke to travel to Korea, China, …, and last but not least you cheer for the hot villain 2gether. You two create your own bubble where nothing but drama exists.


There are the normal stalkers: they follow their favorite celebs on social media and keep track of their activities, they memorize their schedules (they could make an excellent manager), there is no empty space in their storage, they are always early, and they daydream a lot.
And then there are real stalkers: they are the kings of assumptions, over-analyzing, and delusional ships. If they spend a good amount of time in the stalker mode, they are most likely to end up obsessed or turn into a Saesang. They usually start rumors, and they are aggressive when it comes to their celeb.

Asian Wannabes

We all fell in love with Asian fashion trends and culture, and don’t deny that you weren’t an Asian Wannabe at some point of your drama addiction journey. It’s purely for fun, and sometimes it’s just the influence of the many drama hours we get daily. 
Here are some wannabes’ actions that you might be guilty of:
  • Slightly bowing to greet, thank or apologize to someone.
  • Say Annyeong instead of Hello. 
  • Using Oppa, Unnie, Noona, Hyung, Ahjumma, Ahjussi, Samchun to address friends and relatives.
  • Trying any Asian recipe you find (and in my case failing miserably)
  • Buying affordable drama items and Korean outfits, then checking yourself out to see if you look as cute as you pictured.
  • Trying to act cute like female leads in front of the mirror only to end up looking like a duck. 

Drama Google

They know EVERYTHING! Any drama, you name it, whether currently airing or completed, popular or barely known, old or recently released… they already know the whole plot, coming up with all sorts of different theories and digging up hidden meanings – and they haven’t even watched it! Most of the time, their plan to watch list is huge, and, since they’ve seen it all, rarely do they get impressed with a plot twist because they already figured it all out from the beginning. And lastly, they never spoil dramas.
Kdrama memes - Quiz

Hope you enjoyed it! Which type of fan are you?

See Ya Soon <3 

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