Zhou Shen (Charlie): A Voice Kissed By Angels

Welcome to my first Ultra Fan Guide (and possibly my last xD)!

I couldn’t call myself an expert when it comes to Charlie Zhou (Zhou Shen) since I only discovered him last year. Actually, he’s been a part of my life way before that! I have been listening to so many of his OSTs without knowing it’s him :’D I know! It’s such a disgrace!! I just keep adding his OSTs into my playlist without looking at the name. 

I remembered how hard it was for me to believe the voice I was hearing was coming from him. I always assumed it was a female! (Another disgrace!) I have to watch so many videos to establish that it is not lip-synced or autotuned. Once I’ve convinced myself that it is actually his voice, I begin to doubt myself as a woman. My vocal range isn’t even close to his, bruh, I’m simply an alto. He’s a countertenor. He sings everything effortlessly.

However, he has remained my favorite singer ever since. My ears are cleansed by his heavenly voice. When I’m stressed, he’s like an angel, bringing me serenity. His songs and variety show helped me get through my most difficult semester. He is my sanctuary. THAT IS WHY I AM HERE TODAY! To let the world know about this GEM! 

p.s. I’ll do my best to summarise and give the most convenient approach to getting to know him!

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Charlie Zhou Shen (周深 )

Zhou Xing Xing ( 周星星 )

September 29, 1992 (age 30)

Shaoyang, Hunan, China 


Shen Shen (深深), Kabu (卡布), Kabula (卡布叻), Porridge (小白粥)

Sheng Mi (生米; Uncooked rice/Shen’s Fans)

Sky Blue

November 6, 2017

Zhou Shen Studio (Shanghai Jinyan Cultural Media Co., Ltd) (2020-present) 
The Voice of Dream (2014-2020) 


He talks about how he struggles with his “sissy” voice.Zhou Shen’s fame didn’t happen overnight. Zhou Shen’s parents are constantly at work because his family’s financial situation was relatively low when he was born in the little mountain village of Shaoyang. As a result, Zhou Shen and his older sister were constantly left alone at home. He was required to farm, cook, and perform the majority of the housework. It wasn’t until his family moved to Guiyang, one of the greatest cities in China, that he began to experience childhood. Prior to entering puberty, Zhou Shen’s high-pitched voice was accepted as normal because other guys around him also had a similar voice. He loved to sing in class and was a happy youngster. He only started to stay away from the spotlight when the voices of the boys around him began to grow low while his voice remain unchanged.

Even after beginning his senior year of high school, Zhou Shen kept his voice hidden as much as possible. Zhou Shen frequently said in early interviews that he was terrified to sing in front of an audience since his height and voice combination makes him an easy target for ridicule. Even after winning a lot of singing competitions in school, he still did not consider singing as a career path. He still brings up this history occasionally in interviews, showing how deeply damaged he is by it even today.

He talks about how lecturers made him carry corpses that are taller than him.

Under his parent’s insistence, he moved all the way to Ukraine to pursue dentistry. Yes. Dentistry. But after giving it some thought and realizing that dentistry was not his strong suit, he decided to switch his major and enrolled in the Bel Canto program at the Lviv National Conservatory.

Zhou Shen then decided to become an internet singer on a channel called YY singing channel. That is due to the fact that, aside from his love of singing, he may remain anonymous there. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman. There, audiences were just interested in his distinctive voice and valued him for who he was. He subsequently began gradually expanding his fan base by covering more than 500 popular songs. His network name was “Kabrat (卡布叻)”. Some of his “Kabrat” era songs can still be found on Bilibili or Youtube.

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Huan Yan (欢颜)

A singing competition show frequently paid attention to an online singer with a fanbase. The director of The Voice of China undoubtedly noticed Zhou Shen. Zhou Shen declined the invitation twice over the course of two seasons because he was concerned about criticism from the public. Zhou Shen was then invited again for the third season of the show. He considered the offer several times and decided to go to the show with the thought of why other people were advancing his ambition while he was being held back by his lack of confidence.

Unfortunately, even though Zhou Shen surprised everyone, he still did not impress Na Ying, his mentor, and he lost to Li Wei in the same group and became the 64th student of The Voice 🙁

Soon after, he performed for the Olympic Winter Games before heading back to Ukraine to continue honing his Bel Canto. He performed the hit Disney song “Let It Go.” This song was sung so repeatedly over the years that it irks me. However, Zhou Shen sang a multi-language version of “Let It Go” which once more helped me view this song from a fresh angle [source].

Zhou Shen released his very first single, “The Rose and the Deer” and won the Best New Artist of ERC Chinese Top Ten Awards [source].

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Big Fish (大鱼)

After returning from Ukraine, Zhou Shen was once again back on the stage in the public’s eye on the music show Mask Singer in a dress and heels singing the song, “Riding a White Horse (身骑白马)”. My favorite performance can easily be his cover of “The Sound of The Snow Falling (雪落下的声音)”. His first two words “轻轻 (Qīng qīng)” which means softly/lightly, from this song are enough to bring me to heaven. The way he sings it really makes me feel the lightness of the snow. It makes me float and sends goosebumps down my spine!

Wowkie Zhang (Zhang Da Wei) “fought the injustice” for Zhou Shen saying [source]: Mask Singer

“Your voice made me feel, It’s like an angel calling you, so perfect! (就是你会觉得那是一个天使在叫唤你,就是感觉特别好!)”

“Zhou Shen, why are you still not famous? It’s a pity that you are not being recognized! (周深,你这么还不红啊?你太可惜了简直是!)”


Big Fish(大鱼) is constantly referenced in conjunction with any mention of Zhou Shen. The song that gave him his recognition. Big Fish & Begonia (大鱼海棠) is a lovely movie with a touching tune and lyrics. A melody that immediately reaches the heavens and is full of high notes. The song’s lyricist, Yin Yue, revealed recently that Zhou Shen himself improvised the song’s famous ending while it was being recorded in the studio. Using the name Big Fish, fans typically referred to this part as the “tail” as if the song’s entire structure were a fish, with the beginning at the fish’s head and ending at the fish’s tail.

Recently, Zhou Shen has also begun to give this “tail” a new finish by raising the final note even higher than previously, which increases the climax and intensity of the song. All in all, I recommend watching the animation before listening to this song as it really makes you feel the song more, especially the lyrics. Additionally, don’t be alarmed if you don’t hear this song throughout the film; it only appears in the closing credits.

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Zhou Shen’s first album, “Deep Deep(深的深)”, was finally released on November 6, 2017.

Gao Xiao Song, a musician, saw Zhou Shen’s “Huan Yuan” by chance and was immediately drawn to the singer’s voice, albeit at first he believed it to be a female. He made the decision to invest in him and assist him in producing an album after learning that he is a male. He hired numerous members of his own group, “Gao Family Class,” including renowned lyricist Yin Yue and composer Qian Lei. They worked on it for about three years before finishing [source].

With all their effort, Zhou Shen and his team—who worked with him to finish the album—were able to win a huge number of awards. With only “Big Fish( 大鱼)”, they have already gotten 10 awards[source]

Gao Xiao Song said:

“I don’t hesitate to invest in a record of a singer I love from my pocket. Only three times. The first time was Xiao Ke and Pu Shu, and the third time was Zhou Shen. [source]

My favorite OST from Zhou Shen in 2017 is definitely “Calm Romance(浓情淡如你)” from the movie Brotherhood of Blades II. In comparison to his later songs, where he employs a variety of vocal techniques, this one employs fewer. But I really like the overall vibe of the song.

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“深空间” Concert Tour

Zhou Shen was named the Most Improved Artist at the 2018 ERC Chinese Top Ten Awards, and he had his debut concert tour “深空间” in Shanghai, Wuhan, and Chengdu in 2018. My favorite performance has to be his tribute to his idol, Teresa Teng and covers of a compilation of her songs. 

Zhou Shen entered the competition show Super–Vocal, where every candidate has a background in bel canto, opera, or musical. All the judges were stunned by Zhou Shen’s debut performance, “Time to Say Goodbye.” Although the show demonstrates that not only Zhou Shen can sing in a higher register like a woman, but it made me realise how distinctive Zhou Shen’s voice is. He also sang the songs “Memory”, “Think of Me”, and “The Lonely Goatherd” in the show [source]

Not to mention, Zhou Shen received a lot of attention and favours from all the contestants such as Ayanga, Elvis Wang, Zheng Yun Long and many more on the show. During interviews, a lot of them express their desire to collaborate with Zhou Shen. Here is a 40-minute video showing how well-liked and pampered he was.

Zhou Shen also starts to be heavily involved in drama OSTs to live up to the title OST King. One of which is my favorite OST of Zhou Shen’s from Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace where he collaborated with Mao Bu Yi called Plum Blossom Remain(梅香如故). The lyrics in this song are so poetic that they are easily mistranslated. To be honest, even someone who speaks Chinese like me couldn’t fully understand it, but it was extremely well written.


The title “Butterfly Lover(楼台)” refers to a classical Chinese story about two lovers, Liang Shan Bo and Zhu Ying Tai, who is also known as Butterfly lovers. Zhou Shen and Zhu Qi cooperated on this song. The lyrics in this song completely tell the tragic story while also allowing young people to perceive it from a new perspective since there is one sentence: “何必辨雄雌”, which means “Why must we distinguish between male and female?” There could be an undertone meaning with Zhou Shen singing the presumably feminine role in this song. It felt as if Zhu Qi is trying to say that Liang Shan Bo actually likes the male version of Zhu Ying Tai. For a legendary story to be altered and passed on, I find it very interesting. 

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Planet C-929″ Concert Tour  

Planet C-292 was held in 2019. This is my favorite of his concerts. From the songs he performed to the whole theme of the event. The concert name “C-929 Planet,” C represents the first letter of Zhou Shen’s English name Charlie, and 9.29 represents Zhou Shen’s birthday. The planet was inspired by the fairy tale “The Little Prince,” which Zhou Shen has long enjoyed. Coincidentally, I also really love the story “The Little Prince”. As if fated, Zhou Shen’s looks and appearance suit the role of “Little Prince” so much!  

One of my favorite performances from this concert is Shallow (浅浅)“ from his album “深的深”. Aside from the fact that I already enjoyed this song before this performance, the theme “The Little Prince” makes this song appear darker than it already is. It perfectly captures Little Prince’s loneliness.

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Zhou Shen begins to appear in well-known dramas, animation, and movies such as The Untamed, Under the Power, Royal Nirvana, and many more to perform their OSTs and character songs. 

The Untamed

Passing By the Deserted City (荒城渡)”

Under the Power“ Wish (願)”
Royal Nirvana“Longing for a Wholehearted Lover (愿得一心人)”
Mr Miao

“The Answer to Everything (能解答一切的答案)”

 Waiting For You In The Future“Sanctuary (避难所)”
The Upside“The Upside (触不可及 )”

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Our Song 2019Zhou Shen participated in Our Song as a regular member and was teamed with famed Hong Kong singer, Hacken Lee with the group name “勤深深“. I adore their on-screen chemistry. Because of their age difference, it’s almost as though Hacken is babysitting Zhou Shen. It’s always entertaining to see them talking and bickering together. It’s adorable to see Hacken struggle with his Chinese and try to keep up with Zhou Shen’s energy. Likewise, Zhou Shen dislikes exercising while Hacken is the opposite. Hacken would always bring Zhou Shen to do sports. Even though Zhou Shen is bad at it, he keeps encouraging him. This is what I meant by the father-son relationship. 

Aside from the fact that their chemistry is superb, their vocals are a perfect complement. Hacken has a lower key than Zhou Shen, however, in the songs they did together, sometimes we can see Hacken belting while Zhou Shen is singing the bass. All I can say is that both of them are coincidentally having wider vocal ranges where they get to play around when they harmonize. Their vocals compliment each other perfectly. I like every song they sang. Words could not describe how much they sound so good together. Please LISTEN for yourself xD

They both won the championship this season, with Zhou Shen defeating his former instructor who eliminated him, Na Ying.

Zhou Shen and Hacken Lee soon released a single in 2020 called “Leaving With No Greeting (不见就散)”.

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I’d say 2020 is a very busy year for Zhou Shen. He starts to participate in more variety shows, music shows, and other shows in 2020. His personality in variety shows allows viewers to see him from a fresh perspective because he is quite witty and sassy with his words. Of all, even before he appears on variety shows, we can see through interviews that he’s a very entertaining person.


Youth Periplous 2

Youth Periplous 2 without a doubt the show that got me through my tough semester. When I’m faced with a mountain of homework, I recall how much joy it brings me. Before this show, my everyday routine consisted of coursework and sleep deprivation. I discovered and watched this show thanks to Zhou Shen! I came for Zhou Shen, but I ended up staying for the entire cast.

In this show, Zhou Shen is adorable. I’m so glad he joined as the main host. He gets more screentime and gets to show off several of his skills, such as impersonating voices, maintaining lengthy notes, swiftly identifying tunes, and many more. He’s also a lot of fun and takes part in everything.

Although all episodes are very enjoyable, for some reason, I find their deleted scenes to be more entertaining xD But I still highly recommend finishing the whole season.

Deleted Scenes

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Back To Field

Back to Field is more of a therapeutic show. As a result, there isn’t much going on. Fortunately, Zhou Shen was there with Mao Bu Yi.
Therefore, we get to see them perform “Without Asking (无问)” by Mao Bu Yi.
Mao Bu Yi previously collaborated with Zhou Shen on an OST. We can already hear how well they harmonized together in that song. Despite their friendship, they rarely collaborate! Please collab more !!



Keep Running

Keep Running is based on the same concept as the old Running Man concept from Korea, so I’m sure you’re familiar with what they’re doing in this show. Basically, they were playing games and tearing each other’s name tags till the end.
The part I enjoyed most is definitely the part where they have to change into an outfit while completing a song. Luckily, he’s in the same group as Li Rong Hao. 

Zhou Shen has never had the opportunity to sing alongside Li Rong Hao before, and this is the only chance we have when they sing “当” by Power Station where they sang back to back. Their voices compliment each other so nicely!

Please collab soon!


SINGER 2020Singer 2020

Singer 2020 has to be another show that helps Zhou Shen gain recognition even more. Unfortunately, the majority of his videos have been removed from YouTube:( BUT, at this show, he sang a number of his OSTs as well as some covers, which blew up the internet. One of which is “Da La Beng Ba (崩达拉吧)”. In this song, he demonstrates how his voice has a wide range and can sing a variety of sounds. For instance, a child’s voice, a princess’s voice, a king’s voice, and so on! He sang this song live at the most recent live broadcast without any post-editing.



“Upwards towards the moon (左手指月)” is definitely one of my favorite performances by Zhou Shen. Of course, this OST is very precious to me too because it was the OST from my first C-drama, Ashes of Love. This song was performed during the 2020 Mid-Autumn Festival Gala. Together with Sa Ding Ding, the song’s original singer, they sound like two angels fighting on the moon with their high vocals, but they also harmonize so wonderfully. Their voices resonate so far that they can be heard over a few streets away, even through the sound of fireworks.

“The Song of Heaven Island (天堂鸟之歌)” is the theme song from Who’s the Murderer : Season 6 (明星大侦探)This is a horror song. He sang it when he attended Who’s the Murderer: NZND Special. With his breathy and high-pitched voice, Zhou Shen is able to convey the eerie atmosphere that this song needs. This is also one of the song covers of Zhou Shen’s where it blasted the internet. Along with the live broadcast version of “Da La Beng Ba (崩达拉吧)”, he also performed this song live.

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Love And Redemption
“Love Like Colored Glass (爱若琉璃)”
Love of Thousand Years
“A Fleeting Epiphyllum with Timely Rain (昙花一现雨及时)”
The Song Of Glory
“Shadow (影)”
To demonstrate his linguistic versatility, he covers the well-known anime opening theme, Unravel from Tokyo Ghoul, and Zoobi Doobi from The Three Idiots. Japanese is still thought to be an easier language to sing in, but TAMIL!! As a Malaysian, I’m blown away since it sounds EXACTLY like the original.

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Chuang (创)

He finally has the qualifications to be a mentor and judge after years and years of hardworking, working his way up from an internet singer to being judged on stage, losing the competition but not giving up, resulting in him now being a well-rounded, famous singer in China. He participated in Chuang(创) 2021 or also known as Produce Camp 2021. Honestly, I did not watch the show as I am not a fan of survival shows BUT I do watch cuts of Zhou Shen’s. 

The way he instructs the student is reminiscent of how my choir instructor used to be. Especially when he continuously tells them to “USE YOUR DIAPHRAGM” when singing. It’s so true, the diaphragm is important ya’ll. You can easily notice how much the students change when they follow Zhou Shen’s singing advice. He also demonstrates it, which is a plus point for us, the fans 😀 See how he instructs students HERE.

When the students chose to create a slogan for each mentor, that’s when he acquired the nickname “小白粥”. It is kind of a wordplay where they replaced Zhou Shen’s Zhou(周) with Zhou(粥) which means porridge. When the students tell him the slogan, he merely makes a disgusted look. But when it came to the time to replicate it, he ABSOLUTELY nailed it!!

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When it comes to Zhou Shen’s works in 2021, “Silver Linings (光亮)” is without a doubt the greatest of the year. This is the theme music for Episode 06 of BRTV’s epic documentary series The Forbidden City (紫禁城). This song is, to put it mildly, of the finest quality. The lyrics are simple, but they express a lot of emotion. With a repeating tune, you won’t find a clear verse or chorus. Despite the fact that the tune is repetitious, the build-up was strong. The instruments that were gradually put in mirrored our feelings about the song, as did the blend of Chinese opera! It’s perfect for the song. Listen to him sing the Chinese opera section live here! There’s warmth and hope in this song. I like everything about it!


Mao Bu Yi partnered with Zhou Shen on the Goose Gala cooperation stage once more! Together, they sang Got It” that is originally by Marian Hill. With his spectacles on, Zhou Shen looks especially attractive. xD

Zhou Shen’s runs in this song are superb <3 The height difference between Mao Bu Yi and Zhou Shen is so cute too! 

The Long Ballad

“Cocoon (茧)”

Ancient Love Poetry

“Incomparable Love (玦恋)”

The Sword and the Brocade 

“Be Together (要一起)”

The Bond

“Life Should Always Face The Light (生活中该迎着光亮)”

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The Treasured VoiceZhou Shen is a really hard worker! His projects are constantly updated, and it’s really difficult to get everything down. As of now, in 2022, he is a regular participant in the show The Treasured Voice Season 3. I did not watch it, as expected, because I am not a fan of shows like these. But, as usual, I shall not miss a single one of his cuts. This show should be done airing as I am writing this. “Thief (贼)” and “You Are Vicious (算你狠)” are both my favorite performances. I enjoyed his other performances as well, they are all astonishing.

Prior to attending this show, he had the opportunity to sing on the same stage as “Teresa Teng,” a cultural legend for her contributions to Mandopop, giving rise to the saying, “Wherever there are Chinese people, there is Teresa Teng’s music.” Zhou Shen, a devoted Teresa admirer, must have been overjoyed to be able to perform beside his idol. Even though it was virtual reality, having his idol sing one of his songs must have felt amazing as a fan. Today’s technology is truly amazing.


Irresistible Offer: Season 3 is a medical-themed show. Zhou Shen, a former medical student, was granted a regular role in this show. This show begins airing at the end of 2021 and concluded in 2022. I believe it can still be included in 2022, hehe. Together with his buddy, Mao Bu Yi, a former medical student, he was back with Zhou Shen to give us more hilarious moments. I’ve simply highlighted how nicely their voices complement each other, but I haven’t addressed, what the Chinese term call “默契 (Mò qì)” implies they match wit on the same level, together. They’re both snarky and have a way with words that don’t upset anyone. Mao Bu Yi especially likes to tease Zhou Shen. For example, when Zhou Shen was required to act and say, “They say that my singing is bad!” Instead of comforting Zhou Shen, he simply responds with, “It is.” xD

Since we’re discussing their common ground, I suppose I should mention how much I like their friendship. It’s just like how dramas typically present one lively and one quiet type of friendship. From them being able to understand how hard it is to study medicine, changing paths to pursue their music dream to them slowly working hard from the bottom to what they are today. It would’ve been weird to not see them being best friends.

When Mao Bu Yi lost (amazing song though) in Singer 2020 because the song lacked a competitive advantage due to the lack of flamboyant high notes or melody, Zhou Shen purposefully chose one of Mao Bu Yi’s songs to sing in the next competition to pay tribute to their friendship while also partially compensating for Mao Bu Yi’s fans’ regret. He even won second place in that episode. Friendship Goals!

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With a charming and easy-going personality like Zhou Shen’s, it seems as though everyone can be his best friend. Because other than Mao Bu Yi, there is so much more that we discover through variety shows when they both attend together. Everyone that attended a show with Zhou Shen always expressed how much they like him. However, Zhou Shen has two close friends who are well-known in the public eye. The first one is Liu Tong, a popular writer and the other is Jason Jin, a photographer. This silly trio <3

Long story short, Liu Tong discover Zhou Shen through The Voice of China Season 3 when Zhou Shen sang Huan Yan (欢颜). He could not believe the voice that came out of him and was immediately intrigued and touched. He immediately posted on his Weibo:

“I will start chasing China Voice because of Zhou Shen, such a clean voice. (我会因为周深开始追好声音,真干净)[Source]

It would take too long to go into detail about how they met, but thank the Lord, Liu Tong was the one who approached Zhou Shen first on Weibo, which led to what they have now. Liu Tong, being one of the investors of  Big Fish & Begonia (大鱼海棠), was the one who recommended Zhou Shen to sing the song that brought him to fame, Big Fish (大鱼). Liu Tong also said:

“If you think a friend is good, you can take the initiative to tell him, I think you are great, and I think everyone needs encouragement from others. (如果你觉得哪个朋友好,你就主动跟他说,我觉得你很棒,我认为每个人都需要别人的鼓励)[Source]

If you wish to know more about them, here is a detailed article on how they become best friends and their interactions over the years. I’m pretty sure Google translate will do a good job translating this article xD

This is my fav!

As for Jason Jin, they mentioned in one interview that they met through photoshoots. Zhou Shen’s Planet C-929 concert concept photographs were also photographed by Jason. Here are some of my favorite ones.

Jason also photographed all of Liu Tong’s book covers.

You know how you only meet your greatest bestie once in a blue moon? This is what this trio is too. Occasionally we can see their interactions when Liu Tong releases a new book and needs Zhou Shen to help promote it, they meet up via Douyin live streaming. Basically, they will appear in each other’s lives or vlogs randomly. Unfortunately, I don’t believe their most famous interview has been translated. However, it is called 好朋友的一天 (A good friend’s day). You can also see their interactions in the show Searching for Youth in the first episode.

An Update!

The film Wo Men De Yang Zi Xiang Ji Le Ai Qing (We Look Like Love 我们的样子像极了爱情)“, which is written by Liu Tong will be aired in August. Liu Tong posted a lengthy Weibo post about their friendship and the promises they made in the past. The promise being Liu Tong will look for Zhou Shen to sing the movie’s theme song if one of his writings was ever converted into a film. Finally, the promise can be fulfilled where Zhou Shen would sing not just one of the OSTs but ALL of them. Liu Tong and Zhou Shen are both willing to take this risk since they have faith in one another. There is so much trust in this friendship that is touching. ಥ_ಥ 

Listen to one of the OST here.

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The Truth


Keep Running

Zhou Shen is cast in two variety shows, The Truth and Keep Running: Season 10, as a regular. I couldn’t wait to see him playing games and having fun. I just have a feeling he’ll give some iconic scenes to us fans that will go viral thanks to his humor and wittiness. Also, can’t wait to watch him being pampered or spoilt by the other members because of his petite cute height.  

P.S. As I’m writing this article, the shows are ongoing. Zhou Shen is so cute in Keep Running, oh my god! His chemistry with Kun and Bai Lu is adorbs! Watching Zhou Shen being afraid of the dark in The Truth along with Liu Yu Ning is also very cute. It’s really contrasting to see someone who is so tall fear the dark. They simply clung to each other for support xD.

[1] , [2] 

This article could continue on and on, and I wouldn’t get tired of writing about Zhou Shen. But I have to stop myself before this article becomes a novel. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll be interested in Zhou Shen. Despite his popularity,2020 Birthday Live I like that he remains a very humble, down-to-earth person. Speaking of the things I admire about Zhou Shen, his yearly birthday live broadcast is unquestionably one of them. Instead of resting and celebrating his birthday, he would always hold a live broadcast a few hours before his birthday to talk and sing for his fans till midnight to celebrate his birthday together. He started this before his fame grew, and he will never cease doing this event annually because of his fame.

When it comes to his interactions with fans, he has an attitude toward them which I really like. He enjoys jokingly “scolding” his fans when they say something cringe-like, such as “Marry me!”  “娶我! (Qǔ wǒ)” which means marry me. He would do some wordplay and replaced “娶(marry)” with “取(pickup)” and reply with ”没有取件码! (Méi yǒu qǔ jiàn mǎ)” which signifies there’s no pickup code. A very clever and polite way to refuse and at the same time, change the subject. It’s quite weird, but at least it’s very honest. Instead of offering hope, he would politely dismiss it and laugh it off to lighten the mood. 

He has a lot of famous ways of “scolding” his fans, there’s even a compilation, but the most famous one has to be when he screams “少管我!!!” which means “leave me alone!!!” when the interviewer asks Zhou Shen what he wants to say to his fans. He would also “scold” his fans when he was singing by changing the lyrics. All the fans enjoyed his humor. 

When a singer is powerful, they don’t need to rely on tremendous instrumentation or anything else to carry the song. The majority of the time, Zhou Shen relied solely on his voice. He’s literally a walking CD player. I really like his a capella singing and the fact that he doesn’t need to prepare anything and can sing whenever he wants. Therefore, I enjoy his live performances more. His recent douyin update shows a view he filmed while he sings along behind. If he didn’t speak, I almost thought it was a bgm added into the video.

Although I have never attempted it, it is well known that Zhou Shen will make every effort to respond to the first 50 commenters on his post. It’s a lot of fun to read his responses. He’d respond to you as if you were a friend. 

Please read it by following his Weibo @卡布叻_周深

Zhou Shen will occasionally update his Bilibili @卡布叻_周深 and Douyin with the same name.

Zhou Shen is also literally a Walking Meme. His expressions are all so relatable and cute! Here are some for you to enjoy!

[1] , [4] , [5] , [6] , [7]

OKAY, I’ve gotta stop! The rest is for you to discover! To the ones that already know him, I hope we continue to show our love and support to Zhou Shen! As for the newcomers, welcome aboard! You would not regret it! I’m grateful for the ones that stayed and read this long, long fangirling article <3 Thank You So Much!

Bye for now!

I do not own any of the images used. Credits go to the respective owners. Images are from the official stills and posters, screenshots, MDL, Weibo and Google searches. GIFs are either taken or made by me, if not, there will also be a direct link to their source under them. 


P.s. I don’t claim to know a lot about Zhou Shen. I basically wrote down my opinions. If I made any mistakes, please don’t come at me, instead educate me. :’)

Thank You For Reading!


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